By Craig Campbell 22nd Feb 2020
Buy Facebook Likes (Is it worth it?)

Is Buying Facebook Likes Worth It? People often ask me if it’s worth buying Facebook Likes. I’ve never personally seen the value […]

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By Craig Campbell 15th Feb 2020
Creating Internal Linking Opportunities Using Screaming Frog

Over the years, I’ve found that one of the major challenges that can hold back a successful SEO strategy/campaign is how under-optimized […]

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By Craig Campbell 14th Feb 2020
How to Get More Subscribers on YouTube

YouTube, arguably the world’s biggest video sharing platform, has more than 2 billion users today. So if you’re happy with getting hundreds […]

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By Craig Campbell 2nd Feb 2020
How to Make Money on Instagram

How to make money on Instagram? Australia’s deadly wildfires (late 2019) brought to the public one interesting story. Kaylen Ward—an Instagram model—managed […]

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By Craig Campbell 28th Jan 2020
Buy Guest Posts

Buying Guest Posts on relevant websites is the best way to get hyper relevant backlinks going to your website. There are many […]

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By Craig Campbell 27th Jan 2020
How long does SEO Take to Work

 How Long Does SEO Take? SEO Timescales, How long does SEO Take to Work? This is always one of the first […]

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By Craig Campbell 23rd Jan 2020
The Best Digital Marketing Conferences & Events

I’m sure you all know how much I love digital marketing and attending the plethora of events around the world each year. […]

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By Craig Campbell 22nd Jan 2020
SEO Autopilot for SEO Automation

 Welcome to today’s podcast, where I’m joined by a man I’ve met a few years ago, in Chang Mai, we met, […]

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By Craig Campbell 21st Jan 2020
SEO Prices

 *Please note the above video is only a bit of humour and wasn’t an actual client SEO Prices Have you ever […]

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By Craig Campbell 4th Jan 2020
Free SEMRush Trial

Try SEMRush for FREE for 14 days . Everyone always likes a Freebie and I’ve been able to get you a 14 […]

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By Craig Campbell 1st Jan 2020
Dropbox Tutorial

Dropbox is an online platform that you can store any of your files in from music and videos to Microsoft and Adobe […]

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By Craig Campbell 13th Dec 2019
How to Rank a Video on Youtube

 How to rank a video on YouTube I posted this video on Youtube today with a view to it ranking well […]

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