7 Great Adsense Alternatives To Try Out Today

As popular or common as it might be, the Google Adsense program doesn’t really make a lot of money for newbie bloggers and small website owners. Plus, there are heaps of problems you can encounter when making your account and when being approved by Google. More often than not, Google bans your Adsense account without any particular reason.

Considering the low earnings and complicated approval process, you might want to look for some Adsense alternatives. What do you know? That’s just the topic of today’s article. Here are a few of the best Adsense alternatives that you should check out!

Why pick alternatives to Adsense?

There are two main ways bloggers can make money with this advertising program. You can either be paid a fixed price for every click on an ad, or the price can vary depending on how much advertisers bid for placing an ad. The first is called flat rate and the second is called bid rate.

Before trying out any AdSense alternative for small websites or big websites, though, we recommend reading about them as much as possible. 

Go through their policy and make sure that it doesn’t go against anything you believe in or feel strongly about. Also, check out how you are going to receive the money that you make and whether you don’t risk losing it if you don’t comply with certain requests. 

Find out what the limitations are and decide whether you agree with them. 

Alternatives to Google Adsense

  1. MediaNet

MediaNet runs one of the largest contextual ads revenue in the world. They offer Pay Per Click ads displayed on Yahoo and Bing search engines. Targeting is done through keywords. 

The best thing about this Adsense alternative is that it offers high-paying ads, especially when compared to Google. All of the ad types resemble those in Adsense, and another benefit of trying out this program is that you might get approved a lot easier and faster if you have a small blog. 

We’d argue that this is one of the most recommended options in terms of Adsense alternatives for low traffic.

As for the minimum payments, you can be paid via Wire Transfer or Paypal when you reach $100 in your account. 

Based on the info that we have found about it, MediaNet also offers more than decent customer service, so if you run into any issues with your campaigns, you can actually get in touch with someone (which can be very hard in Google’s case). 

  1. RevContent

The problem with RevContent is that it’s very hard to join, being focused mostly on quality, not quantity. That means that your site should have a better engagement rate than usual. Some of those that have tried this one out say that it is a great choice for publishers.

The platform enables you to display different types of ad formats ranging from video and mobile to display ads. Like in other cases, you can be paid via Paypal, but the threshold is just $50. 

The problem with this program is that you have to be pretty lucky to join it. So, it might not be one of the top Adsense alternatives for small websites. 

  1. InfoLinks

This program enables publishers to monetize their traffic on almost any platform with a very generous range of ad units. The algorithm makes it possible for your site visitors to visualize intent-driven ads based on the content they’re reading and in real-time. 

It’s a quite popular program, seeing how it’s used by a little over one hundred thousand websites across the world. The ad network has over two hundred and fifty million users, just to give you a clue as to how popular it is. 

The threshold is $50, and you can get paid via PayPal, Wire Transfer, Payoneer, Western Union, and eCheck. It’s very easy to integrate InfoLinks into a website, which is another benefit – especially for bloggers who aren’t extremely technical. 

  1. PropellerAds

This is another fast-growing and quite well-known network that can be an excellent option for publishers. If your website is in any of the niches in their list — video/movies, dating, software, gambling, entertainment — you can use this program to generate more income with it than you would with an Adsense campaign. 

Payouts can be made via Paypal, Payoneer, and Wire Transfer, but there are different thresholds for all of this. For Paypal, you can be paid when you generate $50 whereas if you want to use Wire Transfer, you’ll have to wait to generate $500. 

If you love technical innovation and you’re always looking to try different types of ads on your site, PropellerAds seems to be one of those decent Google AdSense alternatives people have a hard time coming across.  

  1. AdBlade

AdBlade is one of the most sizable content-style ad platforms out there. Unfortunately, you’ll have a pretty hard time getting accepted since they require that their publishers receive at least 500,000 pageviews per month. So this one can be jotted down on the list of the best Google Adsense alternatives for big publishers. 

Native ads are what AdBlade specializes in – the display ads are shown like related posts along with the rest of the articles. You can also use mobile ad units. If you like to keep on top of things, you’ll be glad to know that AdBlade updates the metrics every 15 minutes.

As for the payout, you can be paid via Paypal or check, and the threshold is $100. 

  1. SkimLinks

This one is a little different compared to the standard Adsense program you might be used to. SkimLinks converts your outbound links into affiliate links. Therefore, you earn a commission each time a sale is performed, so the program basically pays you for affiliate sales instead of clicks.

Applying to the program is straightforward, and you can get accepted pretty fast, and then to get it up and running, all you have to do is add some code onto your site. It’s as easy as that. There is one problem, however — it takes about 25% of all of the commissions you make. 

However, it is one of the top Adsense alternatives out there as you don’t have to pay anyone to create the affiliate links manually, you get over 20,000 merchants available in the program, and it also has a higher commission than other merchants. 

On top of everything, you get a detailed report that tells you what merchants perform best on your site, what types of products you sell, the URLs that convert the best, and much more information that you’d need if you’d like to make your pages even better and have them convert more. 

  1. OIO Publisher

Unlike some of the other alternatives we’ve described here, OIO Publisher is a WordPress plugin that enables you to monetize your site and manage your own ads. It’s very easy to use, but the setup process tends to take some time. 

The downside to this program is that you need to recruit your own advertisers, and this can take a lot of time and effort on your behalf. If, however, you have excellent sales skills, it can be a great option. 

Another reason to try out OIO Publisher is that you can receive upfront payment from advertisers. Yes, that means that you don’t have to wait for payouts. 

It all boils down to what you feel comfortable with — most bloggers and small website owners might have a hard time reaching out to advertisers and convincing them to work with them. But if you are a motivated publisher, you can definitely give it a go. 


As you might have noticed, there are several Google Adsense alternatives available, and there might be even more — we’ve just showcased some of the popular ones. Despite some of these paying more than Adsense, we’d like to note that the latter still remains one of the most reliable choices, and it also produces better results than many other networks.

If you want to monetize your traffic, you can always choose a mix of two different programs. You can use Adsense for ads and another program like SkimLinks or InfoLinks. Just make sure that none of them goes against each other and that you can use several programs on your site.

In the end, you shouldn’t overdo it with ads, even if you want to turn this into a reasonable way of making money with your blog or site. Do keep in mind that every new ad can make your site less user-friendly, which is not something you want when you’re building a community. 

Want to learn more about other monetization options, affiliate marketing, and SEO? We have several different plans available and we also offer consultancy. Use the button below to reach out.


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