Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all SEO and Digital Marketing services provided by Craig Campbell SEO, there are different terms and conditions that apply depending on whether it’s a full service you are provided or you wish to simply do SEO or Training with me. The terms and conditions are there to protect both parties and prior to you commencing with any of these services or training courses, I would expect you to have read and agreed to the relevant terms and conditions.

Web Design Terms & Conditions

SEO Terms & Conditions

Training Terms & Conditions

Important Notes

Please note that any requests for changes to your website must come direct via email so that we have the changes in black and white to avoid any mistakes. Any changes to your website including SSL Migration, Web or Graphic Design changes and anything else that is out with the standard services provided will be billed at an hourly rate if we can do this type of work.

Payment Terms
All payments will be taken in advance of any work being carried out, failure to pay on time will result in additional admin charges and work being delayed, I have strict terms overpayment of services ” No Payment means no work ”.
All prices quoted on site are exclusive of VAT.

If you wish to cancel your digital campaign we require 30 days notice from date of last invoice. If you cancel after this date you will be liable for payment of one final month to cover advanced costs of campaign assets and time already spent by our team. Please ensure that you give us notice promptly and on time to avoid additional monthly charges.

You will get either a monthly or quarterly report depending on what is most relevant for your business, we do charge additional reporting charges for anyone who wants more frequent reports, make sure you get a quote if you want account managed and additional reporting and we will bill this out at consultancy rates.

Web Design

If you are a digital marketing customer we may be able to offer you a full website design and/or build at “cost price”. The reduced cost of these websites is dependant on you, the client, remaining a digital marketing client for a minimum period of 6 months, consecutively, from the date of the website going live. If you terminate your digital marketing contract prior to the end of the 6 month period, you will be liable for the full cost of the website design and/or build. The full cost of this build will be determined by the time our designers/developers have spent on the website up to and after launch (unless post-launch charges have already been paid)

Web Hosting
If you do not pay for your domain or web hosting in advance of your domain or hosting expiring your domain and hosting will go down on their expiry dates. Domain expiry if the domain is held by you is 100% your responsibility.

Web Maintenance
Unless you are in a web development and maintenance package with me, then it is your responsibility to manage and maintain your own website, this includes any CMS and security updates, websites do need regular maintenance to run well and remain secure online, in the same way, you might clean and service your car to maintain its condition and performance, these have additional charges as do web maintenance, do not expect this to be done free of charge. If you for any reason are not in a package and wise for me to fix or resolve your issue, then there will be an additional cost for this work.

Expectation Level
You will always have been advised on the expectation levels from the beginning, SEO can take 3-6 months ( sometimes longer ) to fully kick in and we will tackle any tasks that we feel are a priority given our experience. This isn’t likely to change for any given person this is how long it all takes to pull together, so regardless of what you have been told by your mate down the pub or one of your friends friends has told you. The expectation level is always going to be kept realistic at our end.

If you need any kind of web development or something that isn’t within your monthly package, please ensure you do appreciate that we do have other clients and work to be getting on with, so your work will be put into a workflow and will be done when we are able to do so if we are able to do so.