By Craig Campbell 25th Feb 2020
Technical SEO & Site Migrations with Chris Green

Next up on my podcast is Chris Green, Chris is someone I would consider one of those technical SEO guys who loves […]

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By Craig Campbell 22nd Feb 2020
Buy Facebook Likes ( Is it worth it? )

Is Buying Facebook Likes Worth It? People often ask me if it’s worth buying Facebook Likes? I’ve never personally seen the value […]

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By Christopher 18th Feb 2020
Influencer Marketing: Everything You Need to Know

Influencer marketing is not a fad. It’s the way of the future. According to Google, 70% of teenage YouTube subscribers say that […]

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By Christopher 17th Feb 2020
Social Media For Business: How To Grow Your Brand Using Social Channels

In this post, you will learn the crucial role social media plays in the success of your business. With so many social […]

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By Craig Campbell 16th Feb 2020
CheckDuck Review

 CheckDuck Review So, today, I have another great guest on, which is Mr. Praneet Thakur, who owns a great tool called […]

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By Craig Campbell 15th Feb 2020
Creating Internal Linking Opportunities Using Screaming Frog

Over the years I’ve found that one of the major challenges that can hold back a successful SEO strategy/campaign is how under-optimized […]

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By Christopher 14th Feb 2020
How to Get More Subscribers on YouTube

YouTube, arguably the world’s biggest video sharing platform, has more than 2 billion users today. So if you’re happy with getting hundreds […]

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By Craig Campbell 11th Feb 2020
What is Schema Markup?

 What is Schema Markup? Schema in simple terms os code added to your website to help the search engines understand your […]

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By Craig Campbell 6th Feb 2020
Invisible PPC, Retargeting your Web Traffic with Joe Troyer

Next up on the podcast is Joe Troyer. Well known for his podcast Digital Triggers and the man behind Invisible PPC, Joe […]

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By Craig Campbell 5th Feb 2020
Old School SEO with Kristjan Mar Hauksson

 Old School SEO Next up on the podcast was Kristjan Mar Hauksson; an old school SEO who started out in this […]

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By Christopher 2nd Feb 2020
How to Make Money on Instagram

How to make money on Instagram? Australia’s deadly wildfires (late 2019) brought to the public one interesting story. Kaylen Ward—an Instagram model—managed […]

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By Craig Campbell 30th Jan 2020
Digital Nomad to Building up a Digital Team in South Africa

 Digital Nomad to Building up a Digital Team in South Africa Welcome to today’s podcast, I’m joined by Mr Matt Davidson. […]

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