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Link Building Packages

Link Building seems to be a problem for many people, even those who claim to be SEO experts. It is a major part of SEO and it is essential to any good SEO campaign. People argue that Links are no longer important but then they go and worry about the trust flow and citation flow of any links that might point to them.

These metrics are given out as Link Building is as important as it ever has been for anyone’s SEO campaign. It is no longer the case where a link is a link and you get value, it has to be relevant and of course, a domain with some good metrics will pass much more value than one with little or no metrics at all. Relevance is the key, quality over quantity and if you go with that way of working you won’t go far wrong.

Link Building Packages is one of the services that I get asked for on a regular basis. I provide link-building services to many Digital Marketing Agencies and for clients who have some good onsite SEO but possibly just lack the time and expertise to go about link-building. It is time-consuming and can be hard if you have no links to return the favor from as no webmaster is going to swap links with someone who has nothing to offer in return.

You will hear people saying that link building is dead and SEO is dead but that ISN’T true. Google wants good quality relevant links, ones that are at least a little bit relevant to your niche; a link on a site that isn’t rammed full of other links. It also wants the link to be on a website that has some good domain metrics such as decent citation flow and trust flow.

Pagerank is something that no longer exists but Google does give sites metrics and they want to see you with links from sites with those metrics in place.

Content will always be king but good links are equally as important. The fact that I have done SEO for so long now means that Link Building is easier for someone like me as I have a wide range of resources, and contacts and have the tools and experience to gain links that your competitors also have.

There are many SEO tools out there that help me analyze or outreach to potential links. I do offer SEO training courses to people which teach you about link building however, in a lot of cases I’ve found that I have provided people with all the information and training to be able to do some good SEO and then they come back and say they are finding it hard to build links. They ask whether seeking expert link-building specialists is something they should consider – Of course, I can help with that or they can seek others out who also offer this service.

When it comes to finding a so-called link-building specialist I do warn them; this is because we don’t want them getting someone who uses automated SEO link building software to build links because all that happens there is that you will get a bunch of links ( bunch can mean thousands ) from sites that are rammed full of links, non-relevant sites, sites in countries link China and that type of thing. These types of links are likely to cause more harm than good. I have all of those tools available and anyone can buy them but they are no longer worth using as they are only going to get you banned.

I don’t have packages available as such as there is no set package that will suit a wide range of clients. Every client is different and every SEO job that I look at is quoted individually as you may have had some decent link building done in the past which would mean that you might only need a small amount of our time spent on gaining links for you to get you ahead of your competition. When pricing up a job I do a review of your website and your competition and then base the price on the time I’ll need to spend on your website on a monthly basis to get it ranking well.

I’d be more than happy to provide you with a FREE SEO review of your website and give you a link-building package that is going to help your website rank for a number of different keywords. Keep in mind that the more budget you have, the more pages and keywords I can have ranking well from my services.

Just fill out the contact form today to get in touch with me and I’ll put together a link building package that will suit both your budget and strategy.