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SEO Speaker

Hi there, my name is Craig Campbell I’ve got over 22 years of experience in digital marketing. I’ve been everything from a freelancer in my bedroom to an agency owner and a whole lot of other stuff in between. But in more recent years I’ve been speaking at SEO & business events, sharing some of the tips and experiences that I have learned along the way.

People in our industry need to listen to talks and listen to other people’s experiences to learn, and I’m not afraid to talk about many of the mistakes I’ve made along the way. We all know that search engines change the goalposts regularly, and as SEO’s, we have to continue to evolve and embrace those changes. With my knowledge and experience in doing this over the years, they do make for some good stories, and at the events, it’s all about sharing your stories and ensuring that people listening don’t make the same mistakes I made.

Over the years, I’ve gained a reputation for my straight-talking, jargon-free approach to SEO and digital marketing, as well as for providing these presentations in a fun and entertaining format to ensure that the audience remains interested.

In my time in the SEO industry, I have

  • I worked as a freelancer in my bedroom while learning my trade
  • Went on to build a large digital marketing agency
  • Run many Digital Marketing Events
  • Built a personal brand
  • Pivoted towards a career in affiliate marketing
  • Regularly buy and sell digital assets
  • Run my own private mastermind
  • Trained many agencies and individuals
  • Built up a speaking career
  • Have 1000+ tutorials on Youtube
  • Done my own Podcast
  • & many other things

SEO Conferences and events

Over the years I’ve been fortunate to speak at many conferences and events around the world, from SEMrush’s event out in India in 2019, Search Leeds, BrightonSEO, SEO Rockstars, Chiang Mai SEO, SEO Rejis in Poland, Search Paris, RIMC in Iceland, MB Summit in Milan, Affiliate World in Dubai & Barcelona, and many other top events in the digital marketing and business space. There are too many to mention all of the events I’ve been too, but as well as speaking at these events, I’ve learned a great deal and have had the chance to network with some of the biggest names in the industry.

You can see all of the conferences and events that I will be speaking at this year below.

What to expect from an SEO Speaker

I can’t talk for anyone else, but I’m not known as someone who pitches from the stage, I’m there to provide value and education first and foremost, and I try and ensure that I provide a different presentation each and every time I speak. I tend to look at the audience and people attending the event and speak to the event organisers to ensure that my presentation offers value to that particular crowd. I know that many of the audiences need to hear things in a plain and simple format, and I try to make sure that I provide that value.

Book an SEO Speaker

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Below, you can see some of my past speaking events; some have video footage, as well as some interviews and webinars that I have done online.



Upcoming Events

Here’s where you can find me next

Affiliate Gathering

10th May 2024 ( York, UK )


23rd May 2024 Birmingham

Affiliate Expo ( Milan )

6th - 8th June 2024

iGB LIVE 2024

16th - 19th July 2024

MB Summit ( Milan )

15th - 16th November 2024

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Previous Speaking Events

SearchNorwich Sep 2018


Podcast About whats working in SEO just now

September 2022

An interview with Loren Baker from SEJ, discussing what is working in SEO for me just now.

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Daily Business Group

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Daily Record

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Forbes India

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Global News Wire

Oct 2019

Commission Magazine

Aug 2019

Charles Floate Podcast

July 2019

Karem Ortiz Blog

July 2019

Social Pilot

June 2019


June 2019

Search Engine Watch ( Karina Tama )

May 2019

Rank Ranger

March 2019

Jason Barnard SEOisAEO Podcast

Dec 2018

Serpact Webinar ( Technical SEO )

April 2018

Daily Record ( SEO Training for Businesses )

Jan 2018

Rachel Howe

Jan 2018

Kate Toon Podcast ( Does Social Help SEO? )

Nov 2017


July 2017

Monetize Info

May 2017


April 2017

Floate Digital

April 2017

Search Engine Journal

Jan 2017

Monetize Info

June 2016

Search Engine Watch

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