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Below you are able to book me for some SEO Consultancy using the booking form, you can pick a slot and the best way to do the consult, we can arrange an in-person meeting or consult too, but below is for people who want to be able to do a quick consult or pick my brains to get the answers they need, then we can follow up with a plan of action if required.

Why use me as an SEO Consultant?

You can see from my about me page more about my experience and the journey that I’ve been on, and you will see on my speaker’s page that in recent years I’ve been providing actionable tips and advice at SEO conferences around the world. In order to be able to compete with my peers on stage, I have to be at the top of my game delivering the most current and up to date information so that you are getting tips and strategies that will help you move forward.

Why Use an SEO Consultant?

I’ve made more mistakes than most and wasted tens of thousands of pounds hiring the wrong people, doing the wrong courses and believing the wrong people, it probably took me around 5 years to come close to even getting my head around SEO. You can avoid all of this stress and frustration by hiring an SEO Consultant who can give you clear direction and work with you to achieve your business goals.

What SEO Consultancy Services can you offer?

The service can be tailored to suit your exact requirements, you may simply want me to help you set up a strategy and plan and then let you manage the process that can be done, if you want me to help you build your own in-house team, train the team and set up processes this can also be an option for you, or you may simply want to pick my brain now and then, again this is an option I can provide you with.

When it comes to SEO consultancy it’s a very vague term, but whether it’s a short term thing like a 1-hour consult call, to help you manage your SEO team we can work out a plan for you and help you with that.

Why is this Consultancy Paid for?

In 2019 I spent more than 1000 hours on the phone talking to people, for more than 700 of those hours I didn’t earn a single penny, as a result, people with no money have plenty of time to waste mine, hence why consultancy is a paid gig, I’m happy to talk for as long as anyone wants as long as they are picking up the tab, in my 18 years in this business I have a lot of experience and can help you get to the right place very quickly and that time has to be paid for.

Book an SEO Consult Call

You can use the form below to book a call with me, the calendar will show you the slots that I have available, or you can fill out the contact form and we can figure out a time that suits you. There is no need to book a paid consult call of you are looking to enquire about ongoing consultancy services, the calls are simply for people who want to pick my brains and pay for that time. If you have a general SEO Consult enquiry fill out the contact form and I will be in touch as soon as I can.