PPC Management

Pay per Click (PPC/Google Adwords) is when you pay for every click that your website receives via paid ranking positions on Google. These paid positions are found on top of the organic search results and down the right hand site. They are identifiable by a small yellow ‘Ad’ tag on each advert.

PPC is a brilliant way of gaining instant exposure for the keywords you wish to be found for. The downside to Pay per click is that once your budget has been exhausted you are no longer visible! For this reason alone you need to ensure that your budget and campaign is managed wisely otherwise your budget could be blown in a matter of hours!

With over 13 years industry experience and a small results driven team, our main aim is to maximise your Pay per Click Budget.

My team have numerous tools at our disposal to ensure that you are targeting the most relevant search terms for your industry. There are many advantages of using these tools, the main benefit is that your budget will not be wasted on generic keywords that are very unlikely to convert. We make sure that we do the appropriate research to ensure that you are only being found for keywords that are likely to convert into clicks and leads. It’s a common mistake with many people to just throw as many keywords out there as they possibly can and as a result they end up paying for clicks that will never convert.

Your campaign will be continuously monitored and refined to maximise the return you receive, regardless of the size of your budget. You’ll receive a monthly report too which will break down the keywords that are working for you. We are always available all month round to ensure that we can refine the campaign and include/exclude keywords that are not working well for you.

Get in touch with us today if you want to discuss your options on Google Adwords.