Craig Campbell
I am a Glasgow based SEO expert who has been doing SEO for 17 years. In this time I have gained extensive knowledge in the subject of SEO and have build up a wealth of experience in SEO and other digital marketing services.
By Craig Campbell 10th Aug 2020
Negative SEO

Negative SEO From time to time you hear people talking about negative SEO and how their rankings have slumped due to some […]

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By Craig Campbell 7th Aug 2020
Tips for Starting your own Digital Marketing Agency

Starting your own digital marketing agency is no easy task and in my recent podcast with Monique Idemudia from Dragon Digital Marketing […]

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By Craig Campbell 6th Aug 2020
CTR Manipulation

CTR Manipulation What is click-through rate manipulation? CTR, as many people know, is what we all want to happen to any of […]

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By Craig Campbell 23rd Jul 2020
Deleting Inactive Facebook Friends

Deleting Inactive Facebook Friends If like me you have 5000 friends on Facebook you will know you have hit your limit, but […]

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By Craig Campbell 17th Jul 2020
Win a FREE SEO Autopilot Lifetime Licence

Recently I was able to get to 40,000 Youtube Subscribers, which is quite a feat in the Digital Marketing world, I do […]

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By Craig Campbell 15th Jul 2020
ADA Compliance & Website Accessibility

ADA Compliance and Website Accessibility Next up on my podcast was Glen Ingram and the topic of discussion for this episode was […]

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By Craig Campbell 14th Jul 2020
Using Expired Domains to Build Links

 Using Expired Domains for Link Building This isn’t a new strategy by anyone standards, for many years people have been using […]

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By Craig Campbell 13th Jul 2020
Brand SERPS – Why it’s important to rank for your brand name

Brand SERPS It may sound like a load of old cobblers when we discuss the importance of ranking well for your brand […]

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By Craig Campbell 4th Jul 2020

 Free SEO Training Course Simply sign up for the course using the link here. It’s a difficult time for us all […]

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By Craig Campbell 1st Jul 2020
Restore a Website from Wayback Machine

As part of your link strategy, you might use expired domains, put the old sites back up and use them as part […]

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By Craig Campbell 24th Jun 2020
How Ephemeral Content Can Boost Your Brand’s Value

Why do bloggers, content specialists, online marketers, and entrepreneurs rely on ephemeral content to boost their brand? Do you really need it? […]

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