Craig Campbell
I am a Glasgow based SEO expert who has been doing SEO for 19 years. In this time I have gained extensive knowledge in the subject of SEO and have build up a wealth of experience in SEO and other digital marketing services.
By Craig Campbell 13th Dec 2020
Cookie Stuffing in Affiliate Marketing

What is Cookie Stuffing? Cookie stuffing is a technique that also goes by the name of cookie dropping, and that can be […]

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By Craig Campbell 7th Dec 2020
Paid Traffic for Affiliate Marketing

Using Paid Traffic for Affiliate Marketing Paid ads whether it be Adwords, Facebook Ads, Quora ads or any other type of paid […]

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By Craig Campbell 4th Dec 2020
How to Find Good Expiring Domains

How to find Good Expiring Domains? You might want to find good expiring domains for a number of reasons, maybe you want […]

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By Craig Campbell 2nd Dec 2020
REVEALED: The Scottish digital marketing expert who redirected Nigel Farage’s website to Michel Barnier’s website

For the last two weeks Nigel Farage’s website has redirected visitors to the official website of Michel Barnier – because he let one of his most […]

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By Craig Campbell 1st Dec 2020
Keyword Cupid Review

Keyword Cupid Overview So below is an overview of Keyword Cupid an amazing keyword clustering tool. I recently had Leo Soulas on […]

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By Craig Campbell 19th Oct 2020
ODYS Review

ODYS Review You can see on the above video what ODYS. Global does, basically, they provide aged domains, or done for you […]

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By Craig Campbell 5th Oct 2020
Webinar Equipment

 Best Equipment for Webinars, Podcasts & Youtube Videos I regularly get asked what type of equipment I’m using for my webinars […]

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By Craig Campbell 22nd Sep 2020
How to Start a Fashion Blog

If you’re passionate about fashion, in general, or you are just looking to create a blog about clothes, shoes, or anything else […]

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By Craig Campbell 19th Sep 2020
Setting Up a Campaign on Microworkers

Setting up a campaign on Microworkers is easy when you know how, but when you first look at it you can be […]

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By Craig Campbell 10th Sep 2020
AAWP WordPress Plugin Review

Are you considering building your first niche site and you’re thinking of monetizing it through Amazon Associates? If that’s so, you should […]

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By Craig Campbell 3rd Sep 2020
CTR Manipulation

 CTR Manipulation What is click-through rate manipulation? CTR, as many people know, is what we all want to happen to any […]

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