What are Google Review NFC Cards

What are Google Review NFC Cards and why are they helpful for my business

Google Business Profile reviews, especially 5-star reviews, are the lifeblood of any local business. They build trust, influence buying decisions, and even impact your search ranking. But the struggle is real, how do you encourage happy customers to leave those oh-so-valuable Google Reviews? Using NFC review cards works to simplify this process.

How many times have people promised to leave you a Google Review and never actually do it, even after sending them the link to do so? If you are like me, this has happened more times than I have heard people say “SEO is dead”. But what is the solution? Enter Google Review NFC Cards, a game-changer designed to streamline the review process and skyrocket your online reputation by making it easier for customers to leave a 5-star review. (the main benefit is that they leave the review right in front of your face and excuses are generally less forthcoming)

What Exactly is an NFC Card?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication, and it’s often used in review cards to facilitate easier interactions. Imagine a business card but with a hidden superpower. These cards use NFC technology, allowing smartphones to communicate with them by simply tapping the card against an unlocked phone.  (Have you set up contactless payments on your phone? It’s a similar technology to what NFC review cards offer for feedback collection, it’s the same tech). But anyway, why is this relevant for collecting Google Business Profile reviews?

The Magic of the Tap: How NFC and Google Review Cards work to transform the review process.

Here’s the true beauty of NFC a Google Review Card: when a customer, friend, relative or anyone else you can convince to leave a Google Business Profile review taps their NFC-enabled smartphone on your Google Review NFC Card, they’re instantly directed to a pre-populated Google review page for your business, facilitating the process of leaving a 5-star review. No more scrambling for websites or hunting down review links. It’s a seamless, one-tap journey that removes all the friction, making positive review collection an absolute breeze. An example of what it looks like is here – https://g.page/r/CUtyhrnjqNGQEBM/review

Benefits Beyond Convenience:

While the tap function is undeniably cool and easy to use, the true power of Google Review NFC Cards lies in their impact on your business:

  • Boost Your Google Map Ranking by accumulating 5-star reviews through NFC review cards. More Google Reviews, especially positive 5-star ones, are like gold to Google’s algorithm, improving your business’s visibility. This translates to a higher search ranking, putting your business in front of more potential customers actively searching for your services, thanks in part to an influx of real 5-star reviews on your Google My Business profile.
  • Build Trust and Credibility by gathering 5-star reviews for your business. A steady stream of reviews, both positive and negative (handled professionally), showcases your business as authentic and transparent. This builds trust with potential customers, making them more likely to choose you over the competition, especially when they see many 5-star reviews for your business.
  • Gather Valuable Customer Insights: Reviews aren’t just about bragging rights on Google Maps; they’re about showcasing the positive experiences reflected in customer reviews. They offer a treasure trove of information about what your customers love and, perhaps more importantly, what needs improvement, all through customer reviews, allowing for a better understanding of the customer experience. Analyse this feedback to refine your offerings and keep those happy taps coming! Encourage this process by distributing NFC review cards to your staff and working to make collecting reviews a less painful exercise.

Are Google Review NFC Cards Right for You?

If you’re a local business owner looking to enhance your online reputation, consider purchasing Google NFC review cards to simplify the process for your customers to leave a Google Review.

  • Increase your online visibility by encouraging customers to leave a review with NFC review cards
  • Boost customer engagement by inviting them to leave a review through easy-to-use review cards
  • Improve your Google ranking
  • Gather valuable customer feedback

In my opinion, Google Review NFC Cards are very inexpensive and are worth considering ( TrustPilot NFC Review Cards are also available). They’re easy to implement into your Google Review collection process and offer a powerful way to supercharge your online reputation with genuine, minimal effort. As of writing, these cards are priced at £19.99 for one NFC Google review card, £29.99 for two, £44.99 for three, £64.99 for five and finally £99.99 for ten.

Ready to Tap into the Power of NFC Reviews?

https://review-cards.co.uk/ specialises in helping local businesses leverage innovative strategies like Google Review NFC Cards to build a thriving online presence and gather more 5-star customer reviews. 

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