Craig Campbell
I am a Glasgow based SEO expert who has been doing SEO for 19 years. In this time I have gained extensive knowledge in the subject of SEO and have build up a wealth of experience in SEO and other digital marketing services.
By Craig Campbell 14th Aug 2020
Long Tail Pro Review

 Long Tail Pro Review Long-tail Pro is one of the older tools on the market and the fact they have stood […]

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By Craig Campbell 11th Aug 2020
CTR Booster Review

 CTR Booster Review Many people will know if you follow me that I’ve been playing around and testing a lot on […]

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By Craig Campbell 10th Aug 2020
Negative SEO

 Negative SEO From time to time you hear people talking about negative SEO and how their rankings have slumped due to […]

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By Craig Campbell 23rd Jul 2020
Deleting Inactive Facebook Friends

Deleting Inactive Facebook Friends If like me you have 5000 friends on Facebook you will know you have hit your limit, but […]

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By Craig Campbell 14th Jul 2020
Using Expired Domains to Build Links

 Using Expired Domains for Link Building This isn’t a new strategy by anyone standards, for many years people have been using […]

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By Craig Campbell 4th Jul 2020

 Free SEO Training Course Simply sign up for the course using the link here. It’s a difficult time for us all […]

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By Craig Campbell 1st Jul 2020
Restore a Website from Wayback Machine

 As part of your link strategy, you might use expired domains, put the old sites back up and use them as […]

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By Craig Campbell 12th Jun 2020
Toxic Backlinks: How To Deal With Bad Backlinks Ruining Your Site

Not all backlinks are equal. While you do want to have backlinks pointing to your domain, those that come from shady sources […]

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By Craig Campbell 20th May 2020
Go High Level Review

 In the digital marketing space, every SEO needs the right tools to carry out the job properly. When taking on a […]

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By Craig Campbell 15th May 2020
Alternatives to Amazon Affiliate

We all know that Amazon Associates cut their commissions yet again last month, it has been a real pain for many affiliate […]

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By Craig Campbell 13th May 2020
Outbound Links In SEO: Everything You Need To Know

You’re probably aware of what inbound links bring to the table. But what about outbound links? Will they benefit your SEO strategy […]

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