SparkTraffic Review

CTR manipulation is a technique that a lot of SEOs, marketing professionals, and regular website owners are utilizing to their advantage these days. We’ve written extensive articles on both CTR manipulation and traffic bots, but for today’s article, we have prepared a detailed review of SparkTraffic. 

Read on to find out what this CTR manipulation tool can do for you, what amount of customization you have available, if it is as risky as some of the others we have reviewed in the past, and what it costs. 

SparkTraffic Review

What is SparkTraffic?

Put simply, SparkTraffic is a company that makes it possible for users to manipulate their click through rate thanks to a traffic bot. There are roughly two main ways of playing with CTR and it’s either through real traffic using human clickers or through automated traffic. 

Something quite interesting that we have found about SparkTraffic is that the traffic sources are quite diverse. The majority of the other tools that we have reviewed in the past focus on increasing organic search through search engine clicks.

However, SparkTraffic can use a wide range of traffic sources, including social media and direct traffic, along with referrals and pretty much anything else the ideal buyer persona might wish for. 

Naturally, the clicks coming directly from the search engine, such as directly from Google, have a lot to say when it comes to improving your click through rate, but it doesn’t hurt to have a bit of diversity just to be on the safe side of things. 

Spark Traffic Features

Website traffic

As previously mentioned, this is an automated traffic bot, so you shouldn’t expect real people across the world to click on your page after performing a Google search with your selected keywords. 

Still, according to what this Spanish brand has to say about it, it definitely appears like the traffic is supposed to look as natural as possible. The wide range of sources it comes from is one thing, but the fact that you can customize the number of page views per user along with the duration of every visit definitely comes in handy, too. 

Keyword selection

If you’re wondering whether you also have control over the search terms, then the answer to this question is a yes. 

You can select the keywords you want to rank for and that can make all the difference when it comes to manipulating click-through-rate – otherwise you’ll be getting traffic, but if it doesn’t happen in an organized way and for the exact search terms you are targeting, your only gain will be the number of visits.

Traffic sources

We’ve hinted at this before, but something that does make SparkTraffic stand out from the crowd is that you can use a mix of different traffic sources or just pick the one you prefer. 

For example, you can get your traffic from obvious sources such as Google (but Yahoo or Bing are also supported), but you can also get some of the traffic from social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Pinterest. Apparently, even TikTok and Snapchat are supported by SparkTraffic. 

The only reason you’d want to get some of the visits from social media would be to make the whole experience as natural as possible. 

Referral traffic is another type that you can opt for in case you want to use as diverse a mix as possible. If you have already submitted your website to directories, bought guest posts, or done some type of link exchanges, chances are that your URL appears on a variety of other websites. Those sources will be used by the traffic bot to diversify the rest. 

Finally, there’s also the option of you getting direct traffic or traffic from specific locations, as we will describe below. 


The geo-targeting option refers to either countries or cities and as you might know by now, it can make all the difference for local businesses that deal with customers on site, whether that be for plumping, repairing electronics, building, remodeling, medicine, or anything else that requires the customer to actually go through the door. 

While we couldn’t get any specific info as to the cities available in all of these locations, we will say that the bot does a quite impressive job on a national level – targeting countries from Honduras to Nepal or Saint Pierre and Miquelon. Even countries such as Turkmenistan are supported, which is a huge surprise. 

We would like to note that only some packages come with the ability to choose exact cities. 

Real human traffic?

We’re guessing that this is a feature that is in preparation as we did find some info on the SparkTraffic homepage according to something called ‘Premium Website Traffic’, but the only problem is that at the time we are writing this article, it was unavailable. 

Therefore, we can’t comment as to whether it works or not and we’ve noticed that there aren’t any SparkTraffic reviews that talk about human clickers, either. 

For people who might still be having second thoughts about using an automatic traffic bot, this could be a nice feature to have, although we do have to note that in most cases, the ‘human touch’ makes the service a lot more expensive by comparison, as these individuals have to be paid for clicking, too. 

How much does the SparkTraffic traffic bot cost?

First of all, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a free trial available and it gives you 2,000 free page views in just under one hour. Whether that’s good or bad – that is something only you can decide. 

Apparently, the free version allows users to get 6,000 page views per month for free.

As for the pricing itself, it varies a lot depending on the features you are expecting. There are different plans depending on everyone’s needs and we’re fairly sure that if you get in touch with the brand’s representatives, you’ll even be able to customize your own if that’s what you need. 

Just for the sake of transparency, we will note the plans that already exist. The first one is called the Mini Pro, it comes with up to 60,000 page views, and it is billed at a decent cost of $11.98. 

The Medium Pro comes with up to 300,000 page views, with some freedom when it comes to customization, such as whether you get most of your traffic during the day or during the night and the ability to select the specific day you’re getting those visits. This one starts at $35.98. 

The Large Pro is a very interesting subscription as it allows for up to 600,000 views, but that’s not what makes it so appealing. With it, you get the geo-targeting feature, so you’re more than free to select the exact city you want those hits from. You can also connect your sitemap or RSS, if that’s what you need, all at the cost of $71.98. 

The Ultimate Pro is clearly designed for websites that want to experience consistent growth. It comes with the features that we have mentioned and although it is a little more expensive (at $119.98), it lets you get up to 1,000,000 page views. 

Finally, the most costly plan is called the Max Pro and it includes up to 10,000,000 page views at a cost of $839.98.

There are two types of subscriptions available – Professional and Economy, and we have already described the Professional ones. All of them come with attractive features such as organic, social, referral, or direct website traffic, the ability to control the bounce rate, random session time, UTM campaigns, and more. 

The Economy plans are more affordable but they do have limited features. For example, in this case, the Mini Eco would end up costing just $5.99 while the Max Eco, the most expensive one, would be half of the cost of the Max Pro – $419.99. We’re not going to go into any more detail, but if you take the time to do a bit of research on your own, you’ll understand that the features of the Economy plans are quite limited when compared to those of their Professional counterparts. 

Finally, we’d like to add that if you decide to get a SparkTraffic plan, you will be able to pay for it not only using the conventional methods you’re probably used to, such as Visa or Mastercard, Amazon Pay, or regular bank transfers, but also crypto currencies such as Bitcoin. 

SparkTraffic Pros and Cons

As it is expected when it comes to using any CTR manipulation tool, there are both advantages and disadvantages that you need to give some thought to. 

What we like the most about SparkTraffic is that the plans are quite budget-friendly for the amount of page views you get and for the amount of control you have over where that traffic comes from, the bounce rate, the day of the week it happens, and more. 

There aren’t any specific drawbacks that we feel we must note in this section, but we would like to advise you that CTR manipulation is and will always be risky depending on how you use it. If you go crazy and you start to rank for thousands of keywords and your pages go up in the search engine pages too quickly, you might attract the attention of those search engines in a negative way. 

Therefore, we suggest using SparkTraffic with some common sense, but that’s the case with any other CTR manipulation tool out there, especially those that rely on automated traffic bots instead of real human clickers. 

Is SparkTraffic safe with AdSense?

The company says (and there’s even a separate web page on the brand’s website about this topic) that it is completely safe to use SparkTraffic with AdSense, but do consider that you are getting the traffic from a bot and not a real person – whatever that means to you. 

Apparently, the two CTR manipulation tools that are safe to utilize with AdSense are SparkTraffic and SERP Empire, but both of these services use automated bots instead of human clickers. So while in theory, this practice is safe, do make sure that you don’t overdo it. 

SparkTraffic website traffic generator alternatives


Read our review of ClickSEO here. This is a slightly more expensive alternative that starts at $30 per month for up to 30 visits per day, up to 15 keywords, two pages visited per session, and a length of one minute per session. The plans range from the $30 that we have already noted to $130, with the professional plans being more costly and going up to $900 per month. 

Geo-targeting is available with ClickSEO, too, so that’s one less thing to worry about.  


Check out our review of CTR Booster here. This one is a clear winner when it comes to customization as you can set absolutely everything you want as per your needs – the number of total visits and a daily visit limit, as well as the duration of every hit, too. 

The only downside is that this one is a lot more expensive when putting it side by side with other CTR tools that use automated bots, so you’ll need to be prepared to make a serious financial investment if you want to use this one. 

SERP Empire

If you have some time on your hands, we suggest reading our SERP Empire review, too. We have found it to be one of the most decently priced CTR manipulation tools out there today, with plans starting at $59 per month. 

You can get up to 100 visits per day, one pageview, sessions with a length of up to one minute, and up to 5 keywords for this plan. The highest-priced option is billed at $499 per month but comes with 2,000 daily visits, 500 keywords, five pageviews per user and sessions with a length of up to 5 minutes. 

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