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In the digital marketing space, every SEO needs the right tools to carry out the job properly. When taking on a client whether it be an agency or freelance, it’s very important that the client starts to see conversations on the leads that eventually come through, otherwise they are most likely going to stop paying for the service (or even worse believing in it).  You need to make sure that your website is always up to the standards that search engines set. If you’re familiar with digital marketing then you understand just how much ongoing maintenance is required to keep your website performing at its best.

This is where Go Highlevel comes in. Similar to the likes of Clickfunnels this tool is designed to help your clients create the best path and right level of engagement for their customers so that all of those leads gained from your other types of marketing eventually pay off.


There are two different accounts for Go Highlevel, Agency Starter and Agency Unlimited.


At the starter level, you are able to set up 1 account which you can use for either a client or your own agency for $97 per calendar month. This one is recommended for smaller agencies with fewer clients and can be integrated with Twilio and Mailgun using APIs. The next level up from that is the Unlimited account at $297pm. It contains everything in the starter account has however you can add as many client accounts as you’d like in here. This package also comes with a desktop app that lets you use your own domain and essentially tailor the platform to work and feel how you like it.

Each of the accounts come with a free 14-day trial, now you know your own agency best but I would suggest going for the unlimited account when using the trial just so that you can get a full understanding of the tool’s capabilities and take it from there.

Go Highlevel Overview

Once you’re all signed up, you’ll be given a log into the app which takes you to the dashboard. From here you’ll be able to set up accounts (Client locations) for your clients and own agency.


Clicking the ‘add account’ button on the top right-hand corner will take you to a big list of pre-built snapshots for loads of different industries.


As you can see they have 19 different industry sectors for you to choose from which come with pre-built forms and landing pages etc. You can even start with a blank template if you have something very specific you’d like to set up.

You can also import snapshots from other accounts which can be useful if you work with clients in a very similar niche.


Clicking on the ‘Know More’ button will open up an overview of the template as well as a setup guide saving you so much time in getting your account up and running. Once you’ve found the template you want to use, follow the steps in the guide and you’ll be faced with the dashboard below.


This is the main dashboard where you can see all of the results of your campaign once it’s began running. The first step however is getting your funnels set up.


First things first, creating your form. If you head along to the marketing tab on the left-hand side and go to ‘form builder’ you’ll be able to start building out bespoke forms for yourself or your clients. If you selected a pre-built snapshot then you will see a list of already created forms to choose from which can give you some ideas.

The form builder is quite straightforward, there are field options on the right-hand side which you can drag and drop over to your form. You can also change the colour and size as well as adding your Facebook pixel ID to capture more data from the customers.

Once you’ve built your form its time to put it to use.


Heading along to the ‘Funnels and Websites’ tab lets you build out landing pages that can be used on a clients website to start collecting leads. Again if you have loaded in an industry template (Which I highly recommend you do) there are lots of different funnel options available all of which you can go ahead and edit to suit your client.

This side of things can be a little complicated if you have no experience in building websites however they do have a very easy to use page builder that removes any need for coding allowing you to build your page by simply dragging and dropping.

There’s even a mobile editor which ensures your page will look good on any device, as well as a pop-up option if you’d prefer the form to appear that way.

Now that your funnel has been created and the page is live on your site its time to check what leads have come in.


Heading along to the ‘opportunities’ tab shows you all of the leads, prospects, appointments etc that have come through your funnels.

Clicking on any of these will give you the information the potential lead has given you such as name, email and contact number.



This section is where you can trigger your leads to filter into different categories. For example, if someone has filled out a simple request such as requesting an audit. You can automate Go Highlevel to send you an email giving you the details of the client’s domains name and contact information. You can also send these to the campaign section where you can further automate the responses to the client.



In the campaigns section, you can organise a stream of automation to encourage your lead to get in touch. Following the previous example of requesting an audit service. Here you can set up automatic responses to the email address and contact number they have given.


You can tailor every message to say what you’d like and using the custom values makes each message that bit more personal to help encourage the potential lead to follow up.

Once your responses are set up you can take a look at how they perform in the conversations tab



This section contains all of the correspondence between the agency and the lead. From here you’ll be able to gauge a customers response to the automation and tailor the responses to suit your audience. You can also step in and respond to the lead yourself allowing complete control over the conversation.



Lastly, we have the reviews section. Go Highlevel has the ability to create text and email google review templates that prompt your leads and clients into leaving your business a google review. Once the reviews have been left you can respond to them right from Go Highlevel.

There is a filtering option on the right-hand side so you can organise them from good/bad, date the review was posted etc.


Go Highlevel is a very powerful tool that allows you to track and automate a large part of a businesses sales. From capturing leads to nurturing them there isn’t much the platform can’t do for you. However the tool is costly and will take some time to learn how to fully utilise.

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If you are an agency that could use better infrastructure in managing your client’s conversions then I would recommend giving this tool a try and really put time and effort into learning the platform. There is a 14-day free trial no matter what account you choose so if you can make the most of that time in learning Go Highlevel it could work wonders for your business.

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