Best Tech Affiliate Programs

If you have a blog or website about new and upcoming technologies, then your primary way of monetizing it should come naturally. Tech affiliate programs can be found everywhere these days, especially since technology is such a broad term. 

As a technology affiliate, you can recommend anything from drones and smartphones to hosting services and apps to your readers. For today’s article, we’ve prepared a list of some of the best affiliate programs for tech blog owners in all sorts of niches. 

Best tech affiliate programs 


It goes without saying that this one had to be the first on our list, and for a good reason, too. Microsoft makes some of the best-known pieces of software in the world, and in recent decades, they’ve tapped into other industries, such as Xboxes, actual computers and laptops, and a variety of games and applications. 

Since the brand is so well-known worldwide, you are not going to have any trouble suggesting to your readers that they should try out their products. 

As for the affiliate program, the commission ranges from 5% to 10%, depending on the value and category of products your audience opts for. The cookie lasts for just 14 days, so it could have been a bit better. Even so, this is Microsoft we’re talking about. 


Everyone’s heard of Apple at least once in their life. These days, the company is still popular regardless of the comments that some people might have against it. 

You can earn commissions on both physical and virtual Apple products. The commission rates tend to vary a lot from one product category to the next. On physical ones, it’s just 2.5%, which might not seem like a lot.

But when you factor in that an Apple MacBook Pro usually costs over $1,000 regardless of the model and the fact that the iMac can cost close to $3,000 or more, 2.5% isn’t that low of a commission after all. 


This is yet another world-known company, which should automatically make this technology affiliate program right up your alley. Although the cookie duration remains a mystery (which is unpleasant), Fitbit does pay its affiliates a commission rate of 3% on all orders. 

And as you know, Fitbit products aren’t the cheapest ones in the world. What we’d also like to note here is that top-performing affiliates can actually make 12% of each qualifying order instead of the standard 3%. 

Additionally, the Fitbit affiliate program is managed through CJ Affiliates, so if you already use the network, why not join it?


This brand is present in many sub-industries of the technology sphere, meaning that the company manufactures anything from computers and laptops to games and a variety of other products, such as printers and tablets. 

We’d say that the Dell affiliate program might be worth looking into simply because they offer a $125 bonus to new affiliates. The downside is that you can’t join the program through a network, so you have to use the company website for that. 

And while the commission rate they offer (3%) might not be the highest one you might have come across, the cookie does last for 90 days, which sweetens up the deal. 


Technology affiliate companies are in various industries, as previously mentioned in the intro of this post. Bluehost is a hosting company that has some of the most reliable services in the world right now. 

If you already use their services yourself or you want to recommend them to your blog audience, you should know that you can earn as much as $65 per qualifying referred purchase and that the cookie lasts for two whole months. 


This is yet another company that people all over the world might have heard of at least once in their lives. Lenovo makes a variety of products, from gaming accessories and tablets to workstations, slim laptops, and even servers. 

What we do have to note with regard to this affiliate program is that it is particularly designed for affiliates based in North America, so you might not be able to use it if you live somewhere else. 

The cookie lasts for just three days, one of the lowest we’ve seen in this niche, and the commission rate ranges from 2% to 5% depending on the type of product your referrals invest in. 

GreatCall (Lively)

If we were to describe this company as something, it would have to be sweet. GreatCall makes medical alert devices and cell phones specifically designed for seniors that can effectively save their lives. 

So, if you think that their products might be a good match for the niche you are in, you should become a GreatCall affiliate. You will be able to earn up to $75 per each sale with the mention that if you perform better and better, your commission rate might be increased. 

The cookie lasts for 45 days, which is superior to that of other technology affiliate programs listed here. Moreover, you can manage everything you need about the GreatCall program through CJ Affiliate. 

Evanto Market

This one is a little different because the company doesn’t sell actual physical products at all. In fact, the brand specializes in things such as plugins and hosting services or UI templates, PHP scripts, and more. 

But if that’s the niche you are in, it might make a pretty good choice, especially since, based on our research, it’s one of the top tech affiliate programs out there. 

There are two main reasons we are describing it in this way — the 30% commission on all qualifying orders that your referrals complete and the 90-day tracking cookie. Unfortunately, there’s not much else to say about it, but based on these two factors, you should probably give it a go!


We’ve mentioned the Coursera affiliate program in some of our other articles, so you might have come across it before.  

Coursera has been around for a long, long time, and while it could essentially be described as an IT tech courses affiliate program, it is one of the best out there. There are thousands of educational materials that people can access for free, but if they want to get a certificate, they have to pay for it. 

Qualified sales can generate you a commission rate of 10% to 45% (depending on the type of course and its price) for a period of 30 days after a person clicks on your affiliate link. 


Any gamer worth their salt has heard of Razer before, and that’s because they make some of the best gaming computers and laptops currently available. They also sell a variety of other products, such as chargers and smart glasses. 

But Razer products don’t come for cheap — that, in turn, also means that you can make quite a bit of money by recommending them on your website. Your commission, if you become an affiliate, is going to be 10% regardless of the value of the accessories that your audience invests in. 

And since some laptops can cost as much as $5,000, that is not a low commission at all. The tracking cookie has a duration of 30 days, which is something that we have found to be a standard for the industry. 


This is one of the top hosting companies in the world right now, and they have plans priced for a variety of users. The reason we felt compelled to feature the brand’s affiliate program here is the fantastic commission rate. 

You can make anything ranging from $50 to $500 per sale (on top of a 10% recurring commission) depending on which services your audience picks after using your affiliate link. 

To make things even better, the cookie lasts for two whole months. If Kinsta isn’t worth considering, we don’t know what is. 


GoPro makes some of the top-performing cameras designed for outdoor people or individuals who take trips and have unique experiences — even underwater. Their cameras have gotten better with time, seeing how some of the earlier models were glitchy. 

While we couldn’t find any particular info on the cookie duration, we will note that GoPro’s affiliate program enables you to make 5% of all of the qualifying purchases that your audience makes through your affiliate link. 


This is an easy-to-use website builder for anyone looking to get a fully functioning WordPress website with as little effort as possible and in as short an amount of time as possible.

complete guide blog - installing plugins - elementor

What makes the Elementor affiliate program really stand out from the crowd is its impressive commission rate. With this one, you can make as much as 50% of every order. While the services and products themselves might not be as expensive as, say, a new MacBook Air, you will still be able to make some decent side income as a result of the commission rate. 

As for the cookie, it lasts for the standard 30 days you might already be used to. 


We mentioned this program in our article about the best hosting affiliate programs out there. Namecheap is indeed worth considering if you’re in the right niche. 

What’s interesting about it is that the commission rates tend to vary exactly depending on the type of product your referrals purchase. For example, you can earn 20% of the value of the domains sold by Namecheap, but SSL certificates and hosting services will make you 35%. 

The cookie lasts for 30 days, so no surprise there, but we would like to note that if you become a Namecheap affiliate, you’ll be able to manage your performance and stats through three different networks — Impact Radius, CJ Affiliate, as well as ShareASale. 

Elegant Themes

As the name suggests, this company specializes in WordPress themes designed for a variety of potential users, from business owners to bloggers and all sorts of other websites. 

While their products might not be as easy to use so as to speak to the needs of complete rookies, we will note that the affiliate program is definitely worth writing home about. 

And that’s because the commission rate is a fixed 50% on all orders, and the cookie lasts for two months instead of one. At the time we’re writing this, the program couldn’t be joined through a separate network, so you will have to check out the company website for all the details. 


If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past twenty years or so, you’ve probably heard the name ‘Garmin’ before. This company is now known for a variety of products, from fish finders and fitness watches to lots of other wearable products, but they mostly started out selling GPS units. 

If you would like to become a Garmin affiliate, you will have to use FlexOffers for that. All sales made through your affiliate link are going to make you a commission of 8%. 


Hopefully, Epson printers have become better as time has gone by because several decades ago, they were some of the world’s worst printers made by humans. They had lots of glitches and functioned with a select number of inks, and their cartridges would always dry up or suffer some other type of technical mishap. 

These days, the company makes a wide array of products, from projectors to scanners, so you don’t strictly have to recommend printers to your audience to make a bit of money on the side. 

While the Epson affiliate program can be managed through CJ Affiliate or FlexOffers, we couldn’t find any information on the commission rates or cookies, which means that the company is anything but transparent in this sense. 


This is by far one of the best programs that we have described in today’s post and the reason we’re saying this is the 30% recurring commission. You will be paid this percentage out of every order you refer for the remainder of your life, so there really is no reason to miss out on this one. 

To make things even better, SEMRush pays its affiliates $200 per sale, and they even offer a $10 commission for trial periods. That sounds great, right? Well, it is! And the cookie length is the standard 30 days you might have become accustomed to by now. 

Eco Flow

Getting back to a company that deals with the manufacture and sale of a physical product, Eco Flow sells some of the best home batteries out there. They’re portable, convenient, and dependable, and they have a more than decent capacity. 

There’s not too much to say about the affiliate program other than the fact that they have a 10% commission on all orders and the cookie duration is 30 days. 

Amazon Associates

This one might be worth considering only if you feel that your audience might respond well to the brand itself. Yes, Amazon is one of the hugest (if not the hugest) companies in retail in the world, and a lot of people trust Amazon services. 

But the affiliate program itself is not good. Low commission and the fact that the cookie lasts just 24 hours make it among the worst options for you to consider. Ultimately, it is your personal decision whether you want to recommend products from Amazon. At least the platform has a myriad of options. 

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