19 Best Meditation Affiliate Programs

Meditation and mindfulness have become more and more popular in the past few decades, as individuals have started to find it more difficult to cope with their daily stress. 

If you run a blog or website in the right niche, you should consider joining some of the following meditation affiliate programs as they’re winners in terms of commission rates and cookie durations. 

Best meditation affiliate programs 

This niche is not going anyway in the future, so that is one thing that you do not have to worry about. Although it might be challenging for some people, especially those that can’t seem to unwind, there are several things that can help them. 

As such, the sky’s the limit in terms of what you can recommend to your audience — from books to actual courses, whether prerecorded or live sessions with therapists and meditation specialists, you can use these products to make decent passive income. 


We decided to showcase this one as our first choice because it has some of the best commission rates we have come across. Not only that, but the tracking cookie lasts for 120 days, meaning that it’s one of the longest in the industry. 

As a Mindplace affiliate, you can make up to 30% out of the value of every order placed by your readers. 

Just keep in mind that the brand sells a variety of devices specifically designed for meditation rather than selling courses like any other companies in the same niche. We mentioned this because you should do a bit of research before recommending these products as they are quite unique. 

Teal Swan

Teal Swan is a world-known spiritual teacher and her website sells courses as well as a wide range of other meditation affiliate products, including calendars and card decks. 

As for the program itself, it functions on a performance-based model. For example, if you manage to refer to 9 courses sold per month, you will earn 20% out of the value of each (most courses are priced at over $100, by the way). 

If you make more than 10 sales, your commission rate will increase to 30% whereas if you manage to refer more than 25 course sales, you’ll make 40% out of their value. The cookie lasts for 45 days, which isn’t bad at all. 

Shambhala Publications

This meditation affiliate program should be right up your alley if your blog readers are willing to try a variety of methods to wind down. The website organizes a variety of online events and talks, and the brand also sells a fair share of retreats. 

But how much can you make as an affiliate? Well, while the commission rate is a fixed 10% on all qualifying orders, you’re probably not going to be able to make a fortune if your audience buys books. However, the value of the rest of the products and services is quite high, with many of them going beyond $200 and more. 

As for the tracking cookie, it is what you should expect from most of the other affiliate programs for meditation — 30 days. 

Mindfulness Meditation

Even though this guided meditation affiliate program is managed by ClickBank, the place where all shady programs seem to gather, we decided to recommend it here simply because you can make pretty decent money with it. 

The commission is almost $19.50 ($19.37 to be exact) per sale and the tracking cookie lasts for 60 days, meaning that it’s longer than what you can expect from similar programs in the same niche. Mindfulness Meditation teaches people how to use breathing techniques to learn how to unwind. 

Jonathan Parker

Jonathan Parker has been helping people with self-development and meditation for more than several decades now, so his brand is quite world-known. You can find a plethora of products available on his website, from courses to self-hypnosis tools and more. 

The courses are anything but cheap, which in turn is advantageous for you as an affiliate. As an online courses meditation affiliate, you’ll be happy to know that the commission rate is 20% out of any qualifying order and that the cookie lasts for a month and a half, so we’d say this one is at least worth looking into. 

Bean Products

Meditation often goes hand in hand with yoga, so people will need a number of gear and equipment to ensure that they remain comfortable and safe while practicing every day. 

That’s where this brand comes in — it sells products such as meditation benches and cushions or yoga mats, medicine balls, and bolsters. 

Unlike many other meditation affiliate programs, this one is run by ShareASale, so if you are a seasoned affiliate marketer, you will definitely enjoy this aspect. You can make up to 10% out of every order placed by your audience and benefit from a 30-day tracking cookie. 

Yoga Download

This one is worth adding to our list because the commission rate is 12% on all qualifying orders and the cookie life is not 30, not 45, but 90 whole days. That automatically puts Yoga Download on the list of programs with some of the longest tracking cookies. 

The website retails a wide range of courses and meditation programs and many are geared at different aspects of people’s lives, whether that be self-healing or more. 

Brooklyn Candle Studio

Meditation does call for a calming atmosphere, so your readers might be interested in purchasing soothing candles made with natural ingredients and essential oils. 

What makes this affiliate program stand out from the crowd is that it is run through the Refersion Marketplace, so you will have to join it separately. As for how much you can make with Brooklyn Candle Studio, the commission rate is 10% and the cookie life is just 7 days. 

But since the value of most of the products sold on this website is under $30, you’re also not going to be able to make a fortune by recommending them to your audience. Still, the rate is better than what other programs have to offer, including giants like Amazon Associates. 


This company sells a wide range of sound-based tools that can help people enter a profound meditative state. If you feel that this might be something that your audience could be interested in, you should definitely consider joining the program. 

And the reason we’re saying that is the 1-year-long cookie life along with the 40% commission. Additionally, the program is managed by Infusionsoft (currently known as Keap), a network that can assist you in getting all of the marketing materials you need and also check out all of your stats so as to improve your performance. 

Live & Dare

You can find a generous variety of meditation products on this website and they range from monthly subscriptions to courses that people can join to improve their meditation experience and outlook on life. 

When it comes to meditation affiliate marketing, this one is self-managed, so you will not have the benefit to manage it through a separate network. However, joining seems to be quite easy. 

You can make up to 40% out of all of the courses purchased by your readers. Even the coaching services can make you some passive income, albeit being just a rate of 10%. The cookie lasts for 60 days and you can get your earnings after 45 days. 

Mukha Yoga

This website mostly retails physical products for yoga and meditation such as cushions, pillows, prayer beads, and more. The nice thing is that the program works through AvantLink, so if you’re an affiliate of that network, joining and using the marketing materials will be a piece of cake. 

As an affiliate, you can make up to 8% out of the value of every order with a cookie life of two months. 


Gaiam is pretty much in the same niche as Mukha Yoga and several other products that we have detailed in today’s post. And that’s because the brand retails a very generous range of products such as yoga apparel, meditation seating devices, as well as a fairly wide selection of multimedia content. 

Gaiam also sells its products on other websites such as Amazon, but while there you are not going to benefit from a fairly good commission, the brand will give you 10% out of every order. The cookie lasts for just 10 days, though, which means that it is among the lowest we have stumbled upon. 

On the upside, the program is managed by Rakuten LinkShare, which means that things are going to be easier for you in terms of marketing materials and checking out the stats of your sales. 


This company’s name tells you absolutely everything you should know about what you can promote to your blog readers as an affiliate. But believe it or not, the website has more than 1,000 retreats available, because it’s basically an aggregator for companies in this industry. 

The value of these retreats is nothing but low, so your 35 to 50% commission can make you a decent income. The range depends on the number of retreat sales you manage to make per month. If you sell 50 on a monthly basis, you’ll get the 35% rate, but if you manage to refer to 250 sales, you’ll make the 50% rate. 

The cookie life is just 14 days, on the other hand, which is not really worth writing home about. 

Sounds True

This publishing company sells a wide range of products designed for meditation and relaxation, and they range from DVDs and music to books and courses. What’s interesting about this one is that it is managed by HasOffers, a separate network. 

As an affiliate, you can make as much as 35% out of the value of every referred product. The tracking cookie lasts for two months, which is quite decent, too, especially when comparing it with what some of its competitors have to offer. 

Hugger Mugger

Off the bat, it’s important to note that the affiliate program run by this company is only available to marketers living in the United States. The brand sells a wide range of products, mostly physical ones, that can help people take their meditation endeavors to a whole new level. 

As a Hugger Mugger affiliate, you can make 10% out of every order. The cookie lasts for just 21 days so while it could have been better, it’s still superior when compared to the likes of Gaiam (which offers a cookie life of 10 days by contrast). 


Given that Ziva products have been tried out by people working at companies such as Google or Apple, it goes without saying that the programs are effective when it comes to helping people with their meditation experiences. 

The brand sells a 15-day meditation training program along with several different other products. The cookie life is 30 days, which is pretty much the industry standard, but the commission rate is 25% on all orders, which we think is quite good. 

From what we were able to tell, this program is self-managed, so you are not going to find it on any other affiliate network you might already be using. 

Seven Minute Mindfulness

This meditation training program seems to be rather successful and if you do get people to purchase it, you have the opportunity to make 75% out of every sale you refer to the website. 

The cookie lasts for 60 days, which isn’t bad, either. However, we would like to note that this one is run by ClickBank, so you should join the network if you’re interested in promoting these guides. 

Sonic Meditation

This one is merely worth mentioning here because it is one of the few meditation music affiliate programs that we were able to come across. However, the program is managed by the company itself and we couldn’t find any info as to how much you can earn through it or on how long the cookie life is. 


We also left this one toward the end of our list because you are not going to be able to make a fortune with it. Since most of the audio and video courses that you can find here cost under $15, as high as the commission rate might be, you’re not going to make a significant amount of money with it. 

By the way, the rate you can expect is a fixed 15% one on all orders. The cookie does last for 45 days, so at least there’s that. Perhaps BetterListen might be a good choice just for diversifying your income streams, but no more than that. 

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Finding the right meditation affiliate programs

While the commission rate and the tracking cookie duration are two of the most important factors you should base your decision on, you should also consider what your audience might best resonate with. 

If your blog is in a niche where your readers are extremely practical and down to earth and perhaps have no issues in their lives with stress or work, they might not even appreciate whatever recommendations you make to them in this sense. 

Also, the bigger the brand that you mention in your posts, the better — if people have heard of it before, they will be less reluctant when it comes to trying out its products. 

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