Fiverr Backlinks – The Dos, The Don’ts, and Everything Else – A Guide

When you browse through the immense marketplace that is Fiverr, it’s quite likely for you to come across a variety of SEO services out of which many involve selling Fiverr backlinks. 

But is getting backlinks from Fiverr safe? How can you tell which ones are good and which ones are bad? What are the best Fiverr backlinks and PBNs for YouTube? 

We’re answering all of these questions and more in today’s post, so keep on reading! 

What are Fiverr backlinks?

Link building is an essential part of the process that involves ranking a website, no matter the niche you are in or what you’re selling or how you are trying to monetize your site. 

While some SEO gurus like to say that link building no longer matters as Google has updated its algorithm time and again, it is still quite an important ranking factor.

We’ve tackled a variety of link building techniques in other articles, so that is not the topic of today’s post. 

If you were to use traditional outreach and pitch to all of the sites that have any relevance and good metrics that you come across, it would probably take you decades to rank a site. 


That is why so many people resort to buying links. There are plenty of link vendors and digital marketing agencies that specialize in these services, but the services of the good ones can often cost a pretty penny.

So when you come across a backlink for a price like $5, when the average cost of a backlink on a well-established blog is at least $100, you’re likely to be very tempted. 

Fiverr has a wide range of link vendors available on the marketplace website. But as is the case with any other link you might want to purchase, some you might need and others you might definitely do without. 

In a nutshell, Fiverr backlinks are backlinks from private blog networks, web 2.0s, or real websites. It’s just your responsibility to separate the wheat from the chaff. 

Do Fiverr backlinks work?

There is an on-going debate as to whether these links are any good or bad or if they can actually hurt your website. But the fact of the matter is that you have to do your side of the work every time you buy a link, whether from Fiverr or not.

That means that you need to run the website address through Ahrefs or SEMRush or any other tool you utilize to check its DR or DA, but also look at things such as traffic.

It definitely wouldn’t hurt if you also checked the website using a tool like the Wayback Machine just to make sure that in its history, it wasn’t used for niches like adult or gambling, both of which are a no-go with most search engines. 

So when done properly, link building through Fiverr can give pretty good results. 

Unfortunately, there are probably thousands of link vendors on the marketplace, and finding a really good one and that sells links for an affordable place can be very, very time-consuming. 

What kind of backlinks on Fiverr can you get?

A simple search will reveal that you can purchase pretty much any type of link on this platform. 

You can get PBN links, web 2.0s, but also links from actual websites or blogs. You can also get .gov or .edu backlinks, if that’s what you feel you need. 

The gigs are usually a little different depending on what you want. You can specifically search for niche edits, which would at least save you the effort of writing or ordering an article from a VA or content writer.

You can also look for links depending on your specific niche, which is something that we recommend. Relevancy makes all the difference when it comes to link building, so if you are in a specific niche, try to get as many links from sites in the same niche. 

For example, if you’re in the hotel niche, you should aim at getting most of your links from travel websites. Fiverr sellers are going to try to convince you to get heaps of backlinks on sites that don’t have anything in common with yours but try to stick to the safe side of things and opt only for the relevant ones. 

fiverr backlinks

How much do Fiverr backlinks cost?

As the name of the site already suggests, the point is that you can get affordable services in a variety of domains from digital marketing to web design. 

While the standard cost of a backlink can be just $5, we’ll tell you off the bat that most of the results that you will stumble upon are going to be PBNs. 

These aren’t necessarily bad, but only for one specific type of link building (tiered link building), which we will discuss more in one of the sections below. 

If you use traditional outreach and send out emails every day, you probably know that links can be pretty expensive, especially on good websites. You might spend just $30 or $40 for a link on a DR10 or DR15 site with about 800-1,000 users/month. 

Outreach is better than Fiverr backlinks for the simple reason that you first select the websites (you discover them yourself, so you know they’re in the right niche) and when you pitch out to them you’ve probably already checked them in Ahrefs or other tools. 

So on Fiverr, a niche edit can cost just $5 from a PBN, a new article (including the content) will be around $20-$40, and a fast delivery article on a better website could set you back in the hundreds of dollars. 

Fiverr backlinks – Worth it or not?

While doing our research, we came across a variety of people that effectively put together tests of whether Fiverr links were good or bad. 

In most cases, they either provided no results as most of them were nofollow (and getting too many nofollow backlinks is not a positive outcome) or they actually hurt these sites’ rankings. 

Isotropic, a digital agency that builds WordPress websites, bought a number of links from Fiverr just to see what happens. The results of their test were discouraging, to say the least. 

For example, they were supposed to get 90,000 backlinks when in fact they got around 12,000, and only 5% of all of them were dofollow. As for the quality, it really isn’t something worth writing home about. 

Many of the links came from websites that had nothing in common with the site, although perhaps the right anchor text was utilized. 

Fiverr Backlinks

Most of the sites were also located in regions that had no relevance to the site for which the links were bought, such as India, Pakistan, or Bangladesh – don’t get us wrong, getting backlinks from these locations definitely is not bad if your own site is addressing an audience based in one of these places. 

But if you have a US or UK audience and most of your links are coming from India, that’s not so good, especially if their quality is poor. 

The conclusion of the test put together by Isotropic was that purchasing links from Fiverr is completely useless – you effectively waste your money. Not only did they not get the number of backlinks that were promised, but most were also nofollow and from weird sites. 

thumbs down

You can risk getting your site penalized by Google if you purchase links from Fiverr, especially if you’re not all hands-on when it comes to the process and you buy them in bulk instead of manually checking every single one. 

Another person who ran a test of Fiverr backlinks is Harsh Agarwal, who you might know from his world-famous blog, Shout Me Loud

He bought a backlink pyramid consisting of 5,000 forum profiles that were pointing to 2,000 anchor text profiles and just 25 Penguin-safe PR5 backlinks. 

As his test revealed, the quality of the links he purchased was absolutely horrendous and they affected his website to the point that he lost approximately 70% of his traffic. 


Naturally, if this happens to your own website, you can always use the Disavow Tool in the Google Search Console and get rid of all of the negative backlinks you might have acquired. 

Unfortunately, this also means that you have to look at the entire list of backlinks you’ve gotten recently, which can take a lot of time and effort, which add up to the money you’ve already wasted on the Fiverr gig. 

While Harsh came to the conclusion that black-hat link building techniques are generally bad and not worth it, we’d argue that they can offer good results in some ways and when used judiciously. 

It’s true that like in the Isotropic test, getting 90,000 backlinks all of a sudden can look very suspicious to Google and any other search engine, for that matter. In general, try to aim at getting a backlink from a website that at least has a similar DR and PR as yours and getting at least the same amount of traffic. 


Fiverr backlinks – Possible positive effects

We’ve already talked about how some Fiverr links can definitely damage your website rankings, but let’s look at a way that you can use them to your advantage. 

First of all, don’t ever get a batch of backlinks off the bat, not even 50 instead of 90,000 – try to look for actual individual backlinks on relevant websites. 

Tiered link building is the best way of taking advantage of all the cheap Fiverr backlinks that can be bought out there. 

What we mean by this is that you first have to acquire a good backlink from a good website, by doing traditional outreach or by purchasing a PR link. Then you can get some link juice by purchasing a high DR link (could be a PBN or not) to that article, with your anchor text and the link pointing to one of your pages. 

This is what tiered link building means and if you do this, you do not suffer from any negative consequences — you’re merely getting enough indirect link juice to help your rankings. 

You might ask yourself – but isn’t this technique hurt the site you’ve initially bought your link from? Not necessarily. If you don’t automatically get 90,000 links to point to it, just one PBN link isn’t going to make that much of a difference. 

Try not to overdo it — the last thing you want is to inadvertently organize a negative SEO campaign on a site you’ve bought a link from. 

That site owner is not at fault for anything other than helping you out, so consider the consequences when using tiered link building using Fiverr backlinks. 

What are the best Fiverr backlinks?

In this section of the article, we’re looking both at some of the best Fiverr link vendors, but also a couple of tips and tricks on how to select the right ones. 

The so-called ‘best’ Fiverr backlinks depend on your own specific needs, more than anything, meaning your niche, the metrics you want the link to be, whether it’s a real site, and also things that actually depend on you, like using the right anchor text. 

Some things to avoid would have to be the following:

  • Automated links
  • Footer text links 
  • People that have gigs selling thousands of links instead of just a good one

Another thing that we would advise you to avoid is to believe the reviews that any link vendors have received. These can be cheated, as you probably know, meaning they could have done a good job, but also no. 

Fiverr has a specific page built where some of the best backlinking experts are displayed. Check it out here


So, are Fiverr backlinks any good? Well, they can be if you use them the right way. But the right approach to link building doesn’t necessarily have to involve money, so you can use your own outreach methods and pitch out your article ideas to real sites that you have checked yourself.

Also, we’d like to note that digital marketing agencies such as Get Me Links do a way better job at getting you the backlinks you actually need and that can effectively help your site rank better. 

Last, but not least, don’t be afraid to buy links, even expensive ones, if they can provide you with the right amount of value and link juice. 

Need help with your SEO or digital marketing efforts? We have lots of plans and courses available. Get in touch to find out how we can be of assistance!

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