Buy Facebook Likes (Is it worth it?)

Is Buying Facebook Likes Worth It?

People often ask me if it’s worth buying Facebook Likes. I’ve never personally seen the value myself but it can, of course, give off the impression that you are more popular than you are. To be fair, the easiest way to spot if someone’s the real deal on social media isn’t how many likes they have — the engagement on their posts will say it all.

You can buy likes on Fiverr, Konker or simply do a Google search and you will see countless websites selling Facebook likes like the screenshot below.

buy likes for facebook

Some of these sites even claim to be able to sell you real Facebook likes as well, but the reality is that buying these likes will never result in any engagement from these profiles, none of these people will ever share your content and they will never pay you any money because these are not real people no matter who says what. There is no substitute for real people liking your Facebook page and being interested in your services.

Now there are ways where you can build up a real audience on your Facebook page, it takes longer but will stand you in good stead long term. You never know — the more you grow, someone might also buy from you via your Facebook page.

How to Grow My Facebook Likes?

You can add your Facebook icon on your website, and hopefully, be able to drive traffic via your website onto your Facebook page.

You might also want to consider potentially doing Facebook live webinars or videos that your audience will find useful, also post some other content on your Facebook page on a regular basis as this will help people remain interested in your page and what you have to say.

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Boosting your Facebook Posts

You can also boost your Facebook posts to people across the world who have interests in your services or products. This is also a good way to get more likes on your Facebook page.

Make sure you use the right targeting options on Facebook ads and you can generate traffic and sales via your Facebook page. Its very common for businesses to do this and see a positive ROI from this type of marketing.

Other ways to generate likes and interaction on Facebook is a paid tool that you can use to create giveaways, competitions, polls and other stuff that will help you generate likes from real people.

You can force people to like your page as part of some giveaway or competition. This is a well-known method to generate traction on your Facebook page and give you likes from real people who are also likely to interact with future posts, too.

buy targeted facebook likes


There really isnt any valid reason you would want to buy fake Facebook likes. Use a couple of the methods above to get yourself some real likes and this will work well for you longer term.

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