How to Buy Cheap Domain Names for PBN SEO Sites With Seekahost

If you have been wondering about how to register a domain name in UK and are looking for the cheapest .com and domains, then read on.

I have tested and researched several domain registrars and hosting providers in the market and noticed that especially .com domains are expensive and prices varies. This is no surprise, as domain names with a dot com extension are the most trusted and established and all big companies use them. 

Cheap domain name registration for PBN SEO sites with SeekaHost

But what if there is a more affordable option? Well, I would certainly go for it, because who doesn’t like a bargain, especially when they’re just getting started with domaining, private blog networks or setting up a blog or a business website. 

What are the best Options to register and host a cheap .com or domains names for PBN SEO Sites? 

I have been observing the up-and-coming web host SeekaHost because they have launched their SeekaPanel via the Seekahost.App, which makes finding and registering a domain name super easy and fast – yes, in just under a minute it can be done. 

Recently I did a video on what PBN hosting I would recommend, and you can watch it below:

What caught my attention on top of that is that currently they are offering cheap .com and domains for just £4.99 and £3.65. This discount applies to any number of .com and domains a user registers.

So, let’s dive into how you can get a .com or domain in the cheapest and fastest possible way!

The SeekaPanel was launched by SeekaHost earlier this year and is designed for easy and quick domain name registration and flexible web hosting services. What I especially like about this new tool as a SEO expert is that it provides a PBN Manager with which registering and hosting several domain names is super simple and quick. 

The PBN Manager facilitates multiple IP hosting and easy domain name registration and hosting it safely. is therefore a one-stop solution for everyone looking to register and host PBN SEO sites for business or monetization purposes.  

Say you are interested in building a private blog network and want to register and host 10 .com or domains to start with. On average you’d pay £7-12 for one .com domain registration for the first year and the web hosting would set you back by an average of £5-£12 per month. Overall, you’d be paying a maximum of £156 for just one website being registered and hosted, so for 10 you’d pay £1560 per year. 

With SeekaHost you would pay £4.99 for your .com or £3.65 for a domain registration for the first year and for the PBN hosting inside the SeekaPanel you’d pay £1 per month to host your domain with 1 IP PBN hosting plan.

I couldn’t find any better deal, hence why I think you should know how to get your first .com or domain for your PBN SEO site with 

Easy Steps to register and host the cheapest .com or PBN Site in the UK

Apart from being the most affordable option for PBN SEO sites, the SeekaPanel also offers the fastest experience. 

To see this for yourself, you will have to head over to where you can either enter your ideal domain name in the search box on the home page or you register your account first to then continue with your search inside the control panel. 

Either way you will be able to find the .com or domain that is best for you with the domain name generator, which offers you all the domain name options that are available, including different variations and extensions. 

I am testing a domain name that I have come up with. 

I want to buy, so I enter that in the search box and press “search”. Now SeekaHost notifies me if the domain name is available or not. 

I got lucky and got the name that I wanted. The price is £4.99/year, as mentioned earlier. I add this domain name to my cart instantly. 

I have placed my domain name in my cart as indicated in the top right corner of the screen and I have to click on “add to cart” to proceed with the purchase. 

I see the total amount I am charged for this domain of $5.99 (£4.99) and I click on “checkout”, as I am happy with that. FYI: you can buy unlimited domains at this price. 

If you are a new user, you will have to sign up by entering your user details. Set a password and agree to the terms and conditions. I already have my account, so I simply log into it. 

I can now complete the domain purchase. I can choose to auto renew this domain after the first year by ticking the box (recommended so you do not lose it, if you forget to renew it).  

I can also add a contact privacy, or I can proceed with $5.99 (£4.99) a year for the domain. Before completing the purchase, I can click on “continue shopping”, if I’d like to add more .com or names as my PBN SEO sites. If you’re interested in building a PBN then this is recommended as it is faster.

I then click on “next” to complete this one purchase. 

I add my payment details and hit next, where I can complete the payment. 

I check everything again and as I am happy, I click on “order now”. I agree that my bank card is charged for the domain name registration at the price shown. Additional authentication via the one time password is required for a safe first transaction.

My order has now been placed and is completed. The domain name is mine. I click on “done” and am taken back to the homepage to see the status of my domains. As you can see below, the domain I just purchased is now active.

Next, I need to make this website live so that it’s accessible via the Internet. I have to choose a suitable web hosting plan, which can be easily done in the SeekaPanel dashboard. In the menu on the left I click on the tab “Hosting Plans”. 

Here, I can choose between different WordPress and PBN hosting plans. 

If you’ve purchased several .com or domains previously, I would recommend you opt for the most suitable PBN hosting plan, e.g. if you’ve purchased 10 domains, pick the 10 IP PBN hosting plan as it works out cheaper and offers additional SEO advantages such as multiple unique IP addresses.

As I have just registered one .com domain for now and I intend to set up a blog with it, I choose the WordPress hosting. It is more suitable for WordPress sites that are more complex. 

I click on the tap “WordPress Hosting” and I will then see all my web hosting options.

The cheapest WordPress hosting plan starts at $1.49/mo (£1), which is the Starter Plan and it is ideal if you want a hosting plan for only 1 WordPress site. 

You can see that his plan offers 

  • 2 GB of web space
  • 10 GB transfer
  • Free SSL
  • 1-click WordPress installation, and
  • a free email account. 

This is a robust hosting plan to get my domain live quickly and build it the way I like it. However, as I may purchase one or two more .com or domains at this super cheap rate.

Again, I must purchase this plan, so I need to make the payment in the same way as explained earlier with the domain purchase and the plan will be activated in my account. 

Once completed, I go to “Websites & Blogs >> WordPress Sites”. Here I see all the sites I am currently hosting with

To get my WordPress site up and running, I click on the “Create WordPress Site” button in the top right corner. 

I enter my domain name, the blog title and hit the “Add WordPress Site” button. It takes about 60 seconds to activate it. There are further steps to successfully set up my website, such as changing the nameservers, but this is all explained in the SeekaHost tutorials and knowledgebase

You can watch this video to see how easy and fast it is:

Now you know how to get cheap domain names for your private blog networks sites and any SEO money sites with SeekaHost. 

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