Builderall Affiliate Program Review

If you have recently created a blog or website about digital marketing and you’re looking for new ways of monetizing it, you have come to the right place. 

In today’s article, we’re doing a review of the Builderall affiliate program, a company that makes it possible for you to make money out of people creating and using mailing lists. 

From what we have gathered, Builderall affiliate marketing might be worth considering, especially seeing the commission rates you can get and the cookie length. We’ll go into more detail in the sections below and also include some information on how you can get paid. 

Builderall Affiliate Program Review 

What is Builderall?

Before we move on to how you can earn money by promoting this brand, it might be a good idea to describe just what products and services it has to offer. 

Builderall is a digital marketing platform that also deals with web design. It makes it super easy for customers to build simple websites such as for their personal portfolios, for example. 

The tools that are inside the platform can be divided into several different categories, with some of the best-known ones being those for engagement and design, reports, as well as email marketing. 

There’s a drag and drop website builder, a tool made specifically for email marketing automation, a DNS manager, as well as an app builder. Other apps that we have to note are those for eCommerce, a video funnel builder, mockup studio, video tag tool, and presentation studio, along with a WordPress 3-click integration feature. 

Builderall definitely has no shortage of tools for social media influencers, either, since there’s a social autopost app as well as an Instagram autoresponder tool available on the platform. And if you’re interested in promoting your own courses, there’s even an e-learning tool that you can use for that. 

There are more than 30 tools and features in total, which means that you will not be restricted to recommending only the email automation app to your blog or website audience. 

To date, there are more than 200,000 people using the platform, which means that it is among the best-selling pieces of software in this category — at least at the time we are writing this article.

How does Builderall affiliate marketing work?

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s look at how the affiliate program belonging to this company actually works. 

It is a little different compared to what you might have seen with others in that it works on a 2-tier system. 

You can earn money from direct sales, meaning those that are done after someone clicks on your Builderall affiliate link. But you can also make some money on recurring payments, meaning the subscriptions that people pay for after their first month of using one or more of the tools that the platform has to offer. 

We’ve seen this model in other affiliate programs such as SEMRush’s BeRush, which works much in the same way. By the way, if you are not promoting SEMRush products to your readers, you’re definitely missing out on some hefty commissions since it’s one of the best programs we’ve come across in the digital marketing space. 

What we have to note with regard to the Builderall affiliate program is that things are much easier if you are already a user of their services. 

Affiliate registration – Builderall

Here’s where things start to get truly interesting.

If you have been using the Builderall Funnel Package, which can set you back just under $70 per month, you probably have nothing to worry about as you can easily become an affiliate and start earning better commissions. 

While the program is completely free to join by people who aren’t using Builderall at this time, we do have to note that your commissions are going to be slightly lower. 

Besides the rates you can expect, we also have to note that the approval process is only necessary in the case of non-users. However, filing for an application is quite easy and while they are going to ask you for some information, you aren’t going to go through a lot of hassle in this sense. 

You will get a reply from an affiliate manager or Builderall representative in a matter of two to three days. 

If you recommend the affiliate program to your users, you will not be earning any commissions. Additionally, you aren’t allowed to promote the products based on the money you have earned, which can be a drawback for people who might want to also talk about the program and recommend it to other affiliate marketers. 

You are only going to earn a commission when someone gets a Builderall plan. 

Builderall Affiliate Commission Rates

You can earn in several different ways if you become a Builderall affiliate. 

The first possibility would be someone clicking on your affiliate link and getting a purchase. For the first month, you will make a commission of 100% of the value of the plan they have opted for — which definitely isn’t bad, right?

Then there’s the recurring commissions that we have previously mentioned. You can earn as much as 30% of any future plan that your readers choose or even if they continue their first subscription. 

If someone also becomes an affiliate after clicking on your link and opting for a paid plan to Builderall, you will also make a bit of money out of those individuals’ monthly plans. 

This is what is now available to people that are already using Builderall and have active monthly subscriptions. 

If you do not and want to use the free affiliate program made available to anyone, things start to become a little complicated. What we mean by this is that you will earn points that are equal to one dollar each — based on your own subscription, so you’ll basically be getting cash back, and based on the direct sales that you have scored. 

The Builderall program also has a threshold where commissions can get better, but that can only be achieved when you achieve and keep at least 180 points per month — which can be challenging since you will basically have to convince as many as 180 people per month (or at least 177) to get a subscription. 

Whether you are interested in this or not, we’ll still note it since it’s part of the program anyway. If you manage to get 100 people to sign up for a paid plan, Builderall will get you $500 towards a car rental. This can increase to $1,000 if you refer 200 people that make a purchase on a monthly basis. 

Benefits of becoming a Builderall affiliate 

One of the most attractive things about this affiliate is that it definitely speaks to the needs of complete affiliate marketing beginners. 

The fact that the platform has so many tools available is another advantage, because that basically means that you can recommend a very wide range of products to your audience. 

The payout rate itself and the fact that you can make as much as 100% of every new subscription plan made through your affiliate link is another notable pro, in this case. 

On top of everything, Builderall has a trial period that lasts for 14 days and that costs just $1, and that can give people the reassurance they need that they can test out all of the features before committing to a $70 subscription per month. 

Plus, the fact that you can make recurring commissions for the entire duration of a person’s subscription is another net benefit — consider that a lifetime cookie, if you want. 

Are there any cons?

As is the case with any other affiliate program you might ever be interested in joining, there are some less pleasant things about this one, too. 

And the first that we will note here is that you cannot withdraw your money through PayPal (we’ll go into more on that in one of the sections below). 

The tiered model is a bit complicated, in our opinion, and there’s also the drawback of you not really making that much money if you don’t already use Builderall services. The company has a so-called ‘Funnel Club’ that’s only available to people who pay a minimum of $69.90 per month for a subscription. 

We really couldn’t find any info as to whether there are a lot of Builderall affiliate marketing tools available on the platform after you get accepted into the program. 

Builderall Affiliate Payment Methods

Since we mentioned that you are not going to be over the moon about this detail, here’s what you should know. 

There’s no PayPal payment option available at this time and the reason for that is the company using i-payout for processing its commission withdrawals.

That means that at the time we’re writing this, the only options you have available are withdrawing to your credit or debit card, getting your money through a cheque in the mail, or through a wire transfer. 

However, we will note that you can easily create an account on Payoneer or websites that offer pretty much the same service to easily withdraw your money in that way. 

We didn’t find any info according to which using Payoneer with Builderall is against the rules, so at least there’s that. To make things even better, Payoneer is also a cheaper option compared to PayPal. Check our review on it here. 

Builderall Affiliate Program Alternatives

If this Builderall affiliate review hasn’t convinced you that it might be right up your alley, seeking out a different, yet relatively similar program might be a better choice. We have listed some of Builderall’s competitors below, all of which have affiliate programs running right now. 


We wrote a separate review of this several weeks back and we have to say that this one is probably your best bet if you want to make some pretty good commissions and promote various products/services. 

Besides the membership itself, which lets people create funnels, there are several other things you can promote using this program. As for the money you can make by being a ClickFunnels affiliate, you can earn as much as 20% out of all the regular subscription plans that your audience opts for. 

That means about $19 per month if your readers get the smallest plan and about $59 if they opt for the Platinum one. These commissions are recurring, so you will be earning them for the duration of a person’s subscription. 


This one is another that should be right up your alley if you’re looking for a Builderall alternative to promote to your audience. You can earn as much as 30% of every subscription plan, which means about $60 every month. 

What’s pretty neat about this one is their affiliate approval process as it is super smooth and fast, so you can get your answer in less than 2-3 days’ time.

This one is a pretty straightforward affiliate program that we are going to review in the following week or so. We do have to note that is more affordable, which can be a clear pro for your readers, but could be a drawback for you. 

And what we mean by this is that you’ll only earn about $30 for every new user you bring in. On the other hand, there is a very small payment threshold (also 30 dollars), so you can withdraw your money a lot easier and more frequently compared to what you’d have to deal with on other platforms. 

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Final thoughts

You will have to decide for yourself whether becoming a Builderall affiliate makes sense or not. As you might have noticed, there are some rules you need to abide by and the commission system isn’t as simple as it might be with other networks or programs out there. 

However, if you are getting a lot of traffic on your website or blog and there are lots of people interested in using some of the tools that we have mentioned in the beginning, you might be able to make a couple of hundred dollars per month. 

The Builderall affiliate program has received pretty good reviews in the past, which means that it is legit and it works well. 

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