Brand SERPS – Why it’s important to rank for your brand name


It may sound like a load of old cobblers when we discuss the importance of ranking well for your brand but it really is something to consider, for many years I’ve heard people talk about this stuff and I’ve thought to myself surely this is common sense, this isn’t even a topic worth discussing. But when you look around the search engines, how many people do dominate page 1 or even page 1 and 2 for their brand name?

Jason Barnard has been going on about this for a while now and is fairly well known as the ” Brand SERP ” guy, he has been talking about how this is done, why it should be done at conferences all over the world.

In the video above I talk to Jason about the Brand SERPS and the importance of having them.

For example, anyone who has a customer who is a bad egg, the customers now realise one way of getting to you is posting a bad review about your site, they would go onto any old thing and say what they hell they like, and if they target your brand name then this could quite easily rank and have a negative impact on your business.

Control your Brand SERP

There are enough powerful platforms out there for you to be able to control this and dominate the top few pages, with your social media profiles, Pinterest, Flickr, Medium and a number of other websites you can claim them all and ensure that all of these rank well for your brand.

You are effectively doing parasite SEO for your own brand, using the power of other domains to quickly rank for your brand name, it really is that simple but that is not everything you can do. You have knowledge panels, featured snippets, twitter carousel, image carousel and a number of other features that you can trigger if you play your cards right.

But to remain in control of what Google shows when someone searches for your brand, make sure that you follow the steps and get as much of that landscape as you possibly can, not everyone will leave a bad review for your brand, but the competition might creep up on you and start ranking well for some of your brand searches or there could be countless amounts of other reasons why you want to take action.

Dont wait till a problem comes along, deal with it now and dominate that space.

Brand SERP Training

Jason Barnard over the last few months has launched courses on all of this stuff, you can get the full bundle, or grab the section that applies to what you’re trying to achieve.

These are informative and well put together training videos that will explain all of the things you need to do in much more detail.

Simply click here and jump over to Jason’s site and check the courses he has available.

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