Affiliate Programs & Networks Available in Australia

Whether you run a blog and website and you are based in Australia or a part of your audience is based in this country, if you’re not using affiliate marketing to monetize your content so that even these people earn you something, you’re making a huge mistake.

Not all global affiliate programs are available in Australia, though, and there are some differences in terms of networks, too. We’re discussing everything about this in today’s article, so keep on reading!

Top Australian Affiliate Programs


This is probably among the first Australian affiliate programs that you will come across if you are in the fashion niche. The program can be joined through Partnerize, a network that’s also available in Australia. 

As for how much you can make with this one, the commission rate goes up to 10% with a pretty standard cookie lasting for 30 days. The website has pretty much anything when it comes to apparel, whether that be kidswear or designer brand bags. 

It is available in both Australia and New Zealand, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

Dan Murphy’s

The downside to this affiliate program is that we couldn’t find any specific information on how much you can make. Apparently, the brand pays its affiliates based on the number of products and the category they are in, so we can’t make an estimate of what you could earn per month, for example. 

However, the cookie does last for 30 days, which is something that you can expect from lots of other programs. As for the niche itself, this one probably works best for food bloggers since the company sells a wide range of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. 

Their inventory apparently counts to more than 12,000 items, so you’ll have no shortage of things to recommend to your audience. 


When it comes to Australian affiliate marketing, you should probably check out Koala even if you are not in the furniture niche. And the reason for that is the fact that since the company is one of the best-known in the industry in Australia, you have a fairly good chance of converting your readers. 

Koala sells anything from mattresses to beds, but there are many more products that you can discover if you check out the brand’s website. As for how much you can make with the Koala affiliate program, the standard commission rate is 5% out of every qualifying sale. 

That might not seem like a lot given that other programs have better rates, but you should consider that the value of these items is anything but low. So even 5% amounts to something in this case. The tracking cookie lasts for 30 days, which is once again, something to be expected. 


Although quite popular with lots of pet owners across Australia, we couldn’t really find any info on how much you can expect to earn with this one. The cookie does last for 30 days, so that’s at least something that we know. 

The nice thing about this brand is that it is built on core family values, so most of the accessories and toys are designed with the needs of the animals themselves in mind first. 

The sky’s the limit when it comes to their inventory, since you can find products for a wide range of species and in all sorts of categories. They even offer pet services, so you may want to consider recommending those to your audience, too. 

Adore Beauty

This is yet again one of the top Australian affiliate programs that isn’t truly straightforward about what commissions you can earn as an affiliate that promotes Adore Beauty products. But the cookie window does last for 30 days, so at least there’s that. 

As its name suggests, the Adore Beauty program is in the cosmetics and beauty niche, so if that type of product matches what your audience expects from you content-wise, this one could be a winner. 

You can find this one on a really generous range of affiliate networks, such as Partnerize, Skimlinks, VigLink, FlexOffers and more. 

Naked Wines

This one is kind of a global program rather than one that is specifically designed for the Australian market. For example, Naked Wines is available in the United States, the UK, as well as Australia, and they also offer shipping to various countries. Naturally, to place an order you need to be at least 21-years-old, at least for North America. 

As for the affiliate program itself, it basically makes it possible for you to earn $25 for each new customer that you refer to the website and that places an order through your affiliate link. The cookie lifetime is 30 days, which isn’t bad either. 

Additionally, the Naked Wines affiliate program is available to join through various networks, including Impact, one that we have reviewed in the past — and probably one of the largest in the world right now, too. 

Marley Spoon

If you’ve ever noticed an influencer recommending services such as Blue Apron or HelloFresh and you’ve always wanted to do the same, then this is one of the top Australian affiliate programs you may want to jot down on your list. 

Marley Spoon offers meal prep kits that are convenient, relatively affordable, and time-saving, so they make it possible for people to enjoy a healthy dinner even when they come home exhausted from work. 

If you become a Marley Spoon affiliate, you will be paid a commission rate of $45 per each new user that tries the service. Also, you will benefit from an already traditional 30-day tracking cookie. The program is available through Partnerize, Awin, VigLink, and more — so managing everything from one of these platforms can save you lots of time every day. 


We have written a separate review of the Fiverr affiliate program before and it’s pretty good if you read the fine print. The thing with it is that you need to pay attention to the marketing model that you choose, in that you can either be paid for each purchase (CPA) or you can be paid smaller yet steadier rates for repeat purchases. 

So, whether a recurring commission makes more sense for you or not, that will be something that you will need to decide for yourself. 

As for how much you can make with the Fiverr affiliate program, the rates obviously depend on the previously mentioned models. For Fiverr CPA, you can expect commissions ranging from $15 to $150 (US dollars) while for Fiverr Hybrid, you can get $10 for any categories of services and a 10% recurring rate for repeat orders. 

And of course, you do not have to worry about anything when it comes to the Fiverr affiliate program since pretty much all of the products and services that can be found on the website are digital, so it is surely available in Australia, too. 

Amazon Associates

We left this one toward the end because it’s probably not a member of the category of Australian affiliate programs that you might want to join immediately. The problem with Amazon Associates is the 24-hour tracking cookie window, which makes it difficult, if not impossible, for affiliates to make commissions. 

While we’re at it, we’d also like to note that the commissions aren’t really worth writing home about. Recently, Amazon Associates has started to occasionally increase the rates for various categories depending on specific events (Christmas, Easter, Father’s Day, etc) but these increases usually last for two to four weeks. 

During the rest of the time, you can make anything between 1% and pretty much 5-6% these days by recommending Amazon products. And while the brand is of course well-known across the globe and it’s convenient to order from it, this is not the best affiliate program that’s available in Australia right now. 

Top Australian Affiliate Networks

While researching the programs above, we couldn’t help noticing that other blogs list affiliate platforms and affiliate programs together as if they were the same thing. 

We don’t really agree with that, so we decided to create two separate sections, one dealing with the programs themselves and the other describing the most popular (and best) networks available Down Under. 

Commission Factory

Commission Factory is one of the largest platforms in the affiliate marketing industry that operates in Australia. Here, you can encounter huge brands such as lululemon, MyDeal, and more. It’s basically what you can expect from the likes of ShareASale just that it also works in Oz. 


This one functions on pretty much the same principles as the formerly mentioned network, in that you can take a look at the list of merchants available on the Refersion website and then see whether any matches your niche. 

Refersion is also available for those affiliate marketers that have also developed a digital product, for example, and are looking to reach a broader audience through the same marketing techniques that they have used before. This one is quite effective and pretty budget-friendly, so we suggest giving it a try. 


Rakuten Advertising, formerly known as LinkShare, is yet another network that works in Australia and that makes it possible for affiliates to recommend products and services from huge brands such as HP, ASOS, Princess Polly, and more. 

The nice thing about the platform is that it has automatic approval on some of the programs available there, but for most, you will have to wait for a couple of days before finding out the answer. 

With Rakuten, you can get your earnings through three main methods – a bank transfer, PayPal, or a cheque. In terms of drawbacks, there’s a NET90 waiting period, so it will take 3 whole months for someone to approve your commissions before you actually see the money hitting your account. 


We did a review of FlexOffers, too, so if you have the time, be sure to search the News section of our website and give it a read. Although perhaps less common compared to other networks, FlexOffers is one that does work in Australia. 

While there are a lot of brands that you can recommend through the platform and the commission rates of most are quite good, in terms of downsides, you have a NET60 waiting period before you can get your money. 

FlexOffers pays its affiliates through four main methods, meaning direct deposit, cheque, wire transfers, as well as PayPal. 

CJ Affiliate

What’s interesting about CJ Affiliate is that it’s probably one of the oldest (if not the oldest per se) affiliate networks ever to have seen the light of day. It’s gone through some changes over time and it was also rebranded, most affiliates having known it as Commissions Junction. 

The good thing about CJ Affiliate is that it has managers that are specifically hired to help associates to get their game going, and they are also there to suggest specific programs based on your region. 

You can be paid in more than 100 currencies if that’s what you are interested in and you can even set up your own payment schedule. 


This is a global affiliate network, which means that it is also available in Australia. You just need to make sure that you pick brands that also deliver to this country because otherwise, the shipping costs might put your readers off to the point that they do not make a single purchase. 

Two examples of such brands are The Book Depository (which has been unfortunately acquired by Amazon) and Etsy, both of which can offer free shipping.  


The nice thing about this one is that while it is also an international affiliate network that works in Australia, too, it’s got some pretty big brands available. And as you know, most of these world-known companies have actual physical stores and warehouses Down Under, too, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

Some examples of products/services that you can come across on this platform range from Levi’s to the controversial Gwyneth Paltrow-related goop or the also controversial animal-testing rumored L’Oreal. 

Final thoughts

So that wraps it up for some affiliate programs and networks available in Australia as of the time we’re writing this. Be sure to do your own research on every one of those that we have included in our list and look for others, too. 

As a final note, always read the fine print of all of these programs’ and networks’ agreements so that you’re not in for a nasty surprise at any point in your affiliate marketing journey. 

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