Zyro Affiliate Program Review

If you have been looking for fresh ways of monetizing your site and you tend to write about websites, digital marketing, or anything in the online world, choosing to become a Zyro affiliate might make sense for you. 

In today’s article, we’re looking at everything you should know about the Zyro affiliate program — from the commission rates you can make to how you can join and what restrictions are involved in the process. 

Zyro Affiliate Program Review

What is Zyro?

Although most of the people who may have heard of this brand before know that it’s basically a website builder, there are quite a few other features and products available on the company’s website. 

For example, besides the website builder, you’ll be able to manage an online store, one or several domains, get a business email, have access to a logo maker, and much more. 

Zyro also has a bunch of AI tools, which we know that people and algorithms still heavily frown upon, but the truth is that many can get the job done with minimum costs and faster than a human being. The services in this category that Zyro can offer range from an AI write and an AI background remover to an AI business name generator and an AI slogan generator. 

Naturally, given the website builder feature, you’ll also find that there are more than enough templates to choose from and pretty much none of them require any coding skills at all. 

What services can you recommend to your audience?

At the time we’re writing this, the company had a sale and offered 73-75% off on their main plans, which included the majority of the products that we have already discussed in the introduction of this article. 

However, the standard plans cost $11.99 per month and $14.99 respectively and are made for different types of users. The first largely addresses people who want to be able to manage their personal website with as little effort as possible whereas the second is made for startups and small businesses. 

Both of the plas include a free domain for a whole year, a free email for as many as three months, 24/7 customer support, along with all sorts of marketing integrations. 

The Business plan, usually billed at $14.99 also includes several extra features, such as more than 20 payment options, the ability to manage inventory, orders, and bookings, as well as email notifications. If you run a small ecommerce business, this plan is definitely for you — but it will allow you to sell only up to 500 products on the site. 

Joining the Zyro affiliate program

First of all, what we have to mention about this affiliate program right from the beginning is the fact that it is self-managed. Theoretically, at least, and more importantly, for now, you are not going to find it on separate affiliate networks such as Impact Radius, CJ Affiliate, or anything else. 

However, we did manage to come across it on a somewhat less known network called Indoleads — but the page on their site where you’re supposed to join the program doesn’t offer any information as to what the payment threshold is, the payment frequency, or even the commission rate. 

As you will know if you’ve been using affiliate marketing for a while to monetize your content, depending on the network you choose to work with, your rates and your payment requirements can differ quite a bit from one to the other. 

If you want to join on the Zyro website, you’ll of course be asked for some basic information such as your company name or your own, your address, along with your phone number. Then you’ll be asked what type of promotion you intend on using, along with other such questions that are only to be expected from any affiliate program. 

After you submit your application, there will be someone getting back to you with a response in a matter of less than a week. 

Probably the nicest thing about this program is that they have a lot of friendly account managers, which means that there will be someone there to work with in case you run into a problem. 

How much can you earn?

This is the part that you’ve been undoubtedly waiting for, and while we can’t make an estimate of any earnings since affiliate marketers work so differently, we will say that the commission rate that you can expect with this one is 70% out of every plan your referrals choose to get.

The downside is that this is not a recurring rate, so do not expect to get this kind of money month in and month out, whenever your referrals renew their subscriptions. 

On the other hand, you can make a bit more if your audience decides to pay for the whole year instead of getting the standard monthly subscription. 


For example, for the Website plan, which costs $11.99 per month, the 1-year offer is billed at $143.88 while the 2-year one is billed at $287.76. So a 70% cut out of that definitely doesn’t sound too bad, right?

Your performance naturally depends on how you’re optimizing your site, the type of traffic you are getting, what your users are interested in, if they’ve even heard of Zyro before, and the way you promote their products.

There are a lot of variables, but this commission rate is a pretty decent one and as you will see in the last part of our review, it’s not something you can encounter in many other affiliate programs. 

The cookie lasts for 30 days, a period that has now become the industry standard in this field.

Payment methods and threshold

Here’s where things start to become a little complicated. While you can promote Zyro products to literally anyone in the world and you can also be based in any country across the globe, when it comes to payment, they only have one option available — PayPal.

In the last few years, PayPal has been gaining a pretty bad reputation of mistreating their users, whether that be by deleting their accounts without offering any explanation, or just because of the ridiculous fees they have in place. 

However, if your PayPal account is in good standing, we definitely suggest you give it a try. 

Another aspect that we need to note here is that the payment threshold is $100, so it’s a little higher than what you might find with other alternatives (of which the limit is just $50, for example). 

Pros and cons to being a Zyro affiliate

Probably the biggest advantage when it comes to this affiliate program is the 70% commission rate. You can’t expect your earnings to be as high with similar programs, even those that pay you a pretty fair rate. So in that respect, Zyro stands out from the crowd — and there are quite a lot of website builder affiliate programs out there. 

You can also access the program with as little effort as possible — at least based on what we’ve seen other affiliate marketers have to say about this. You do not need to create separate affiliate accounts for each site you own.

In a way, the PayPal payment situation can be both a benefit and a drawback. People who have good-standing accounts will have no problem withdrawing their earnings, but others who have had issues with the company before are going to be bothered by the fact that there’s only one payment method. 

The $100 threshold might be a little too high for some affiliates, especially those that are merely starting out their journey. 

Finally, the fact that this program cannot be found on any separate affiliate network right now, no matter what it might be, can indeed be considered a disadvantage. 

While we do appreciate that Zyro needs to have better control over what their affiliates are doing, this can be done through a platform just as effectively — and affiliate marketers who have dozens of niche sites are going to be seriously put off by the fact that they have to apply separately to hundreds of different programs instead of having everything in a single place. 

How can you promote Zyro?

You are allowed to promote Zyro services through a very generous collection of methods. For example, you’re clearly allowed to suggest Zyro products to your email list or social media following, along with your website, and even context ads. 

Just to be on the safe side of things, we recommend that you reach out to an account manager to ask what keywords you’re allowed to use in your PPC ads. Companies tend to be quite sensitive about this topic, so it doesn’t make sense not to ask and risk getting booted out of the program. 

What you are clearly not allowed to do is promote any type of Zyro products or services on websites that offer cashbacks or coupons. Deals traffic is also not allowed. 

Zyro affiliate program alternatives

If for any reason whatsoever, you feel like becoming a Zyro affiliate doesn’t really make sense for you at the moment, here are a few other choices that are in the same niche and that you can easily consider, too. 


While the commission that Weebly offers to its associates isn’t as good as Zyro, we do suggest that you consider becoming a Weebly affiliate — and the reason for this is that the brand is a bit better known, so you might have less of a hard time making those conversions you want. 

Weebly offers 30% on all the sales made through your affiliate links. But the best thing about the program is the 120-day cookie, which is a lot better compared to that offered by Zyro by comparison. You’re not going to get rich with this one, though, since they have plans as low priced as $5 per month. 


This one’s pretty good if what you are focused on is the commission rate. For the first month of your referral’s subscription, you will earn 100% out of the value of whatever plan they get. Then, you will earn 30% of any recurring sale — so unless someone cancels their subscription, you’ll continue to earn that rate for the duration of their plan. 

There are different awards depending on your performance, but you will have to work really hard to get to those limits — you need to convert as many as 180 people per month to be able to reach the first tier, which can get you $500 towards a car rental. 


This one’s pretty good as a Zyro alternative since the brand offers a flat commission rate of $100 for every person that you get to purchase their Premium plan. The cookie of this program also lasts for 30 days, which is what you’d get with Zyro anyway. 

However, there’s a caveat when it comes to being a Wix affiliate — the platform does not pay you every month unless you manage to convert at least three users amounting to a total sum of $300 in earnings. If you do not find that to be a difficult task, you can definitely consider this option. 


While the primary selling point of HostGator isn’t their website builder — it’s rather their web hosting services, they still have one, so they can be considered in a similar niche to that of Zyro. As a HostGator affiliate, you can make various commissions depending on your performance. 

What we mean by this is that if you get between 1 and 5 people to purchase a plan, your commission will be $65. If you do the same for 6 to 10 people, your rate becomes $75 and then for more than 20 people, you can earn $100 per signup. 


While this company isn’t really straightforward when it comes to what they pay their affiliates, we did stumble upon a plethora of resources according to which the commission rate you can expect with this program stands at $200. 

As for the cookie, it lasts for one month and a half instead of the month that Zyro is now offering. To make things better, Squarespace pays its affiliates through bank transfers or PayPal — so it’s your choice whichever of these payment methods makes more sense for you. 

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