Yoast vs. All in One SEO

Both Yoast and All in One SEO have been around for more than a decade and during that time, they have been tested by hundreds of thousands of marketers across the world. But which one of them is more effective, easy to use, and provides better customer support?

You can get the answer to this question and more in our All in One SEO vs. Yoast comparison. 

Yoast vs. All in One SEO

Why do you need an SEO plugin?

Getting an SEO plugin for your WordPress website is practically mandatory if you want to make your life easier. Some plugins come with pretty basic features, but for most bloggers and digital marketers who are merely starting out their online journey, they can be enough. 

Every SEO plugin has to be updated regularly and it should include a support system so that you have someone to reach out to if you’re experiencing a problem. 

Yoast SEO Plugin – A short overview 

The Yoast plugin is used by several million people across the world, so it’s quite popular. It is, without a doubt, one of the most downloaded plugins on WordPress.org and it does get the job done pretty well. It includes a number of features from SEO analysis to a readability analysis and even control over your website’s breadcrumbs. 

These functions are all included in the free plan, but the paid one offers you several extra features such as internal linking suggestions, optimizations in terms of grammar and vocabulary, and a better tool for the keyword you’re focusing on

The paid version costs 89 dollars, pounds, or euros, depending on where you’re located. 


  • A reasonable number of features
  • Can enhance your content’s readability
  • Pretty beginner-friendly
  • Keyword stuffing recommendations


  • It might be a little challenging to work with if you’re a complete rookie
  • There have been various ‘mishaps’ in the past, such as the plugin malfunctioning and accidentally creating individual pages on some sites

All in One SEO Pack – A short overview

If you haven’t handled a WordPress website before, the All in One SEO Pack might be the right plugin for you. We’ve been using it on a number of websites and it gets the job done, it’s very easy to set up, and it’s even easier to work with. Even if you have little to no experience with SEO plugins, you can still understand what you’re supposed to do.

Besides, the plugin comes with a variety of batch editing features that aren’t included in the Yoast plugin. One of them is the ability to edit the SEO title, SEO keywords, and SEO description right from the Post editing page in WordPress, meaning the page where you see all of the articles you’ve published in the past. 

This can make modifying these SEO details a breeze, especially if you outsource the task. 


  • It’s extremely user-friendly
  • You can use it for several types of content
  • It comes with a free version (which we recommend for newbie bloggers)
  • Supports rich snippets


  • The free version doesn’t have any support
  • There is no breadcrumb navigation

Which one’s the winner?

It’s pretty difficult to say which plugin is better than the other, and that’s because one of them is feature-packed and the other can be used for free, so it’s expected to lack at least some features.

Even so, since it’s very easy to use and it doesn’t call for a steep learning curve, we’d say that the All in One SEO Pack is slightly better than Yoast. 

The latter does, however, help a lot when it comes to content writing, so if you want a variety of aspects analyzed such as keyword density, inbound and outbound links, and readability scores, Yoast is the plugin for you. 

If you have recently bought a niche site and you have to edit a lot of posts, the right choice would be All in One SEO as it is a clear winner when it comes to batch editing. 

Want to learn more about SEO plugins, tools, and SEO in general? We have several different plans available. Find out about them by clicking on the button below.


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