What is Tomb Raiding SEO

Tomb Raiding SEO?

On my YouTube live session today, I was joined by Mark Mars from Niche Website Builders. He came on to explain what Tomb Raiding SEO is and how we can utilise it on our websites. Mark used a particular case study to demonstrate how effective it can be. He was able to use this technique to build a website over a 13-month period, which he then went on to sell for over $200,000. This ROI on his overall investment was over 500%, which is a remarkable result. 

So, is Tomb Raiding SEO something that can work for you? Check out the full episode below and decide for yourself.

What is Tomb Raiding SEO?

Tomb Raiding SEO is a term coined by the guys over at Niche Website Builders. To put it simply, it is a method of keyword research. It involves a combination of competitor research and correlation SEO to identify new opportunities. Basically, you establish your lower authority competitors, raid their website to find their top-performing content, and then use your higher authority and some optimised content to outrank them; hence why it is called Tomb Raiding SEO.

It is not the only method of keyword research that you should use, but it is a solid combination of techniques that allows for consistent results. If you’re an agency, it is an especially useful technique because of that consistency. It gives your staff a reliable process to follow that then gives your clients the same high-quality results again and again.

Requirements for Tomb Raiding SEO

Tomb Raiding SEO is extremely effective, but only if you already have established authority. If you are trying to build a brand new website, this probably isn’t going to be the most effective keyword research method for you. Essentially, you are looking to use websites with weaker authority that still get a load of traffic, to look for opportunities. If you are the weakest competitor for your niche, the technique won’t work as there won’t be any websites to raid.

However, once you get some backlinks and build some authority, it’s a great technique to use.

What is the basic step-by-step process for Tomb Raiding SEO?

It is a time-consuming process if you want to do it properly. 

  • Use SEMRush, Ahrefs, or another tool to find your competitors. The more competitors, the more opportunities you’ll find, so you want a big list.
  • Analyze those competitors to find those who have lower authority than your own website. This is a time-consuming process to do right as you’ll need to review DA, DR, Trust Flow, etc. Using multiple metrics means a more accurate picture. 
  • Identify and raid competitors for their best-performing content. By best performing, we mean high traffic. 
  • Analyse their high-performing content. Do not plagiarise it, but utilise a similar formula in terms of structure and topics. Cover similar information but make sure it’s original content and use different sub-headings etc. Also, make sure to add a few more words and more detailed information if you can so it’s improved content.
  • Make sure to work on articles with the most traffic first. A good plan would be to list articles on the site by their traffic.

It’s as simple as that. While it does involve time, it isn’t difficult for experienced SEOs. It’s also not hard to teach to the staff so that it can be scaled.

Why Use Tomb Raiding SEO?

As shown in the video case study by Niche Website Builders, Tomb Raiding SEO can yield you some fantastic results. Many SEOs use their own keyword research techniques and it will yield different results for each person. With a technique like Tomb Raiding SEO, you end up with similar results each time as it’s a repeatable process. It is a reliable process that offers consistent results.

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