Best Weight Loss Affiliate Programs

As controversial of a topic as it might be, weight loss is something that lots of people across the world have to deal with, especially right now. 

In today’s article, we’re looking at some of the top weight loss affiliate programs that you can recommend to your audience if you are lucky enough to be in the health and fitness niche. We’ll specify cookie durations and commission rates for each of these.

Best weight loss affiliate programs

Weight Loss Evolved

If you’ve been searching for some of the weight loss high ticket affiliate programs available right now, we might be so bold as to say that you have just found it. 

The commission rate is 30%, which might not seem like a lot to you, but the average order on this particular website is close to $400, so you will be making more than $100 on most sales. 

Once we’ve gotten that out of the way, you might also want to know that the cookie basically lasts for a whole lifetime, so you can earn continuously.  


As its name suggests, this one is largely based on a meal kit delivery plan model. However, what makes it stand out from the crowd is that the meal kits are all designed by actual doctors, so consumers do not have to worry about them being unhealthy. 

The program itself is a little confusing in that it doesn’t function on a single marketing model. What we mean by this is that you will also be paid for every click (around $16.9 each), but you will also earn a small share of the value of each order (sometimes going up to $45 depending on the subscriptions). 

The nice thing about this one is that the cookie lasts for one month and a half. To make things even better, it is run through FlexOffers. 

The Mayo Clinic Diet 

This one has been growing in popularity over the past several decades and the main reason for that is that it is heavily focused on healthy weight loss. You are not going to have to get any supplements or restrict yourself a lot if you use this one. 

There are both pros and cons to this affiliate program and we’d like to note that since it is not managed through a network at this time, you will have to apply to it individually. But the biggest downside is that there is not an automatic process for this, so you will have to have a chat with an affiliate manager to get approved. 

The program in itself is pretty good since you’ll benefit from a 30-day cookie length and a 75% commission rate for every order, but the hassle of applying can be a serious drawback. 


You might have heard about this app/service before if you’ve ever looked for weight loss products. The cool thing about the program is that it is managed through Impact Radius (which we have recently reviewed). 

This one is a little different in that it functions on a CPA model, which means that you’ll earn a fixed amount of money for every new sign-up. And that sum is $15, which is not a lot. Even so, the cookie does last for 30 days, so it could have been worse. 

Maximum Slim

Maximum Slim is one of the best paying affiliate programs in this category. The commission rate is 25% on all orders and you also get to benefit from a 1-year cookie length. 

Furthermore, this program is managed through ShareASale, and if you are a seasoned affiliate, you have probably been using the network for years. In terms of the product types sold by this brand, you’ll find that their website has anything from coffee to protein shakes available on there. 

Weight Watchers

This one is worth promoting merely for the reason that pretty much anyone across the world has at least once heard of Weight Watchers before. 

What we will note is that this is not one of the weight loss high ticket affiliate programs we might have described in today’s article. You can earn just $10 for every sign-up.

To make things a little worse, the cookie lasts for just two weeks, making it one of the lowest we’ve seen in this niche. On the upside, the program is managed through FlexOffers and CJ Affiliate, so at least there’s that. 

You will have to decide whether you should promote this one simply because the company is so well-known, which means that it might be easier for you to register high conversion rates. 

Doctor’s Weight Loss

There are both pros and cons to this affiliate program, in that the cookie duration is just 7 days (and we’ve seen much better ones), but the commission is 8% to 15% depending on the category of products your referrals purchase and their value. 

Still, the average order value is close to $140, which isn’t bad, since that means that you can earn up to $15 per sale. ShareASale is the network of choice of this company, by the way. 

Jet Fuel Meals

As you might have figured out from the name of this brand, it’s specifically designed for folks who want to lose weight with meal kits — they might not have enough time to do the meal prep themselves or they might not have the knowledge of how to tailor their daily caloric intake.

The 30-day cookie, the fact that the program is run through ShareASale, as well as the $45 commission rate should give you a clue as to whether this one is worth joining or not. 


There’s not too much to say about this one other than the fact that it is a truly great choice if you want to become a weight loss affiliate. While the commission rate is somewhat lower compared to what we’ve seen with other programs, you will still earn 10% out of every qualifying order. 

The cookie lasts for 30 days, which is not surprising. We’d also like to add that this company sells a wide range of products, from smoothies to shakes and more. 


This brand sells a meal delivery kit that assists people in maintaining a healthy daily caloric intake. When it comes to weight loss affiliate marketing, if you’re just starting out, this one might be right up your alley. 

And the reason we’re saying that is that you can earn $40 for every sale. On top of that, the cookie lasts for 45 days, so it is slightly longer than the traditional 30-day period you might have seen in so many other programs. 

Elite Weight Loss

The less good thing about this program is that we couldn’t find any info about the cookie. However, we strongly suggest checking it out as it is also a contender for the title of the best weight loss affiliate program. 

The company sells a variety of products, but most are in the supplement category. You can earn a commission of 25% on all orders and depending on your performance, you can also get bonuses of $100 every now and then. 


This meal kit subscription brand is incredible, in that it is extremely cost-effective. A plan for as many as 6 months can set you back just $89 and that includes the main meals of the day and the snacks. 

To make things even better, the company has various meals for different purposes and conditions. For example, it sells meal plans for diabetics or for preventing the disease or for those interested in following a keto or paleo diet. 

The affiliate program is very straightforward, although perhaps not the highest earning one we’ve seen before. You can make $15 per order and you benefit from a 30-day tracking cookie. 

InVite Health

This website sells anything from weight loss and wellness programs to a variety of products ranging from supplements and superfoods. Like so many of the other options listed in today’s post, the InVite Health affiliate program works through ShareASale. 

As for what you can earn with it, the commission is a standard 20% on all orders and the cookie lasts for 30 days. The average order value is close to $100, which means that you can make about twenty bucks for every referral. 


We should have probably showcased this one in our article about some of the best supplement affiliate programs because this company sells anything from weight loss products to collagen powders and those made for healthy detox. 

The affiliate program is decent, in our opinion, since it has a tracking cookie of 30 days and a commission rate of 20%. The downside is that these products don’t cost a lot of money, which means that you’ll only earn about $10-$12 for every referral’s order. On the upside, everything works through ShareASale. 

Designer Protein

Its name says it all — this company sells mostly protein shakes and powders. But the goals of every product differ, and while there are some geared toward people losing weight, there are others made for individuals who want to bulk up. 

This one might be worth considering if you’re looking for a program with a pretty long cookie duration (90 days) and that can be managed through a separate network (works through ShareASale). 

But the value of the products is quite low, since some of the more expensive ones cost just under $30 — so the 10% commission rate might not be super exciting. 

Custom Keto Diet

If promoting a keto weight loss affiliate program might be more up your alley, then this one is worth checking out. It’s managed through the ClickBank network, so that’s one less thing to worry about. 

Something that makes Custom Keto Diet stand out from the crowd is the fact that affiliates can earn as much as 68% of every qualifying order, regardless of its value. Also, the cookie lasts for 2 months, which is more than good enough. 

Milk Dust

This brand name might sound a little strange to you, but it’s not any actual milk products you can expect on this website. The product is specifically designed for nursing mothers who might want to lose some of the pounds they’ve packed during their pregnancies, but doing so in a healthy manner. 

The supplement is very unique, in that while it definitely assists individuals to get in a healthy weight range, it also stimulates milk production of nursing mothers. 

As for the affiliate program, you can expect a commission of 15% on all orders with a 90-day cookie length. This one is also run through ShareASale. 


This brand sells anything from children’s chewable multivitamins to nutrition bars and plant-based meal replacements. In theory, the weight loss program belonging to this company should assist people in losing around 2 to 5 pounds per week, which can be very motivating and helpful. 

Plus, they are guided throughout their journey by a wellness coach. The commission rate you can expect from the program is a fixed 20% on all orders and the average sale on the site is around $70. The cookie lasts for 3 whole months, which is great, and the program works through ShareASale. 


All of the vitamins and supplements that you can come across on this website are made with natural ingredients, which should put prospective buyers’ minds at ease. 

The downside is that the value of every order doesn’t usually go above $50. Plus, the commission rate you can expect with this program is 10%, which means that you’ll be making an average of $5 per order. 

On the other hand, the cookie does last for 45 days, which isn’t bad. Besides, this one works through ShareASale, which is an advantage in itself. 


If you’ve been looking for a herbal weight loss pills affiliate program, this one should be right up your alley. Unfortunately, the cookie is a mystery, but we will say that this one has better rates compared to many of the options we’ve mentioned here. 

You can earn as much as 30% out of every new order, but we will note that the average order on the Zotrim website is around $60. So, while you aren’t going to get rich with this one, at least it doesn’t have a super-low commission rate. 

Healthy Wage

This is one of those weight loss affiliate programs that reminded us of SweatCoin and how they help people earn a bit of cash (or discounts, in any case) based on the number of steps they take every day. 

Healthy Wage pays people that want to participate in weight loss challenges. Since this can motivate them a great deal, we’d say that this one might be a winner. 

The affiliate program is managed through ShareASale, one of the largest affiliate networks right now — one which you might already be accustomed to. The cookie lasts for thirty days and you can earn anything from $30 to $50 for every ‘bet’ that your audience places. 

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Workout Anywhere

This one is not a program you might be used to in the traditional sense, in that the brand actually has an app that people can buy a plan to so that they can work out anywhere they might be. 

The program comes with an incredible number of features ranging from personal coaching to meal planning and recipes. While we couldn’t find any info about the cookie, we will say that this one might be the highest paying weight loss affiliate program since you can get a 30 to 50% commission on the memberships. 

You will have to use the brand’s own website to sign up to this weight loss affiliate program, though, since it doesn’t seem to be run by any network at this time.

You’ll find a very wide range of weight loss affiliate products on this website since the company sells anything from fat burners to health supplements for maintaining an optimal weight. 

The neatest thing about this particular program is the fact that the cookie basically lasts forever. That means that you will be able to earn recurring commissions on returning customers time and again for the time your affiliate link remains active and working. 

Another aspect we’d like to note is that this program is managed through FlexOffers, so if you already use that platform, be sure to check it out. As for the commissions, you can earn 15% out of all the new customers’ orders and 5% of the order of returning ones. 

Should you promote weight loss products and services?

It all boils down to this question and the way you answer it. If you are experienced when it comes to health, fitness, and weight loss in general, you’ll probably have no issue recommending these offers to your audience. 

Another pro would be the fact that many of the programs that we have mentioned in this post have great commissions, sometimes up to 75% of the value of every order. And there’s a lot to choose from, since there are so many companies in this niche. 

On the other hand, you need to make sure that you always promote healthy products, those that have received excellent reviews from consumers in the past and that do not contain any risky ingredients. If they are doctor-approved, that would be even better. 

Keep in mind that there are a lot of shady supplement programs on various platforms (we’re looking at you, ClickBank), so make sure that you do not recommend something that might go against your personal views or what you want for your blog readers. 

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