Webflow Affiliate Program Review

We’re continuing our series about some of the top affiliate programs with a review of the Webflow affiliate program. 

We’re looking at whether you should consider joining it or not, how much you can expect to earn, whether there are any specific rules you should be aware of, and more. 

Webflow Affiliate Program Review

What is Webflow?

Put simply, Webflow is a website builder that makes it super easy even for less tech-savvy individuals to build a site for whatever purpose they might have in mind — whether that be a personal portfolio, a blog, or even an e-commerce business. 

Although it is somewhat less known compared to other companies in the same category, it appears that Webflow is now being used by more than 3 million designers and teams across the world. 

Besides the website builder, there are lots of tools for growth and scaling that you should look into if you want to suggest that your readership opts for these services. 

Probably the biggest selling point remains the builder, since it requires no coding whatsoever, so it speaks to the needs of anyone online, regardless of their experience. 

What features can you promote to your audience?

We might have mentioned some of the products that you can recommend in the first section of this article, but there are more. 

When building a website, you not only get to customize it whichever way you want, but you can also rely on the dependable content management system created by Webflow and also have complete control over memberships and interactions. 

In terms of growth, a pretty nifty editor exists that you can utilize for collaboration and the best thing of all is the SEO that comes built-in with the website that a user is creating. As you might know if you’ve been a seasoned marketer for a while, besides WordPress, not a lot of website builders do a good job when it comes to search engine optimization, which can be a huge problem for users relying on organic search. 

Finally, some additional features that might be of interest to your audience are those related to hosting and security. People shouldn’t worry about anything when building a site with Webflow as all of their stored information and content is going to be protected adequately. 

Now that we’ve gone through some of the services offered by the brand, let’s take a look at pricing. As you know, the cost of online products largely influences a buyer’s decision, so that is important in the grand scheme of things. 

First of all, there is a free version that your readers can opt for if they aren’t feeling like investing in a product right now — they can definitely upgrade later on. This plan comes with a limited number of features, though, so users shouldn’t expect to get a custom domain. Besides that, they gain access to 50 form submissions, one gb of bandwidth, and 50 CMS items. 

The Basic plan is priced at $14 per month and comes with a custom domain, 500 monthly form submissions, along with 50 GB of bandwidth. The CMS plan costs $23 per month and comes with the same custom domain, but includes 200 GB of bandwidth, 2,000 CMS items, and up to 1,000 monthly form submissions. 

There’s also a Business plan billed at $39 per month that includes most of the features that even someone running a small e-commerce business might require — such as up to 10,000 CMS items, 400 GB of bandwidth, 10 guest editors, and up to 2,500 monthly form submissions. 

For anything more than that, users need to get in touch with a Webflow representative and ask about what Enterprise plans they can customize for them. 

Joining the Webflow affiliate program

Using Webflow affiliate marketing is actually pretty easy from what we’ve seen, and the reason for this is that the company has decided to use a separate platform for this purpose — PartnerStack. The program is also available in Refersion, a network that we have reviewed in the past. 

You will of course be asked for some basic information such as your first and last name, your email, as well as how you plan on promoting Webflow products. The only options that you have in this sense are your website, blog posts, social media (which includes YouTube, LinkedIn, and others), and ads. 

Naturally, they’ll also ask for your website URL and some basic stats such as how much you’re getting in monthly traffic per month, the total size of your audience, as well as if you are a previous user of Webflow. 

In any case, being a Webflow affiliate is much easier when compared to other programs, because the separate networks make the whole experience quite smooth when it comes to checking your stats and performance. 

Webflow affiliate program commission and payments

So, how much can you earn if you decide to promote Webflow on your site? The commission rate is more than decent, at least from what we’ve seen by comparing this program with many others. 

You can make 50% out of every purchase made through your affiliate link, which you get right after your application has been approved. That includes monthly and yearly plans. The best thing about it, though, is that you will earn 50% out of every sale over a period of 12 months. 

In terms of payments, you can choose to get your earnings either through Stripe or PayPal. Not a lot of people are fans of the latter, especially since they’ve developed all sorts of weird strategies in recent years and have started to delete accounts without a single explanation. 

Webflow pays its affiliates on the 15th of every month, so you can rest assured that you’ll get your earnings on a regular basis. 

Pros and cons of the Webflow affiliate program

When it comes to any type of affiliate marketing out there, there are both advantages and disadvantages that you need to carefully consider before deciding to apply for an account. 

With Webflow, the pros clearly outweigh the cons, and they range from the 50% commission rate, which is one of the highest we’ve encountered in this category, to the 12-month referral period for future purchases. 

Even if someone gets the monthly plan just to try it out, if they decide to renew over the course of a year, you’ll still make the 50% rate that we’ve mentioned. 

On top of that, the fact that Webflow works with separate affiliate networks is another benefit just because these platforms often have dashboards that work better than those of self-managed affiliate programs. 

You can use your account to select the preferred method of payment — it takes just one second to switch from PayPal to Stripe or the other way around. 

Now, let’s look at the downsides. Unfortunately, Webflow is still a separate website builder, which means that not as many people are going to consider it when compared to WordPress, for example. 

Lots of websites run on the formerly mentioned platform, and the truth is that since it is compatible with so many plugins for pretty much anything you want to do, you will have a relatively hard time trying to convince people to try a different provider. 

Perhaps the other drawback might be the fact that the 50% commission is not recurring forever — but even the 12-month period is worth writing home about, after all. 

So, should you become a Webflow affiliate?

Given the information that we have provided you with and the almost endless ways of promoting Webflow products and services, we think that this is a rather solid affiliate program. 

If you run a blog or website about digital marketing, building and selling websites, or any other similar topic, you should at least consider becoming a Webflow affiliate for diversifying your income streams. 

Webflow affiliate program alternatives


As one of the largest (if not the largest) platforms out there, WordPress also has an affiliate program. 

It is not as good when compared to the likes of Webflow in the sense that the commission rate is just 20% out of every purchase made through your affiliate link, but the reputation that WordPress has and the fact that it is used by millions of people across the globe should be a convincing reason to try out this program. 

We’d also like to note that this is a recurring commission, so each time your referrals renew their subscriptions, you’ll still get paid the same rate. Unfortunately, we couldn’t help noticing that due to high demand, this program is now limited to a number of affiliates, so applying can be a little challenging. 


Like so many other programs in the same niche, the Wix one is self-managed, which automatically means a little more hassle. But the application process is relatively simple and you’ll only be asked for some basic information. You’ll get a reply in less than a week’s time.

Wix pays its affiliates $100 for every referral that gets the Premium package. The cookie lasts for just 30 days, and given that users can get a free trial for 14 days, it can be a little risky if they do not make up their minds about paying for a subscription quickly. 

You’ll have to wait for 45 days before your commissions are approved. Moreover, you need to make commissions amounting to at least $300 before you are able to withdraw your earnings. 

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This one is a little different in that it doesn’t come with the same features that Webflow can offer to users, but it is still a fairly good alternative when it comes to affiliate marketing. For example, you can expect to earn a minimum of $65 per referral.

However, the HostGator affiliate program relies on a tiered system where depending on the number of paid subscriptions you send out their way every month, your commission can get to $75 and then to $100 and even $125. 

The program is self-managed, though, so you will need to apply on the HostGator official website — which can be taxing given the convenience of using an affiliate platform for everything. 

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We recently did a review of the Squarespace affiliate program, so if you have a bit of time, we suggest you give it a read. You’ll find more than enough details you should be aware of in that separate article. 

But to give you a summary, this one is also not self-managed. Squarespace uses Impact Radius for working with affiliates, which is an advantage in itself since the network seems to work smoothly based on what most other affiliate marketers have to say. You can expect to earn $100 for every new customer that you send out the brand’s way and that gets a paid subscription. 

The company uses a Net30 system, which is quite unique when compared to the Net45 or Net60 systems we’ve come across in other programs — so you’ll get your commissions approved faster. 


The Weebly affiliate program is one of the few ones in this niche that actually works through ShareASale, one of the largest and also best-known affiliate marketing networks out there right now. 

As an affiliate, you can make 30% out of every purchase made through your link. Something else we have to note here is that the cookie lasts for 120 days, so you will have more than enough time at your disposal to make a conversion. 

The downside is that this is not a recurring commission, and also it is lower when compared to what Webflow can offer to its affiliates. 

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Final thoughts

So, does the Webflow affiliate program make a good choice? While that is a question that only you can answer, we’d say that it’s a rather decent option for diversifying your income streams. 

The commission rate looks good and so is the fact that you can make recurring earnings over a period of an entire year. 

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