Wayfair Affiliate Program

If you’re looking for fresh ways to monetize your home decor blog or interior design website, you should check out the Wayfair affiliate program. But is it worth it and can you make decent money?

That is precisely the question that we will answer in today’s article, so keep on reading. 

Wayfair Affiliate Program Review

The basics

It used to be that you could become an affiliate of this program through ShareASale. However, this has changed recently, and it now operates through CJ Affiliate (which we have mentioned in one of our recent articles). You can join the CJ program and update your affiliate links if you already are a Wayfair affiliate through ShareASale.

The best thing about Wayfair is that it’s widely known, especially in North America. It is one of the alternatives that affiliates now use if they used to monetize their sites through Amazon Associates.

The site sells anything from kitchen and furniture pieces to garden products, pet products, and a variety of others. When you join the program, you also become a partner of Allmodern.com, Birchlane.com, and Jossandmain.com. 

Even though you need a CJ Affiliate account to join, you should know that Wayfair checks every approval request. 


To benefit from a swift approval process, you should have a functioning website with a decent amount of content, but also with some decent traffic. You’re also required to provide all of the means you’re looking to market your affiliate links, which includes social media. 

You’re not allowed to join the program if your site deals with any controversial topic such as religion, adult topics, or politics, and you also have zero chances of being approved if you’re in the CBD niche.

Moreover, if you have a price comparison, discount, or voucher site, you can’t use the Wayfair affiliate program. 


The commissions are 5 to 7% for each referred purchase. The advantage of the program is that the cookie lasts for 7 days, which is considerably better when compared to other affiliate programs, especially Amazon Associates (where the cookie lasts for just 24 hours).

In the days when you could use Wayfair affiliate links through ShareASale, the cookie used to last for 30 days. Since most purchases are around $300, you’ll be able to make a decent income through this network, even with the shorter referral period. 

As for payments, you can receive your earnings via Paypal or direct deposit.  

How to make money as a Wayfair affiliate

Content marketing, SEO, link building, email marketing, and everything else that you can use (including social media) are allowed, so if you have a blog that deals with DIY, interior design, home decor, gardening, or even pets, you can benefit from the program.

When it comes to social media, one of the most useful networks that you can take advantage of is Pinterest. If you type in the Pinterest search box ‘home decor’, you’ll come across a variety of posts that contain affiliate links, whether for Wayfair or some other program. 

As difficult as Pinterest marketing might seem to some people, it’s far easier to use it in this case, as most of the products that Wayfair sells are visual, so they appeal to prospective buyers in this sense. 

Is it worth it?

We really couldn’t find that many drawbacks to this affiliate program, which is a rarity. It’s true that some affiliates might have a hard time getting approved, but this usually happens with price comparison sites. 

If you have a regular blog where you write about interior design and you get a decent amount of visits organically, every month, you don’t have to fear getting rejected. 

By contrast, there are more than enough reasons to join rather than not to. You get access to over seven million products that you can promote, and if you are in the event planning/wedding organizing niche, you can get bonuses for every item in this category that you recommend. 

The 7-day cookie is far better than that of other programs, and even the 5-7% commission rate is something worth writing home about. 

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