Twitter Mass Unfollow

Most marketers use automation on Twitter and other types of social media to gain a high number of followers or likes. But while that might be great for acquiring new followers, it’s also true that many of them will unfollow you if they aren’t interested in what you post or just because they want to.

In today’s article, we’re looking at several tools that can help you mass unfollow Twitter users. They’re all very easy to use, but they’re not all free, so it’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best. 

Twitter Mass Unfollow

Why and how to unfollow on Twitter

Most Twitter users who basically have the same goal as you, meaning acquiring new followers, will unfollow you once you follow them back. In theory, there shouldn’t be a difference greater than 2,000 followers between the number of people you follow and those that follow you. 

Some of the tools that we are going to showcase here will give you a limited number of unfollows per day (if they’re free), but they will show you the folks that don’t follow you back, so at least you will be doing the right thing. 

Depending on the app you choose for the purpose, you can unfollow people who have been inactive in the past three months or who don’t have any personal info, cover image, or profile picture.  


This app used to be known as ‘Just Unfollow’, but they have rebranded for several years. There are several versions available, keeping in mind that the free one doesn’t allow you to unfollow more than 10-20 people per day. The paid plans range from $9.99 to $99.99 a month. 

You can also use the tool to schedule your social media content. The best thing about it is that, if you forget to unfollow a batch of users in a day and you’re no longer in front of the computer, there is a very user-friendly mobile version that you can install for Android and iOS alike. 


This tool is another cool and easy-to-use unfollow Twitter tool, and what’s nice about it is that it lets you know which of the users you’ve followed are the most active ones. If you have any followers that post a lot and that you aren’t that interested in, you can either unfollow or mute those accounts. This keeps your Twitter clean and noise-free. 

twitter mass unfollow - manageflitter

We’d say that it’s worth trying, especially since it has a free version. 


Circleboom lets you do anything from following to unfollowing users, but it also gives you the opportunity to schedule posts and check out your Twitter account analytics. It’s mobile-friendly, so you can tend to your tasks anytime and anywhere. 

There are several modules available, depending on what you are looking to achieve. 

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If you’re wondering how to unfollow everyone on Twitter, you should also check out this tool. Besides allowing you to mass unfollow Twitter users, it also gives you in-detail analytics about your audience, but also analytics about your so-called competitors. 

This makes it possible for you to change your Twitter strategy depending on what you see your competition is doing and how their accounts are growing. 


Although it looks like something taken out of the 1990s, Tweepi Geeky Flush is another option you should check out. It doesn’t work as fast as some of the other tools that we have described, but it does get the job done. 

twitter mass unfollow - tweepi

You can get rid of your inactive followers, reciprocate follows, and also find new interesting accounts based on the folks you’ve already followed. 


This social media management tool is uniquely tailored to the needs of small businesses, publishers, and influencers. You can start using it for free. 

Some of its core features are the following:

  • Inactive following
  • Recent unfollowers
  • Keyword targets

You are allowed to unfollow up to 100 people per day. You can also use the tool for automating your posts on Facebook or LinkedIn

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If you’re looking for an app that works with Instagram, Facebook, as well as Twitter, Socinator might be right up your alley. It comes with an easy-to-use dashboard that lets you unfollow Twitter users, but the thing about it is that if you pick the right setting, the tool will do its job on its own. 

twitter marketing - socinator

The downside is that it costs $9.95 a month (the cheapest plan available), but it will at least manage your Twitter followers without you making an effort. 


If you’re looking to grow your Twitter account and you want to build an audience that actually sticks around, you should try at least one of the tools that we have mentioned. We hope that our post was helpful and that you now know how to mass unfollow on Twitter.

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