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Over the years I’ve provided training courses, helping agencies build their teams, as well as one on one training courses for those who want to invest in themselves and take their knowledge to the next level. When it comes to learning more about Digital Marketing you want to ensure you are learning from someone who has the knowledge and experience to be teaching and not just someone who fancies adding training to their portfolio because it is the in thing to do.

With over 18 years experience, starting out the same as everyone else not having the foggiest idea what Digital Marketing was, to going on and building up a successful Digital Marketing agency and then venturing off into the affiliate marketing world, I really have tried and tested as well as experience the ups and downs you get in this industry. I’ve hired the wrong people, didn’t have SOP’s and was working in my agency rather than working on my agency. I’ve also got many other failures when it comes to launching my own projects but somehow i got it right in the end and can help anyone shave years and tens of thousands of wasted pounds when you go on your journey.

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