Tradedoubler Review

If you have a website or a blog and you’re looking for new ways of making money with it, affiliate marketing is definitely a good idea. In today’s article, we’re looking at a somewhat lesser known affiliate network, Tradedoubler. 

We will be analyzing aspects such as how easy it is to join, whether or not it offers good support, the ways in which this platform pays its affiliates, what commissions you can earn with it, and more. 

Tradedoubler Review

What is Tradedoubler?

Although it might not be as well-known as big networks such as ShareASale or Clickbank, for example, Tradedoubler has been in the affiliate marketing space for many, many years. 

It was set up back in 1999 by two Swedish entrepreneurs and has continued to grow exponentially for the past two decades. In 2017, it was voted one of the top affiliate networks by mThink, which should give you a clue as to whether it is worth considering or not. 

It’s also worth noting that Tradedoubler has actual physical offices across several different countries, including the United Kingdom and locations in the European Union, such as Sweden, France, or Germany. 

What types of products and services can you promote with Tradedoubler?

Although there are plenty of physical products that can be found on this platform, what we found about it is that most of the things that you will be able to recommend to your blog audience will be in the technology or digital space. 

Although giving you a Tradedoubler advertisers list is practically impossible at this point since you will only be able to consult each and every one after you become a member, we can mention some of the names present on the site. 

Some companies that now use Tradedoubler to promote their services range from Radisson Hotels and Emporio Armani to, Huawei, Nokia, and Morrisons. 

What we have found to be quite different about Tradedoubler affiliate marketing is that it functions on several different types of business models. Once you become a member, you can actually categorize the advertisers based on the payment models.

CPA is available, as is the case with many other affiliate networks. But you will also find that CPL (cost per lead) is also possible in case you do not want to handle the hassle of actually intermediating purchases for your audience. Then, there’s CPD, which in this case means cost per download, which can be utilized for digital products. 

Finally, you also have the option of using cost per call in case that’s what you feel would best fit your audience. 

Joining the Tradedoubler affiliate network

Creating an account on the website is actually pretty easy. All you have to do is go to the Publisher section from the menu at the top of the main page and you’ll be directed to a Tradedoubler login page. 

You can create your account by filling out a form with basic information about you and the type of website you have, including the link. Although the network will ask you to provide your location and language, that does not mean that people who do not live in the European Union or the United Kingdom are restricted from creating an account. 

Once you fill out the form, you will receive an email with an activation link and then you’re all done. The probability that an affiliate manager might go through new accounts is still quite high, but from what we have gathered, becoming an affiliate of this platform is much easier. 

And when you have completed all of the steps, you’ll be able to access your Tradedoubler affiliate login. 

What earnings can you expect as a Tradedoubler affiliate?

As you can expect and since this is a network we’re discussing and not a separate affiliate program, it is impossible to predict just how much money you can make by being a Tradedoubler affiliate. 

On top of that, it all depends on the amount of traffic you’re getting on your website, whether you use social media for promotion or rely on PPC, and a variety of other such factors. It also depends on how convincing you are in your content. 

Every company that’s listed on Tradedoubler has the freedom to select a set commission and tracking cookie, so there is no universal Tradedoubler cookie that you can expect. 

There are over two thousand merchants available on the network and with more than 150,000 publishers that consistently use the platform to grow their income, you can expect a pretty high variability factor. 

We’d say that the minimum commission rate that you may expect with Tradedoubler would have to be $3 to $5, and that’s only if you use CPA. That may not sound like a lot, but we’d argue that it still makes a fairly good choice for diversification, especially if you can’t find the same brands on other platforms. 

The payment threshold is 50 euros, so it may take you some time to hit that limit before being able to get paid. There are multiple payment methods available. 

Pros and cons of using the Tradedoubler affiliate program

We’d say that one of the most significant aspects that make this network stand out from the crowd, especially when comparing it to Tradedoubler competitors, is the fact that it works with fairly well-established brands. 

The products and services that you will be able to promote are good-quality, which means that you will have less of a hard time suggesting your audience try them out. 

If you have an international audience, particularly consisting of people living in the European Union, becoming a Tradedoubler affiliate definitely makes sense. Some of these brands are specifically based in lots of EU countries. 

Additionally, the publishers have the option of being paid in the currency of their own country. 

The platform itself does a pretty good job of telling you how your stats are looking so that you can get a clue as to how you can improve your performance. The reports come with lots of different metrics.

When it comes to the drawbacks, there are quite a few that we need to note here just because it wouldn’t be fair for you to become a member if you do not know all the information. 

We suggest reading the FAQs as well as the terms and conditions thoroughly before signing up for an account strictly because you need to be aware of some things. 

For example, you are not allowed to place your affiliate links on any website that you do not own, and if someone at Tradedoubler finds out that you are going against this rule, you can easily be booted out of the program. 

Then, there’s the fact that even if you are based in another country, such as Canada or the United States, if you are not getting a good chunk of your traffic from the United Kingdom or the European Union, you’re not going to be able to see any changes in your earnings. 

Most of the brands on the platform operate in the EU and the UK, and that’s made even more obvious by the fact that Tradedoubler uses the Bank Automated Clearing System as a way of paying their affiliates. In other words, if you do not own an EU or UK bank account, receiving your earnings might be a little complicated. 

Finally, the fact that there are no actual training tools or courses that you can tap into to understand how to use the platform per se or how you can increase your earnings by using this network is another con that you need to take into account. 

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Does Tradedoubler offer good support?

This is a pretty good question since we couldn’t help noticing that some of the Tradedoubler reviews we’ve come across are positive and some are negative. There are people you can talk to in case you run into a technical issue that needs to be solved. 

However, the response rate as well as the amount of time that it takes for someone to get back to you may be a little off-putting for some marketers, especially seasoned affiliates. 

By contrast, that is something where other affiliate networks truly shine. 

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How does Tradedoubler compare to other affiliate networks?


This is another fairly old affiliate platform that you can become a member of. Clickbank is largely focused on digital products, although they’ve recently started including physical ones, too. 

The thing with this network is that some of these products and services aren’t really that well-known. A couple of years ago, Clickbank used to have a really hard time separating the wheat from the chaff. There were lots of advertisers that were able to list their products without anyone actually checking them.

This is an American company based in San Diego, California, but it does appeal to international affiliates, too. The nice thing about it is that it does pay its affiliates using a wide range of methods, whether that be Payoneer, direct deposit, or cheque. 


This one is a better choice compared to Tradedoubler if you are looking to promote big brands that are known by most people and you also want to recommend them to an international audience. 

Some of the companies you will come across on this platform range from Marks & Spencer and Adidas to Banana Republic and Estee Lauder. In terms of commission, we can’t say whether they’re better or worse by what Tradedoubler has to offer since they can range from 3% per sale to 20% and more. 

As for the payment methods, Impact makes it possible for affiliates to receive their earnings through international bank transfers, ACH, and cheque. The minimum threshold is $50. 

Amazon Associates

As a mix between a network and a program per se, Amazon Associates has been the go-to choice of affiliate marketers for many, many years. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case since the tracking cookie lasts for just 24 hours on this one, regardless of the niche your site is in, for example. 

Another drawback is the fact that periodically, Amazon slashes its commissions. To give you an example, on products listed in the category of Home Improvement or Pets, you used to be able to earn 8% out of the value of each one. That became 3% in 2020, so you’d be making less than half of what you used to. 

On the other hand, Amazon is a globally known brand, so people don’t feel as wary ordering from the site. But all in all, Tradedoubler seems like the better choice here. 


We’d say that this is the preferred network of most affiliate marketers right now. Although it’s had its ups and downs over the years, ShareASale is one of the best affiliate platforms out there. 

The brands you will find here are fairly well-known and reputable, everything is straightforward, and the interface also makes it possible for you to easily consult your stats and improve your performance. 

On the downside, applying for a ShareASale account costs $50 and if you are not accepted, you’re basically not going to get that money back. This is basically a fee they charge to analyze your application — but they do refund you if you’re accepted. 

CJ Affiliate

This one is just as well-known as the larger networks such as ShareASale. Everything seems to work smoothly and they also work with an international pool of affiliates, so that makes it easy for people outside of the EU or the United Kingdom to get their earnings. 

In terms of payment methods, CJ Affiliate doesn’t work with Paypal. However, you can use your Payoneer account to withdraw your earnings. The minimum payout threshold is $50, pretty much the industry standard. 

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Final thoughts

So, does becoming a Tradedoubler affiliate make sense? That is a question only you can answer, but it all depends on your niche, the country you operate in, and if you’re already using a better choice. 

If you are not based in the EU or the United Kingdom and don’t have a bank account in these locations, you may want to skip Tradedoubler altogether. 

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