Time Doctor Affiliate Program Review

If you’ve been searching for new ways of monetizing your content and you tend to write about productivity or generally making the most of time, you’ve ended up in the perfect place. 

In today’s article, we’re doing a review of the Time Doctor affiliate program and telling you all the reasons you should consider it as a monetization method — along with any cons, if there are any, how much you can earn and more. 

Time Doctor Affiliate Program Review

What is Time Doctor?

Put simply, Time Doctor is a software management system that enables employers and startup owners to keep an eye on whatever their team might be doing and how productive it is. 

Although it is primarily created for B2B, Time Doctor has some pretty valuable features for the employees themselves, in the sense that they can visualize their data and see which tasks tend to eat up the most time, what they are feeling overwhelmed with, and what strengths and weaknesses they have. 

We would say that the service is particularly helpful for anyone interested in keeping an eye over their remote workers, no matter their location across the globe. 

Outsourcing is a piece of cake with Time Doctor, so if you’ve ever hired content writers, virtual assistants, or any type of remote worker, you might want to consider the tool yourself.  

What services can you promote to your audience?

There’s a free trial for all of the plans that we will describe below and it consists of two free months for every yearly plan. One thing we will note about the software off the bat – it is not affordable, so you will have to address the right audience as an affiliate. 

The Basic plan is priced at $70 per user per year and comes with features ranging from activity tracking and time tracking to tasks and projects. The tool keeps the data for a period of just one month, though, compared to the rest of the options. Also, if users run into any issue, they can expect a response from customer support over a period of 3 days instead of 24 hours. 

The Standard is the most popular plan as of now and it is billed at $100 per user per year. It comes with all of the features included in the Basic along with several extras, such as Payroll, more than 60 integrations, daily email notifications, the ability to track apps and URLs, 24-hour support, 3 groups per departments, along with 6-month worth of data history. 

Finally, the Premium is the most expensive plan that Time Doctor now makes available. It costs $200 per user per year and it comes with pretty much anything that an ideal user might need, from concierge account setup to client login access, an internet connectivity report, to VIP support, and more. 

In theory, if a manager starts using Time Doctor, they are supposed to expect an increase in productivity from their team by up to 22%.

We’d also like to note that the software works on offline access, too, in the sense that it uploads the data whenever access to the Internet becomes available again. Therefore, it is the perfect match for in-office, hybrid, as well as fully remote teams. 

Joining the Time Doctor affiliate program

You aren’t going to find this affiliate program on a separate affiliate network such as ShareASale, ClickBank, Awin, or anything else you might have used in the past, which seems like a hassle for many seasoned affiliate marketers. 

The program is managed by a platform, though, called PartnerStack. You can join it by clicking the link on the official partner.timedoctor.com page after which you will be presented with a form that you need to fill out with some pretty basic information – your first and last name, email, phone number, country, company name, type of partner you are interested in being, along with your website URL. 

You’ll also be asked the number of people who work at your company, if some of your clients have already used Time Doctor, and the ways in which you intend to promote the program. 

You’ll get a reply via email over the course of several working days. The approval of the application is not instantaneous because someone at the brand will take a look at it just to make sure that it makes sense and that you are a good match for what they might be looking for in their affiliate marketers. 

How much can you earn as a Time Doctor affiliate?

This is the part that you are likely to be interested in the most, so here it is — you can earn 30% out of whatever your referrals spend on the Time Doctor website for a recurring period of three whole years. 

We’d like to note that the recurring period is much better compared to what we’ve seen in similar programs, so strictly from this point of view, the program is worth taking into account. 

You don’t have to worry about the cookie expiring over one or two months, either, because its length is basically unlimited. 

Payment methods and thresholds

At the time we are writing this article, we couldn’t find any information as to whether an additional payment method exists besides PayPal. 

As you probably know by now if you’ve used PayPal before, it comes with both advantages and disadvantages — it might be available pretty much anywhere, but it’s also gotten a bad reputation recently of deleting accounts with no explanation whatsoever. 

The good thing is that the payment threshold is only $25, which means that you’re probably not going to have to wait for a long time in order to be able to withdraw your earnings. 

On the other hand, your commissions are going to be checked by an affiliate manager, so do expect a period of two to three months for that to happen. Generally, patience is the name of the game when it comes to affiliate marketing, which is also why you should never put all your eggs in a single basket and use several different monetization methods. 

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Pros and cons of the Time Doctor affiliate program

Every such opportunity comes with benefits and drawbacks, and it is your responsibility to carefully consider all of them before making your final decision. 

When it comes to being a Time Doctor, it definitely seems like the pros outweigh the cons — the earnings themselves are one good reason to join this affiliate marketing program, not to mention the recurring commission over a period of three whole years. 

The downside is perhaps the fact that Time Doctor isn’t as well-known as similar software alternatives. It can also seem a little more expensive than others when you look at the individual price per user per year, but for people who run larger organizations, this might not seem the case. 

In the end, you need to understand whether your followers or readers are going to be interested in this type of product. If you do not have a B2B audience or your blog or website is just not in the right type of niche, you might as well look for something a little different, a type of software that you think would work better. 

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Time Doctor affiliate program alternatives


This one makes a good option if you find that being a Time doctor affiliate might not be right up your alley, for any reason. You can make 30% out of whatever your referrals spend on HubStaff for a period of up to 12 months. 

So, while this is a recurring affiliate program, you’ll be able to receive commissions for renewing plans and anything else only for the first year of your referrals’ subscriptions. Joining the program is completely free, so you do not have to worry about anything in that way. 

Also, the brand provides you with all the marketing materials you might be interested in checking out, from banner ads and plug-and-play email templates to pre-made LinkedIn shares, tweets, and everything else. 

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This one is quite similar when it comes to the other affiliate programs that we have reviewed in the past, in the sense that you can earn a similar commission – 30%. The recurrency with this one is lower, though, so you can keep making money on whatever your referrals are paying for a period of only 9 months. 

As for the payment methods used by Desktime, it’s both a pro and a con in the sense that the company uses PayPal. The threshold is very low, though, so you can withdraw your earnings when you’ve amassed just $25 in earnings. 

And as it is to be expected, you get all of the marketing materials you need as a Desktime affiliate, from banners and anything else. The tracking system that the brand has in place seems to be pretty effective also when it comes to keeping an eye on your performance. 


One of the nicest things about the ActivTrak affiliate program is the fact that you can join it through CJ Affiliates — this is a network that we have reviewed in the past and that makes things very easy for you to manage all of your affiliate marketing activity. 

As for what you can earn as an ActivTrak affiliate, you will make $15 for every new account signup and $200 for every user who gets a paid subscription and keeps it for a minimum of one full month (30 days, to be more exact). 

We couldn’t find any info as to whether this is a recurring rate or not, so we’d assume that it isn’t. Still, the $200 commission makes this program worth looking into. 

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BigTime makes it possible for you to earn even more compared to some of the other opportunities we’ve looked at in this article. The tier system might seem a little complicated, but it’s actually quite straightforward – you get $50 for every demo that your referrals get.

If someone gets a subscription for which they need to pay at least $1,800 per year, your earning out of that is going to be $100. If the subscription totals at least $5,000 per year, your rate becomes $250. For anything beyond $10,000 per year, your rate is going to be $500 off the bat. 

There’s a bonus system available, too, and you can make Amazon e-gift cards with it, if that’s something you’d be interested in. 


Although this management software doesn’t have the same basic purpose as Time Doctor or the other tracking options we’ve talked about, the brand does have an affiliate program and we suggest you give it a shot. 

As an affiliate, you can make 20% out of everything that your referred customers spend on the Timely website over a period of one year. So while it is not recurring forever, this could be an opportunity worth checking out. 

The pricing of the Timely plans varies from $20 to $35 per month depending on the features included. Some of the basic ones range from client records to an appointment calendar, along with service and retail sales. 

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Final thoughts

So, should you become a Time Doctor affiliate? That is a question that only you can answer depending on your needs and preferences, your niche, what you tend to write or post about, along with several other similar factors. 

In the end, we’d say that the Time Doctor affiliate program is a pretty lucrative opportunity, though, so you might as well consider it if you are looking for new ways of monetizing your content. 

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