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If you manage a blog or website about digital marketing and you’re looking for potentially new ways of monetizing it, promoting email marketing tools to your readership might be a good option. 

In today’s article, we are looking at all of the features of the affiliate program — from how you can join to the commission rates you can expect. We will also specify how you can get paid, meaning through which methods and whether there might be any cons in that respect. Affiliate Program Review

What is

Before we move on to the actual features of the program, we might have to give you a bit of information on what exactly is. This company has been around for several years now and during that time, it has made a pretty good name of providing reliable services. 

The best way to define what can do for people interested in promoting their websites is to call it an ‘all-inclusive’ funnel builder. However, even that name would not be enough to describe it properly since there are so many other features available. 

The detail that makes plans stand out from the crowd is the fact that they are much more cost-effective compared to those offered by brands performing in the same niche. 

On the upside, that means that you will have less of a hard time promoting the services since people are going to be less wary to try out something that doesn’t cost a fortune. 

On the downside, that also means that you might not make as much money with this one as you would with some of its competitors. There’s also a free plan available, as well as a trial that lasts for two whole weeks, so people can try it before they make a commitment. 

What about pricing? Well, it couldn’t get cheaper than this — the basic plan is just $27 per month. There are some that are a bit more expensive, such as the $47/month one, that involves a variety of other features, including the creation of webinars. 

Even the enterprise plan is, at least in our opinion, affordable, since it can set you back just $97 per month. 

Features to promote as a affiliate

Let’s have a look at some of the things that you will actually be recommending to your blog audience if you use this affiliate program. 

The first and most obvious one is the sales funnel feature, which we’d say is the main reason why is generally compared to ClickFunnels. The platform is extremely easy to use even for someone who might not have a lot of previous experience building funnels. 

Then, there’s the email marketing feature, which makes it possible for folks to work with anything from page builders to opt-in-forms (all of which are very user-friendly).

Users can create and customize their email marketing automation and sequences and also have a look at the statistics according to which they can later improve their performance. 

Two other features that we have to note here are the marketing automation itself, which enables people to get hands-on and perform a full customization process if they feel the need to, as well as the ability to build membership sites for personal education courses, for example. 

How to join

First of all, what we liked the most about this company is that they have a unique page about the affiliate program itself, complete with a downloadable PDF

You get all the information you need over there, including how you should be able to promote services and the types of commissions you can expect (but more on that in a section below). 

You can use a variety of marketing tools that you can create yourself and just add your affiliate link to them. We couldn’t find out whether there are any additional ones made available by the brand itself. 

From what we have gathered, the approval process doesn’t last for a long time, so you will get your answer in probably less than 24 to 48 hours. We’d say that this can be considered a pro, since with other affiliate programs, it might take you at least a week for you to get approved. 

Some of the things that you can promote as an affiliate are the features that we obviously discussed above, but you can also promote lead magnets, their annual plans, their courses (and there are some that are quite detailed). Even the free plan can help you earn commissions if your referrals decide to get the paid plans. commission rates

Probably the best reason to join the affiliate program is that the commissions aren’t bad at all. 

Since the plans aren’t that expensive, it’s a good thing that the rate you can expect is a fixed 40% on all products. That means that you can earn 40% out of monthly and annual plans, as well as the courses that the company sells right now. 

There’s also a 5% second-tier commission that we have to add and it works for referrals that also want to join the affiliate program and promote as well. 

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Naturally, your affiliate links should work for all of the free courses that the brand releases every now and then and the good thing is that if people choose to get a plan after that, you will still get your 40% commission. 

Just checkout the marketplace to see all of the offers you can promote to your blog readers. The rate can vary depending on the offers, in that the ‘Learning the Systeme Course’ one can bring you a commission of 50%, but the one about Web Income Solutions will only make you 15%. 

Finally, it’s also worth noting that the cookie lasts forever. So, unless someone clicks on another affiliate’s link while doing some research on the company’s services, you probably have nothing to worry about with this one. affiliate program payment methods

There are two ways of getting your money from what we have gathered. You can find them in Profile->Settings->Affiliate commissions payment settings and you can select the one you prefer. 

PayPal is available with this one, which automatically makes it stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, not many affiliate programs and networks support PayPal payments, although we couldn’t say exactly where this might be a drawback or not — given the hefty transaction fees that can be expected from PayPal. 

The second payment method is the traditional wire transfer that you can find on lots of other programs. The commissions are always paid on the 10th of each month, but there are some rules to that, too. 

You need to have gathered at least $30 in commissions before being able to get your money. 

Something a bit confusing as per the article published on the brand’s website, titled ‘How the Affiliate Program Works’ is that you can get your money after at least 30 days the purchase was made — but you have to wait for 60 days for the money to hit your bank account. 

So, while you might think (at least at first) that you’re going to get paid just one month after generating a sale, we’d say that you should probably be prepared for that to happen 2 months after the qualifying sale. 

Lots of other affiliate programs function on this ‘NET60’ type of system because they need to make sure that there are no returns or any issues with the customers before approving your commissions and paying you. 

Pros and cons to becoming a affiliate

As you can expect, there are both advantages and disadvantages to using this affiliate program as a way of diversifying your passive income. 

The good thing is the obvious lifetime cookie and once you add the 40% or even 50% commission to that, you get a winning combination. 

While it might be less well-known compared to other services performing in the same space, is quickly becoming popular. And the reason for that is the fact that it is affordable and fully functioning, so that’s one less thing to worry about. 

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On the other hand, that also means that 40% or 50% doesn’t mean too much in the way of actual money, so you will have to have a pretty high conversion rate and also get a lot of people to opt for paid plans or purchase the ebooks or courses sold by the brand. 

On a positive note, is an all-in-one marketing platform, so there are lots of tools and features that you can promote and that work seamlessly with the rest of the products. For seasoned marketers, this can mean that they waste less time on using different services and they also are not going to pay separately for each of them. 

What we mean by this is that you’ll find it somewhat easy to promote to your blog readers. affiliate program alternatives

As great as this program might be, it’s always a good idea to take a look at what other companies have to offer. Some of the following ones we might have already reviewed, so do make sure to read the ‘News’ section of the site to find more info on them. 


This one is perhaps the most obvious competitor when putting the two programs side by side. Like, ClickFunnels has lots of features and tools available and there are quite a bit of offers to promote, too. 

What does make the difference between the two, besides the interface and everything else, is the commission rate. Promoting ClickFunnels will get you a commission of 20%, not the 40% you can expect from

However, the nice thing is that ClickFunnels plans tend to cost more, which means that your rate is going to be higher for that reason. 

In terms of the payment methods, ClickFunnels does not work with PayPal at this time, so you can get your earnings through cheque or wire transfers, instead. 


This one should be another to consider, mostly because the commission is a fixed 30% on all plans, and that automatically translates to about $60 per month for you. 

Based on the information we came across, it is also quite easy to become an OptimizePress affiliate and it shouldn’t take you more than two to three days to receive your answer. 

OptimizePress does work with PayPal, so if that is your preferred payment method, you have nothing to worry about in this sense. vs Kajabi

The Kajabi affiliate program enables you to earn 20% to 50% out of the value of all of the orders made by your referrals. 

What we found most interesting about this one is that you can actually pick your own referral conversion window. That means that people’s devices can retain the cookie for 30 days (which is the default feature), 60 days, or even 90 days. 

Three whole months definitely doesn’t sound too bad, but it’s still just a little worse compared to the lifetime cookie offered by 

Another thing that we have to add with regard to the Kajabi affiliate program is that payments aren’t automatically processed on a date of the month. You will have to ensure this yourself — but we don’t think that it’s a significant drawback, even when handling large sales volumes. 

Additionally, you might want to know that Kajabi also supports PayPal payments. 

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Final thoughts

You will have to tell whether joining the affiliate program makes sense for you. We’d say that even if the plans are somewhat affordable compared to those offered by companies operating in the same niche, it’s still a good way of diversifying your income. 

Perhaps it would have been slightly better for you to be able to manage everything about this program through a network like ShareASale, Awin, or CJ Affiliate. 

We suspect that the brand wants to have control over the offers you’re likely to promote, and since they tend to launch new products (including courses and eBooks) on a regular basis, it’s probably easier and more convenient for the company to manage everything on its own website. 

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