Best Survival Affiliate Programs

The survival niche is one of the most lucrative ones out there, and while there are many affiliate marketers that are completely aware of this by now, they might not have tapped into a variety of programs that have great commissions and pretty long cookie durations.

In today’s article, we’re looking at some of the best survival affiliate programs out there both in terms of how much you can make with them and in terms of what they actually sell. Read on to find out more!

Finding the right survival gear affiliate program

Before we move on to the actual list, we’d like to note that while the commission rate is obviously the most important aspect you should consider, you ought to also analyze what your audience would best resonate with. 

If your blog or website readers aren’t interested in storing food or buying gear made for survival but they might be more interested in learning a number of skills that can help them cope when they might be in danger — that is something you alone can tell. 

Additionally, you should consider whether you can join the following programs through an affiliate network as most of those that we have reviewed in the past make the task of looking at your stats and bettering your performance a lot easier. 

Joining each and every single program through the company websites can not just be time-consuming, but you might also need to go through all of the terms so that you know for sure that you do not risk going against any rules that might result in you being booted out of them. 

Top survival affiliate programs 

Titan Survival

This brand sells a wide variety of products made for hard times, but what makes the company stand out from the crowd is that it also has a team of designers that continuously work on improving these items. 

As an affiliate, you can earn a rate of 7% out of every order and also benefit from a tracking cookie that lasts for 30 days. While you might come across higher rates with other brands, Titan Survival does offer free shipping whenever people spend at least $30 on the site. 

This can be quite an incentive for folks that do not want to spend their hard-earned cash on shipping, too. It’s also worth noting that Titan Survival pays its affiliates every week if that’s what they need, so if you need your money quickly, this one is worthy of your attention. 

Survival Frog Affiliate Program

There’s not a lot to say about what this brand sells, since it also deals with the same gear that people might be interested in whenever prepping for potential natural hazards. 

As an affiliate, you can make up to 12% out of the value of each order and you get the industry standard when it comes to the cookie, meaning 30 days. Less than 2% out of the people who shop with Survival Frog choose to make any returns, so they have fairly good customer satisfaction. 

If you’re already using ShareASale or AvantLink for your affiliate marketing, you’ll be glad to know that this prepper survival affiliate program works with both. 

Wise Food Storage

For people living in areas that are always at a risk of being hit with natural disasters, being prepared in terms of nutrition can be very important. That’s where Wise Food Storage comes in. 

The brand manufactures food that can be kept for as many as 25 years, meaning that once a user spends their money on this type of stock, they are not going to have to replenish it time and again once every couple of months. 

The commission rate that you can expect as an affiliate is 12%, which we’d argue really isn’t bad, and the tracking cookie lasts for 120 days — one of the lengthiest we have come across. Furthermore, you can manage everything in terms of stats with either CJ Affiliate or AvantLink. 

Sportsman’s Gear

Being prepared to tackle hard times both in terms of food and shelter and in terms of clothing is essential for lots of people in North America. Sportsman’s Gear ensures that consumers get some of the best survival equipment, cinlduign ammo.

While the cookie duration remains a mystery for this one, you can make up to 5% of all sales, with a fixed 2% rate on all ammo products that your audience decides to invest in. 

And while the commission might seem pretty low, the brand does offer free shipping on orders over $49 and the value of some of the products is quite high, too. 

Valley Food Storage

While this one doesn’t pay as well as some of the other programs we have showcased in today’s post, it’s a winner in terms of popularity. They have free shipping across the United States and they also ensure a 30-day money back guarantee. 

In terms of the commission rate, you will earn 10% out of every qualifying order and benefit from a tracking cookie lasting for 30 days. 

While we couldn’t come across any info according to which this one works with an affiliate network, we do know for a fact that the company manages its own program and also has affiliate managers available in case you run into a problem. 

Emergency Essentials

This survival food affiliate program should be right up your alley if you have nothing against a 14-day tracking cookie. The commission is a fixed 10% rate on all qualifying orders and the brand also makes sure to send out payments on a monthly basis. 

Besides shelf-stable meals, Emergency Essentials also retails medical supplies, water filters, and a variety of other such products that can be life-saving in certain situations. 

Gander Outdoors

Even though this one isn’t a survival kit affiliate program in the traditional sense of the word, you will definitely find that the company sells a wide range of equipment and clothing made for the outdoors. 

It’s one of the top choices of fishermen and women and hunters, so that should give you a clue as to how rugged the items on this website actually are. 

On the other hand, while being a Gander Outdoors affiliate might be a good idea for diversifying your income, it probably shouldn’t be your top choice. The commission rate is just 5% and the cookie lasts for only one week, which makes it one of the lowest we’ve come across in this niche. 

3V Gear

3V Gear is by far one of the best options in terms of survival affiliate programs and the reason we’re saying that is that although they have different rates on various products and orders, they are quite high compared to those of other programs here. 

You can make anything from 8% to 14% out of the value of every order depending on what your audience picks. The cookie lasts for the standard 30-day period that you might already be used to. 

What also makes 3V Gear stand out from the crowd is that you can become an affiliate and manage everything through either AvantLink or Pepperjam

Crate Club

Nothing beats a tactical knife when you have to gather wood and make a shelter or even build a fire out in the wild. Crate Club sells some of the top-quality tactical items on the market right now, which is why they speak to the needs of both survivalists but also regular outdoor lovers like hunters. 

The commission rate of this affiliate program is 7%, which might not seem like a lot. However, these products aren’t cheap, which is why people tend to spend almost $200 on average when shopping from this website. 

The cookie lasts for 30 days and you will be working with one of Crate Club’s affiliate managers. Another pro would be the low payment threshold — just $20. 

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Vivos Shelters

We couldn’t find the exact cookie duration for this program, but the 10% commission rate seems quite decent.

That is especially when considering the fact that the company sells underground shelters that can put up with the abuse of anything from earthquakes to hurricanes.

Optics Planet

While this survival gear affiliate program is self-managed, you’ll definitely find it easy to work with. The company will give you access to a wide range of marketing materials and also make it super simple for you to use your affiliate links. 

Optics Planet is the place to go whenever shopping for great rangefinders, binoculars, and anything else that folks might need in this respect. They also sell gun parts and ammo, along with a large number of rugged footwear models.

As an affiliate, you will be making 7% out of every order and benefit from a 14-day cookie; the neat thing is that the value of these products is pretty high, so despite the somewhat low rate, you’ll make decent money with this one. 

MIRA Safety

This company is a little different in that it doesn’t only sell the standard items that you might expect from the survival gear category. The brand also retails respiratory equipment like gas masks, for example, so many of the products here are very rugged, durable, and more importantly, effective. 

You can make up to 10% out of the value of every order with a tracking cookie lasting for 30 days, but the best thing about this one is that the average order value on the site is higher than $400. 

Nutrient Survival

If your niche allows you to and you have nothing against recommending food and recipes to your blog or website audience, this one might be worth looking into. Nutrient Survival sells a wide range of snacks and full meals that are shelf-stable and freeze-dried to the point that they can last for as much as 25 years. 

On the other hand, while you can join and manage this one through AvantLink, the brand isn’t clear at all when it comes to the cookie duration or the commission rate. 

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Black Hawk

This affiliate program has one of the best commission rates that we came across. You will be making 20% out of every order, but do keep in mind that the average order value on this website is $80, not $200. The cookie lasts for 30 days, so there’s nothing surprising in that sense. 

As for the brand itself, it retails a wide range of survival gear and equipment, such as power banks, gloves, jackets, water filters, headlamps, and anything else that might or might not have even crossed your mind. 

Surviving is one thing, but it’s practically impossible if someone sustains a cut or goes through an accident and there’s no first-aid equipment that anyone can use to help. 

This website sells anything from survival kits and tools to food and water, but also actual first aid gear that can be essential under many circumstances. As an affiliate, you can make up to 10% out of every qualifying order placed on 

Survival Combat Fitness

This program is perhaps the only one that we are going to recommend from ClickBank, and that’s because the network is widely known for hosting a number of programs that are quite shady. 

However, the education niche is quite profitable for many affiliate marketers, and as the brand name might have suggested to you, it’s a training program taught by a coach. 

People can learn anything from how to survive in dire situations and handle the abuse that animals or even other desperate people might want to inflict upon them. 

The commission rate is excellent as you can make up to 50% out of the value of any sale. Also, the cookie lasts for two months, which yet again is slightly better compared to that of other programs in the same niche. 

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American Family Safety

If you feel that your audience would resonate with a somewhat patriotic survival brand more than anything else, this is a program that you should join. It’s run through ShareASale, which makes things a lot easier off the bat. 

You will be making a fixed 7% commission on all qualifying orders. On the downside, we couldn’t tell what the cookie duration is, so you’ll have to find that out on your own. 

American Family Safety retails anything from first-aid kits to blackout kits and more. 

Survival Cat

With its 20% commission and 30-day tracking cookie, we think that this one might at least be worth looking into. To make things even better, the brand also makes it possible for affiliates to receive their earnings via PayPal, which is quite rare. 

Survival Cat sells a wide range of items from protective clothing such as gloves and footwear to kits, camping supplies, flashlights, emergency radios, and more. 

Amateur Radio Supplies

While it might not seem like the perfect type of brand to shop from in times of need, the truth is that folks now use emergency radios and even work on improving them to make sure that they are always informed with regard to the disasters that might hit their living areas. 

We left this one toward the end of our article because the company isn’t clear about the commissions or the cookies, so you will need to do a bit of investigating on your own. You also probably have no way of joining the program through a separate network like Awin, Rakuten LinkShare, or anything else. 

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More Prepared

This brand sells anything from office and home survival kits to water filters, medical supplies, and flashlights to guide you through the night. What we would like to add about More Prepared is that it’s been around for more than 15 years now, and during that time, the company has definitely built a stellar reputation. 

The downside is that the affiliate program is self-managed, so you are not going to be able to manage it through a network and have anything on hand along with the rest of your programs. This is also the reason why the commission rate and the cookie aren’t disclosed. 

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