Best Supplement Affiliate Programs

If you run a health-related, wellness, or fitness blog, you’re probably wondering what methods of monetizing your website are available to you. In today’s article, we’re looking at the top supplement affiliate programs out there.

As usual, we’ll specify the cookie duration and commission rate of each and every one and also look at whether or not they are worth considering. We’ll also delve into a bit of detail about each of the products so that you know what you’ll be recommending to your readership as part of these health supplement affiliate programs. 

Best supplement affiliate programs 


This company has a pretty interesting affiliate program since the commission rates can go up to 40% of the value of the products purchased by your audience. What’s more, the cookie lasts for three whole months, which should be enough time for some of the people to make up their mind. 

We’d say that this program is worth bearing in mind since it’s got a variety of promotional tools, such as images or banners. 

Besides, the interface for the supplement affiliates lets them check out all the information they need, from their CTAs to anything regarding tracking. They even have affiliate managers that you can reach out to in case you run into any issue. 


Ritual Vitamins have become quite popular in the past several years, especially since their marketing campaign involved reaching out to influencers on various social media networks such as Instagram and YouTube. 

The thing about this program is that the products are mostly aimed at women, so do keep that in mind when recommending them. The cookie lasts for two months, which is quite decent in our opinion, and the commission rate can go up to 75% of the value of the products ordered by your audience. 

Best of all, you can join this program through ShareASale, where you’ll be able to check all the information you need from your CTR and all the other stats you might want to keep track of. 

A1 Supplements

This one is a favorite of affiliates in the health and supplement niche because the brand has been around for a very, very long time (established in 1999), so it’s one of the most sizable suppliers of such products in the world right now. 

A1 Supplements sells a variety of products, from vitamins and proteins to accessories for exercising. The good thing about this affiliate program is that it can be joined either through ShareASale or CJ, and the commission rate is the same on both networks — a flat 10% on all orders. 

The cookie lasts for a whole month, too, which is another aspect worth bearing in mind. 


Although this company is fairly new on the market of supplements, it’s got pretty decent commission rates. The cookie lasts for 45 days, while the commission rates are a fixed $50 per each order. 

You can join this affiliate program through the Impact network, which makes managing your earnings and all the other stats very easy. 

One other thing we have to add about this manufacturer is that it is a little different. It sends out customized supplements to people depending on their specific needs, so you might want to take that into account when recommending them to your blog readers. 

Life Extension

This website has been around for several decades, and during that time, they’ve recommended supplements and vitamins to thousands of people. They even have their own magazine, and most people seem to be pleased with their content. 

The cookie of their affiliate program lasts for one month, which is significantly better compared to that of others we’ve described here (we’re looking at you, Amazon Associates!). 

Also, their commission rates differ depending on how much you manage to generate in sales. For example, although the standard commissions start at 6%, they can get as high as 9.5% if you drive more than $1,000 in sales per month to their site and even increase to 11% or 12% for more. 


As its name suggests, this company specializes in selling supplements, but they’re mostly geared toward people who want to improve or maintain their health and beauty. 

The good thing about the website is that it contains a very large variety of products — their inventory is as large as 15,000 products. They are based in the United States, so that’s one detail you should take into account when recommending the brand to your audience. 

The commissions vary depending on what type of affiliate network you use. They have their own eVitamins affiliate program, which runs on their website, and they offer better commissions there — anything between 12% and 20% of the value of the ordered products. 

On the other hand, if you join the program through CJ Affiliate, you’ll get different commission rates — 4% for repeat buyers and 8% for new ones. If you can’t handle the hassle of managing your earnings on dozens of websites, you might have to deal with lower commissions. 

The cookie lasts for 60 days, which is more than decent. 


This company is a little different in that they rely on DNA tests when they make their supplement recommendations to people, and they can also advise them on exercise and diet, as well as skin care procedures. 

The program can be joined through Commission Junction, and they offer a flat commission of 10% on each order. Some of the lowest-priced packages offered by Vitagene are around $100, which means that you can earn at least 10 bucks on every order. 

The cookie duration is a whole month, which is slightly better than that of other programs listed in our selection. 


As you can tell from this brand’s name, they specialize in manufacturing high-quality supplements from the best ingredients, organic and eco-friendly, and good for the body as well as the mind. 

There’s not too much to add with respect to the MegaFood affiliate program other than that the commission rate is a flat 8% on every order and that the cookie lasts for thirty days. 


This lifestyle and sports nutrition company specializes in providing people with the best in terms of performance supplements, clothing for exercising, and healthy foods. 

We’d say that their affiliate program might make for a bit of varied content, but their commission rate is nothing worth writing home about since it stands at 15% of every order. 

As for the cookie, it does last for 45 days, so at least there’s that. 


While it might not be a high-ticket supplement affiliate program in any way, Seed might still be worth considering if you want to recommend products tailored to the necessities of your audience. 

The standard Seed monthly subscription costs $49.99, and based on the information that we have found about the program, you can earn as much as 25% on all orders. The cookie lasts for a whole month, which isn’t too bad, either. 

Depending on the number of people that follow you on social media, whether on YouTube or Instagram, you can join both the typical affiliate program and the partner influencer one, which can generate you 100% commissions of order values. 


Unlike some of the other companies that we have showcased in this post, PureFormulas is merely an online shop that sells a variety of health, fitness, and beauty supplements, so on their site, you’ll find heaps of well-known brands, such as Boiron, for example. 

This makes the task of you recommending the site much easier, not to mention that they’ve become a quite well-known brand over the past couple of years. The commissions can go up to 8%, which is not worth writing home about, but the cookie does last for a whole month, so at least there’s that.

This US-based supplement company is specifically aimed at bodybuilders. Their affiliate program opens up occasionally, and while at the time you are reading this post, it might not be available, be sure to keep an eye on their announcements. 

The commission rate varies depending on the products ordered by your audience — from 5% to 15%. The biggest con of this affiliate program is that the cookie lasts just one day, which reminded us of Amazon Associates (which we’ll describe later on in this article). 


This is another brand that has been gaining a lot of exposure in the past couple of years thanks to its amazing marketing campaign that involved reaching out to influencers across platforms such as Instagram or YouTube. 

Care/of mostly sells vitamins, probiotics, and minerals, and the neat thing about their products is that they are customized based on the needs of the person purchasing them. It goes like this — the prospective buyer needs to fill out a form with their habits, including their dietary ones, too, and then they are automatically recommended a number of products. 

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The good thing about the program is that the commission rate is a standard 10% on all orders, but the cookie lasts for just half a month, which is slightly shorter than the cookie duration of other options.

Also, you cannot join the program through a network like ShareASale or CJ, which means you’ll have to track everything on the Care/of website. 


This American company specializes in marketing products that range from herbs and supplements to vitamins and minerals. 

The best thing about the site is that there is a very wide variety of products that you can recommend, and since the products are now sold in over 5,000 shops across the world, and the company has a huge following and a great reputation, you should definitely look into the GNC affiliate program. 

The commission rate is not so good, though, since you’ll earn 4% of every order. Another drawback is that the cookie lasts for just one week, but since GNC is so reputable and trustworthy, it might still be worth considering. The program can be joined through CJ (Commission Junction).  


Persona is one of the highest earning nutritional supplement affiliate programs we’re describing. The thing is that, similarly to Care/of, they function on a subscription basis, and they send out personalized supplements to each customer. 

The 25% commission you can earn is basically per subscriber, and we couldn’t find any specific information on whether that’s only for new ones or repeat buyers, too. The cookie lasts for a whole month, though. 

They run an affiliate program that’s quite effective, and they have a number of affiliate managers that can help you set up everything and answer your questions. 

Amazon Associates

If you have run other websites in the past, no matter the niche they might have been in, you probably know that the commissions that Amazon Associates now offer are not that great anymore. 

However, Amazon is a company that people still trust, especially since it is so convenient, with Prime orders being delivered in a timely fashion and all the other added bonuses that the brand can provide. 

While it might not make for the best choice for your only monetization option since you do not want to put all of your eggs in one basket, it’s still worth considering as part of your greater monetization plan. 

Is the supplement niche the right one for you?

There are questionable supplements being sold across the world, and the quality of some might make you worried that your audience is not only not going to purchase the products that you recommend, but that they might also lose trust in you as a blogger. 

But the supplement niche is indeed worth considering since most programs will get you to earn anything between $10 and $20 per order. 

On the other hand, the most significant drawback of the niche is that most people tend to forget to get them time and again. Lots of people take supplements once and then switch to something different that they can get in physical stores or order online without your advice. 

If you have the time and money to build a great website in this space, it can generate a good side income every month. Although there is competition in this field, you’ll find that the sky’s the limit when it comes to keyword research and that there are new search terms that you can tackle on a regular basis. 

How to pick the best supplement affiliate program

In the section below, we’ll talk about some of the factors you ought to mull over when choosing between health and fitness supplement affiliate programs. 

Commissions and cookie duration

These two can be the deciding factors, without a doubt, and the higher they are, the better. 

We’d say that picking a program where the cookie duration is at least 15 days is the best way of going about things, but sometimes you’ll have to choose between the reputation of the brand, which will lead to more orders being completed and shipped, and a lower cookie duration (we’re also thinking about Amazon in this case). 

Don’t sell yourself short. If your blog is already pretty successful and your readership trusts your advice, recommending the best products that can generate you the biggest commissions is the combination you are looking for. What does a good commission mean? That depends on every person and the money you can expect to earn in this space. 

Product quality

If your readership is focused on getting great supplements made with excellent ingredients, sourced locally, or from organic farms, you know what you should be recommending to your blog audience. 

Think of it this way — if you decide to promote a pretty bad product, your readers are going to lose trust in you, so they might unsubscribe from your newsletter. 


Big brands are slightly easier to recommend than newer, relatively unknown ones simply because health and fitness aficionados might have already heard of them. 

We don’t mean that their products might necessarily be better, but the truth is that if someone’s come across a company before on social media, if you also recommend it, they might be more willing to try them. 


The easiest way to use any of the affiliate programs that we have mentioned in this article is to join any through an affiliate network, whether Impact, ShareASale, or CJ. 

But as you might have noticed, some programs offer better commissions on their own websites, so you’ll have to decide what makes more sense for you — if earning more does, you will have to join several different programs individually. 

If you prefer convenience and ease of management of your earnings and all the other stats you want to check on, a network is the right way of going about things. 

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