Streamyard Review

Since I am often asked what live streaming software I use, I will make a short review of it in the video below and today’s article. It’s very easy to use. It’s called Streamyard. There is a free version, but there are also two paid versions available, both of which are described in the following paragraphs. 

Streamyard Review

Streamyard is an online service that lets you create professional-looking live streams. To date, they support Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, but also other platforms. You can interview guests and connect with your audience via comments and questions. 

You can also use a call to action in your videos. Best of all, the program runs in your browser, so you don’t even have to install anything. 


Features of the Streamyard app and Streamyard pricing

The features of the Streamyard service depend on which plan you opt for. The free one allows you to share your screen, use banners, get on-screen comments, which is something that everyone seems to enjoy.

You also get brand colors, a green screen, and the ability to stream anywhere, but there will always be a Streamyard logo displayed on your videos, and there are certain streaming limits that need to be considered. 

streamyard pricing

The basic version gives you access to unlimited streaming and removes the Streamyard branding. You are also allowed to use your own background and logo. Furthermore, you can record for up to 4 hours (as opposed to 2 in the free version), and you can also multi-stream to different locations from Facebook and LinkedIn to YouTube, for instance. 

The professional plan costs $49 per month and lets you record for up to eight hours at a time. Moreover, you get multi-stream destinations and full HD video quality, along with overlays and other features. 

Streamyard time limits

You can create videos for up to 2 hours with the free plan, 4 hours with the basic one, and 8 hours with the professional plan. However, with the free version, you are limited to live streaming for just 20 hours per month. 

streamyard settings

How to use Streamyard

First of all, if the video showcased at the beginning of this post wasn’t helpful enough, you might want to know that Streamyard has its own video tutorial series on YouTube. Just look it up. 

You can go to Destinations and select all of the various ones you would like to stream to, whether that be Facebook, Linkedin, or YouTube. You can even use Twitch or Periscope. 

You can also go to any past broadcasts and download the recordings to send them off to your video editor. But to create a broadcast, you can either do so directly, or you can untick all of the destinations and simply record the video. 

streamyard chat and comments

With their custom banners, you can remind your audience to like and subscribe to your channel or leave a comment. You’re also allowed to use a static banner instead of a scrolling one or both, depending on your preferences. 

If you go to ‘Brand,’ you can change the overlays, colors, or your logo. You also have the option of chatting privately with your guests. For example, if you are on a live webinar, you can privately tell them that there are just 5 minutes left and that you need to wrap it up. 

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There is a section on the right side of the screen of any broadcast, and it displays the comments that you get. If you click on any of them, it will be automatically displayed on the screen. 

streamyard comments

There are several settings available, too, and they assist you in selecting the video quality, the camera you want to use, and also the audio (your laptop’s mic or a separate one). 

In my opinion, this is one of the easiest tools to use out there, and the ability to add banners and have people’s comments shown on the screen adds quite a bit of professionalism to your video content. 

Affiliate program

If you didn’t know, you can recommend Streamyard to your site visitors and get some money out of it, too. Based on the information that we came across, the affiliate program pays you 25% for each referred subscription, but more importantly, the commissions are recurring. 

streamyard banners

Conclusion is my favorite when it comes to live streaming. There are others out there. An example would be — which can be used to push your video content to up to thirty different channels. 

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If you have just one channel, though, and you’re active on several other different social media networks, Streamyard is enough for you. It’s also very cost-effective, which can be important for someone starting out. 

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