Best Solar Affiliate Programs

A common goal of many countries these days is switching from less eco-friendly energy sources to fully environmentally friendly and sustainable energy. If you have a blog or website that allows you to recommend solar panels or similar products to your audience, you should definitely do your research on the top solar affiliate programs out there. 

But to make your task easier, we’ve decided to compile a list of solar energy affiliate programs in today’s article so that you can easily find them in one place. 

For all of them, we will specify the cookie duration and the commission rates you can expect and also include any information that we stumble upon regarding the payment methods and waiting periods. 

What is the best solar affiliate program?

Inergy Solar

This company makes solar-powered generators, and let’s face it; they are among the most useful products to have around if you own a home. 

As for the affiliate solar program, there really are not too many things to say about it other than the fact that you can earn up to 10% of the value of each order placed through your affiliate link.

Plus, the cookie lasts for 30 days, which seems to be the standard for the solar energy affiliate program industry. 


SunJack sells portable solar power sources, which can be quite convenient and easy to use, especially for people who have RVs or motorhomes and tend to travel through the country for a long amount of time. 

The SunJack solar power affiliate program is more or less similar to Inergy Solar’s program in that the cookie lasts for 30 days and the commission rate is a fixed 10% for every sale. 

However, what makes this one stand out is that they give incentives to affiliates that have an excellent performance. As such, you can receive a 20% bonus if you tend to bring in a lot of traffic to the company’s website. We’d also like to add that this brand has received a lot of rave reviews, so you aren’t going to have a hard time recommending it to people. 

Silicon Solar

This company makes solar affiliate marketing a breeze mostly because it sells a very generous variety of products. For example, the site offers anything from pumps and lighting fixtures to solar systems, heaters, and even education kits about green energy. 

The Silicon Solar program lets you get access to heaps of marketing tools, whether that means banners or keyword lists. As for how much money you can make with it, the commission rate is 8% on all sales, and the cookie lasts for a whole month. 


In case you didn’t know, Tesla sells a lot of other products besides cars. They also specialize in manufacturing solar panels, roof tiles, as well as solar batteries. Therefore, you will benefit from quite a generous variety of products to recommend to your blog readership.

The affiliate program is a little different than what you might be used to in that customers have to purchase a product and activate it for you to earn any commissions. If you yourself get a solar panel, for example, you’ll earn $100. 

The cookie duration remains a mystery, though, since the website isn’t clear about this detail. 

SmartPower4All Solar 

This solar panel affiliate program makes it possible for affiliates to earn up to 75% of the value of the sales that their blog readers make. 

But there are some caveats, and we thought that it would be best to note them here. While the average value of a product is around $40, people will have to purchase more in order for you to earn up to $65 or more per sale. 

The good thing is that the cookie lasts for 60 days, which is a clear advantage. 

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You might argue that the 8% commission rate should have convinced us to skip this solar panels affiliate program and recommend something else instead. Well, we did consider that, but the Soliom affiliate program has a cookie length of 90 days, so that’s considerably better than what many of its competitors have to offer. 

What we do have to point out about it is that they don’t specialize in traditional solar energy products — they rely on solar cameras instead, which are weatherproof, wireless, as well as motion-activated. 

Based on the company’s claims, it seems that the brand also pays its affiliates right after they earned a commission, without them having to wait for 30 or even 60 days for the earnings to be checked by an affiliate manager. 

BioLite Energy

BioLite Energy is quite different from other solar panel affiliate programs that we might have described in this article, and the reason for that is that they sell products specifically designed for outdoor experiences. 

Their charger, for example, can be used with natural biofuel coming from leaves and other things that can be found in nature. The brand also sells other products, such as lanterns, cooking kits, headlamps, and of course, solar panels. 

The commission rate that you can expect with the BioLite Energy program is a fixed 7% on all orders. The cookie lasts for 30 days. 

Solar Direct

This company sells a wide range of products in this niche, from solar pool heaters and solar battery storage to solar water heaters. They also have a fair share of commercial solar products available in case you own a business and want to make it as green as possible. 

While the commission rate is 5%, which might not necessarily make you want to join it, what does make Solar Direct stand out from the crowd of all other solar panel affiliate programs is that the cookie lasts for 365 days. It’s quite rare to find this, so you should definitely consider becoming a Solar Direct affiliate. 

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You are not going to find any solar panels on this brand’s website, and the reason for that is that the company is focused on manufacturing some of the more sustainable and easy-to-use green lanterns. 

Some of them can also charge phones, which can definitely come in handy in situations where a natural disaster, for example, might make you go into a shelter and try to contact your local authorities. 

While we definitely do not have anything negative to say about the affiliate program itself since it comes with a standard 8% commission rate and a 30-day cookie life, we do have to note that the value of the products is quite low. 

Some solar lanterns can cost as little as $30, so you are not going to make ‘the big bucks’ by being a LuminAID affiliate. 

Goal Zero

Goal Zero specializes in many types of products such as power banks and power stations, solar chargers and panels, power kits, lights and lanterns, as well as cables and other accessories. 

We’d say that the affiliate program could be improved since the commission rate is 5% for every sale and the cookie lasts for just 14 days. Besides Amazon Associates, which has the lowest cookie duration that we have found from all programs, this one is on the same list for the same reason. 

As you might have noticed, if you have taken the time to go through the other options, there are some programs out there where the cookie lasts for a whole year, so Goal Zero could do better in this sense. 

However, they are not only eco-friendly but also focused on supporting good causes since they give back to communities through TIFIE Humanitarian. 


This company sells a variety of eco-friendly products that can produce energy for a wide range of consumers. For example, they have a fair share of solar panel kits, battery backups, and solar panels available for sale. 

You can join the GoGreenSolar affiliate program directly through the brand’s website, which might be less of an advantage. However, we also found out that you can manage everything through ShareASale, too, which makes the task a lot easier for everyone involved. 

Once you sign up, you also get an affiliate manager that you can contact in case you run into any type of issues. 

Although you might think that the 3% commission rate really isn’t worth writing home about, the truth is that the value of most of these products is quite high. This means that you can still make good money even if the percentage of the sale is relatively low. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any other info regarding the cookie length or the payment methods that are accepted by GoGreenSolar. 

Overland Solar

This brand is heavily focused on solar panels and other independent energy products that are used for travel or work. For example, they sell connectors and cables, semi-flexible solar panels, and even portable charging systems. 

The good thing about this affiliate program is that you can join it and manage everything through AvantLink (we wrote a review of this platform, so make sure you give it a read!). 

It’s also worth noting that Overland Solar has some of the highest commission rates in the industry since you can make 10% or 15% on each sale depending on the value and type of the products that your audience purchases. The cookie life is 30 days, and according to the company, the average order value is $300, which definitely isn’t bad. 


We thought we might note this one here only because the program has a 90-day cookie duration. Unfortunately, we could not come across any information regarding the commission rate you can expect. 

This is because Solgaard manages its own affiliate program, and you have to sign up on the website and wait for someone to get back to you. Therefore, the process can be a tad complicated compared to what you might experience with other brands. 

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Amazon Associates 

Amazon should probably show up on any list of physical product affiliate programs, but we will say that it really isn’t outstanding, especially these days. In 2020, Amazon slashed the program’s commissions and has received a lot of backlash from affiliates because of this. 

Since the company almost doesn’t need any affiliates any longer as they are so well-known across the world, the likelihood of them getting rid of the affiliate program altogether in the future seems to be very high. 

On top of that, Amazon has a number of rules that you can’t go against or you risk getting kicked out from the program. For example, you can’t use any images of the products by saving them and uploading them to your posts — you can only use Amazon’s API for pulling the images from the site and only if you do not recommend products from other affiliate programs on your site. 

In any case, Amazon does sell solar panels and other eco-friendly products, and despite the low commissions, they aren’t as cheap so as for you not to make any money. The biggest drawback to becoming an Amazon affiliate is that the cookie lasts for just one day. 

Look beyond solar panels

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the programs we have mentioned not just in terms of what else you can find and join but also in terms of the products that you can recommend to your audience. 

Usually, people who care about the planet tend to make their whole lifestyle greener on the whole, so you can promote a variety of other items, such as tote bags made from recycled materials, apparel and other accessories in the same category, or chargers like the BioLite Energy one that we have described. 

What we mean by this is that you should focus on variety both when choosing what products to suggest to your blog readership and when it comes to the affiliate programs you decide to join.

It is never a good idea to use just one program, so try to pick at least three or four that sell different products. 

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