Snappa Affiliate Program Review

We might have mentioned Snappa in one of our recent articles about the Canva affiliate program, but this is a fairly good alternative if you’re looking for other earning opportunities for whatever reason. 

So, if you’re a designer or blogger and you’re looking to recommend design tools to your audience, you’ve come to the perfect place. In today’s article, we’re looking at the Snappa affiliate program, from how much you can earn to how you can join it, how it’s managed, and what pros and cons you can expect. 

Snappa Affiliate Program Review

What is Snappa?

Snappa is a type of software that can be used for designing images utilized for anything from emails to social media, blogs, infographics or ads. Based on the info we found about it, it’s extremely easy to use and more importantly for you as an affiliate, any user can start using it for free. 

We looked just out of curiosity and the background removal feature is available only with the Pro and Team packages with this one, too, as is the case with Canva — this is one of the most popular features when it comes to design tools as anyone from freelancers to actual business owners are interested in it. 

The tool integrates with a number of other pieces of software, including social media networks, which means that users can actually schedule and share their graphics to whichever platform they use to communicate with their followers. 

What services can you recommend to your audience?

As we previously mentioned, there is a free version to Snappa that anyone can give a shot to without paying a single cent. This one includes access to as many as six thousand different templates, one user, along with three downloads per month. Even though it might not seem like a lot, you’ll be glad to know that even free users can access up to 5 million HD photos and graphics. 

The first type of paid plan costs $10 per month and is also available to one single user. It includes the same six thousand templates and five million graphics and photos, but it comes with unlimited downloads per month, custom font downloads, the ability to remove backgrounds from any type of images, as well as social media or buffer integrations. Not bad for just 10 bucks a month, right?

The Team plan costs $20 per month and is available for as many as five different users. It comes with most of the same features that we have already noted, but it also includes team collaboration perks such as the ability to work on and share folders with several different people. 

We have to add that these prices are strictly available for yearly billing. If your referrals choose the monthly payment model (which they might in the beginning, if they feel unsure), the cost would then be $15 for the Pro plan and $30 per month for the Team plan. 

In other words, when choosing the yearly billing, users can get as many as four months for free. 

Becoming a Snappa affiliate

Now that we’ve briefly described what Snappa is about, let’s look at how you can use this service as a potential income opportunity. One of the first things that we have to mention about the Snappa affiliate program is that unlike many others we have looked at in the past year or so, it is not self-managed. 

In fact, it works through a separate type of software called LeadDyno, which we have reviewed as well — so if you have some time on your hands, we definitely advise you to read that article and get more informed about it. 

You can submit an application with just a few clicks. You’ll need to provide your first and last name, your email, as well as your website or at least your social media URL so that the brand checks out your following and your potential amount of traffic. 

The LeadDyno software is particularly helpful when it comes to Snappa paying their affiliates and it can also allow you to consult all of your stats regarding your conversions and all of the purchases that your referrals have made through your Snappa affiliate link. 

How much can you make with the Snappa affiliate program?

This is probably the most important and interesting part of the entire review, so here’s what you should know. As a Snappa affiliate, you can make 40% out of whatever your referrals are spending on the site. 

But wait, there’s more — this is actually a recurring commission rate, which means that you will make the same amount of money each time your referrals renew their subscription. 

If you’re doing a bit of research on your own about the program, we’d like to add that some older reviews suggest that the rate is just 30% — in fact it’s 40%, so you have an even better income opportunity. 

As for the duration of the cookie, it does last for just 30 days, meaning that it’s not necessarily better than that of some of the other programs we will note towards the end of our article — but it is the industry standard, so we can’t really complain about it. 

Payment requirements, thresholds, and methods

When it comes to the limit that you need to reach to be able to be paid through PayPal, we couldn’t find any specific information on this, which is a little disappointing. Even the brand’s own website doesn’t mention a threshold, but it is likely to exist and we suppose that it is at least $10. 

As you might have been able to guess, the only payment method available right now is PayPal. This is one of the reasons you need to create your account and apply on the LeadDyno page of this affiliate program with your PayPal email. 

When it comes to this withdrawal possibility, it can be a bit of a pain since the company has been deleting accounts in the past few years, sometimes without noticing any suspicious activity. In a nutshell, if you do not have an active PayPal account or it’s not good standing for any reason, you might as well not complicate your existence with this affiliate program. 

All of your earnings are sent out to your PayPal account at the beginning of every month. 

Pros and cons to being a Snappa affiliate

Every affiliate program comes with benefits and drawbacks and unless you want to end up promoting a plethora of products you haven’t even tested and that might not even be up to par, you need to do your research about them beforehand. 

When it comes to Snappa, the software itself is pretty solid, so you shouldn’t have a hard time recommending it to your followers. The only caveat is that it’s not as well-known as Canva (its biggest competitor, especially when it comes to some of the features). 

The commission rate is more than decent, even though the monthly fee for a Pro or Team subscription doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. However, if one of your referrals decides to get the yearly plan for the Team plan, for example, they’re going to pay $240 off the bat. For the Pro, they’ll pay $120, which isn’t bad at all when considering the 40% percentage of your rate. 

We can’t really say that the cookie duration is either a pro or a con given its 30-day length. 

Not a lot of companies work with LeadDyno, but it does do the job pretty great, especially if you’re already the affiliate of another brand that uses the same software. On top of everything, the approval process is basically non-existent, so you are not going to have to wait for a week or so to get your reply. 

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How to promote Snappa 

You’re allowed to promote Snappa services through a variety of methods, whether that be writing content about the tool and publishing a review on your blog or website or sharing the service with your email list as a recommendation. 

You can also utilize your affiliate link on social media without any restrictions. Naturally, the program doesn’t accept any shady practices such as bombarding people with your affiliate link in a desperate attempt that this scammy technique will get you a purchase. You’re also not allowed to make any purchases through your own affiliate link. 

PPC is also a no-go when it comes to this affiliate program, unless you intend on using it for a page that you’ve created about Snappa on your site. Marketing the affiliate link directly through anything like Google Ads or Bing Ads is not accepted by the brand and can get you booted out of the program.

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Snappa affiliate program alternatives

If for any reason, you seem to not be able to make up your mind about whether it makes sense for you to become an affiliate for Snappa and you’re looking for some other options in the same niche, here are several other choices. 


We’ve recently published a review of the Canva affiliate program, so if you have some time, we definitely suggest that you give it a read. Canva is one of the best-known design tools out there and what makes it stand out from the crowd is that it is extremely easy to use and also feature-rich. 

To make things even better, it isn’t even an expensive tool, either, especially for the quality of the software. But when it comes to the affiliate program, you aren’t going to get rich promoting the service — since for any person that decides to purchase a subscription for the Pro plan for a year, you’ll be paid a rate of $36. 

The cookie is the 30-day standard that you can expect from the majority of the other programs that we have reviewed in the past. In terms of payment methods, you can get your cash either through PayPal or a regular bank transfer. A waiting period of just 15 days exists, which is yet another reason to consider becoming a Canva affiliate. 


Promoting Fiverr on your blog or website definitely makes sense if you do not want to restrict yourself to recommending design tools only. As you can imagine, Fiverr is now one of the largest platforms in the industry, so there are a lot of things that you can suggest to your followers. 


We did a review of this program here, so maybe check it out if you want to find out all the details before making a decision. But all in all, we’d say that this is a pretty good choice because there is decent money to be made from a variety of promotions. For instance, if you promote blog posts or articles, you can expect a rate of $25. 

For the Fiverr Pro program, you can get a commission as high as $150 for every purchase, so it all depends on what you manage to convince people to try out. While it is not a design tool in itself, there are a lot of design gigs that you can promote through Fiverr.  


One of the main reasons to consider becoming a Pixlr affiliate if you have to make the decision between one and the other is the 60-day cookie duration. Not a lot of affiliate programs work with longer cookies probably because most companies know that the longer the cookie, the higher the chances of their affiliates scoring commissions. 

The Pixlr affiliate program works through ShareASale, one of the best-known and largest affiliate networks out there. As an affiliate, you can make 25% of whatever your referrals spend for Pixlr, plus a $10 bonus for the first sale. 

In a nutshell

So, is the Snappa affiliate program worth considering? That is a question that only you can answer, but we’d say that given the pros and the cons, it seems like a fairly solid option. Just make sure that you stick to the rules so that you don’t get booted out of the program for a mistake you didn’t even know you were making. 

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