Singapore Affiliate Programs & Networks – Everything to Know

If a good portion of your blog or website audience is based in Singapore and you are searching for ways of monetizing your work, then you’ve ended up in the perfect place. 

We’ve compiled a list of the top affiliate programs in Singapore that you might be interested in checking out depending on your niche. Read more below!

Affiliate marketing in Singapore

The rules are not different when it comes to this type of performance-based marketing in this country. You need to be over the age of 18 in order to join most of the programs that we will list below. 

We’d also like to note that the rules and regulations of most of these offers involve you not engaging in any type of weird activity such as scam or anything else that might endanger the reputation of the following brands. 

In most cases, you are not allowed to use PPC ads where you specify the names of these companies — this is strictly utilized by the brands to ensure that their name is not associated with any dangerous or potentially illegal activity. 

Furthermore, your blog or website should not be in niches like adult, gambling, or other fields that may also lead to these companies having legal problems. We thought we’d note these rules that pretty much all affiliates have to abide by in Singapore or anywhere else on the planet, for that matter. 

Top Affiliate Programs in Singapore


This Singapore affiliate program should definitely be right up your alley if you tend to blog about anything related to websites, hosting, and generally managing a blog. Exabytes is a web hosting service provider that’s actually based in Singapore, which automatically makes it stand out from the crowd. 

The services are available in most of Southeast Asia and they range from virtual private servers to domain name registration. 

Apparently, they are now being used by more than 100,000 people in Asia and they’re looking to expand their customer base. The commissions that you can expect if you become an Exabytes affiliate range from $50 and $100 based on the value of every customer’s order and the type of plans they opt for. 


Although not exactly based in this country, we thought we’d mention Canva here because it is probably one of the best affiliate programs in Singapore and worldwide. Canva has become extremely popular over the past years due to their user experience. 

Their plans also don’t cost an arm and a leg, which is also why they have so many users across the globe. Anyone can use Canva for a myriad of things, whether that be creating customized graphics for their social media accounts or removing the background of images — which can be quite handy for ecommerce business owners. 

The Pro plan costs just under $10 per month, but lots of people choose to pay for several months or the whole year to benefit from a discount. When someone uses your affiliate link to sign up to Canva Pro, your commission will be $36. 

Singapore Soap

If you’re based in Singapore and you tend to blog about health and beauty, this affiliate program might be a good fit for your niche. As its name suggests, the company sells soap, but their inventory isn’t restricted to that. 

They have a wide variety of products available ranging from herbs and spices, empty bottles, castile soap, essential oils, candle-making supplies, gifts, as well as massage and spa supplies. So, while the brand is geared toward people looking to buy some nice soap, it also speaks to the needs of handmade aficionados, who may want to make their own. 

The area where this program doesn’t really shine is the commission rate that you can earn – 5% is quite low, also taking into consideration that these products aren’t really expensive. The cookie does last for 30 days, though, and there’s a low payout threshold of just $5. 


Although there are plenty of free images to be found on the Internet these days, some website owners might want to have more control on whatever they publish on their online properties, and might also want to avoid looking like any old blog out there. 

That’s where Shutterstock comes along. It is one of the oldest and also most reputable services out there for finding unique and original photos that people can purchase. 

As a Shutterstock affiliate, you will earn a 20% rate each time someone decides to make a purchase through your link. The cookie lasts for 30 days, which isn’t all that bad. Moreover, you can get your earnings on a monthly basis, but there is a payout threshold of $50 that needs to be met before that can start to happen. 


We might have mentioned Freshworks in some of our previous posts. It’s become one of the top favorite software alternatives for people based pretty much anywhere across the world. 

The brand does speak to US-based individuals more than it does to others, but that shouldn’t deter you from recommending the service on your blog. 

The program itself is quite unique in that it lets affiliates earn both $5 per every lead they bring in to the business and 15% out of every purchase they make. 

There are some caveats that we’d like to note, though, specifically the fact that the concept of ‘lead’ will be defined by Freshworks, so someone will see whether it’s a valuable one for them or not and pay you your $5 based on that. Fortunately, the cookie lasts 90 days with this program, so that’s a benefit to consider. 


Although you are not going to make a fortune with this one, we’d say that it might be among the top Singapore affiliate programs out there strictly because the brand is so well-known. 

The commission rate is 3% for any purchase made through your affiliate link, so it all boils down to what your audience chooses to spend on the website. Some of the products are more or less expensive, but Sephora also has its own line of budget-friendly make-up and cosmetics that anyone can try out. 

BeRush by SEMrush

This affiliate program is one of our top favorites. First of all, the commissions are recurring, so each time someone renews their plan, you’re going to make some amount of money. You even get paid for free trials ($10) that people sign up to using your affiliate link. 

It’s also worth noting that the tracking cookie of the BeRush program lasts for a whopping 120 days, something that you will not come across too commonly with other programs. 

Yearly subscriptions can make you a $200 commission off the bat, so if you feel that your audience might be interested in trying out SEMrush services, do consider recommending the service to them. 


When it comes to affiliate marketing, Singapore might not be the only location you may want to consider, especially if you are in the education niche. There are some Udacity alternatives you might want to individually look into, mainly Coursera and Udemy, but this brand is slowly becoming pretty well-known, too. 

As an affiliate, you can make up to $100 in one go by convincing people to join the platform and get a degree using your affiliate link. 

On the downside, you’re not going to be making any recurring commissions. Still, this is a fairly good alternative for affiliate marketers who want to grow their side income opportunities and also feel good about the fact that they’re contributing to people improving their skills.


For people who tend to have a hard time managing their passwords or just generally their account information on the myriad of websites they might use, 1Password can truly make the difference. Sure, there are other options, such as LastPass, but this one can be quite effective, too. 

As a 1Password affiliate, you can either make $2 per every signup or 25% out of the first order, whether that be a monthly or an annual plan. They even have a pretty nifty mobile app that can be used in tandem with other password-storing services. 

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If you have a travel blog, recommending a VPN service to your audience makes all the sense in the world. These days, lots of people use VPNs to ensure that their financial information doesn’t get leaked by accident or just to watch content that might not be available in the country they are in at the moment. 

Well, the NordVPN affiliate program is a pretty good one in that you can make 100% out of the value of every monthly plan that your referrals opt for. The downside is that some of the plans they have available for sale go for just $5 per month, which basically means that that’s what you will earn. 

They do have a set of more expensive services, and probably the best thing about this affiliate program is that the commissions are recurring — you also get a 30% rate when someone renews their plan. 


Literally everyone and now possibly their mom has heard of Microsoft before. Besides the obvious products that people can choose, such as Microsoft office and the operating system, you will also have the opportunity to make commissions on purchases such as Xbox consoles, PCs, and more. 

It’s impossible to predict how much you will make as a Microsoft affiliate, though, and the reason for that is that the rate varies depending on the value of the purchase, as well as the product category. 

The minimum you can expect is 5% and the maximum is 20%. Still, that’s not bad given how well-known Microsoft and its products and services are. 

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This online store is specifically based in Singapore, so it definitely speaks to the needs of that portion of your audience that is based in this country. Hopefully, your niche matches the needs of your readers, since Zalora is a fashion website, so there are lots of brands to be found here, from Mango to Converse. 

The commission rate that you can expect with this one is 12% for new customers. The good thing about the program is that you can also make a 5% commission on all returning customers. 


We mentioned another web hosting company in this post, but we thought we might drop another one just to give you a clue as to how much you can make with similar services. 

BlueHost is one of the best web hosting affiliate programs out there, and the reason we’re saying this is that you can make $65 for every person you refer to the site. 

If you manage to make a lot of conversions, you can actually have a talk with a BlueHost affiliate manager so that your commission rate can be increased up to $100 per referral. 

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Shopee affiliate program 

This company is like the AliExpress of Singapore. You wouldn’t believe the number of products that can be found here, most of which are actually pretty high-quality. 

As an affiliate, your commission rate can range between 3% and 10% depending on the type of products your audience chooses and the value of their sales. 

It’s important to note here that Shopee also has an influencer program, so you can actually make up to $1,000 if you become a brand ambassador and consistently recommend Shopee products to your audience. Needless to say, that means you should have a massive following on social media. 

Amazon Associates

We left this one toward the end strictly because it is not what it used to be. It’s still somewhat effective when it comes to affiliate marketing, if not for any reason other than the fact that you can be based in pretty much any country and join several different Amazon Associates programs based in various locations. 

The 24-hour cookie, though, and the fact that the commissions aren’t what they used to be make this one less of a good option on the whole. 

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Best Singapore affiliate networks

If you have one or more niche websites and you might want to have everything in terms of affiliate marketing in one place, considering joining one of the following networks (that are also available in Singapore) might be a good idea:

  • Commission Factory
  • ShareASale
  • Impact
  • MyLead
  • Optimise

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