Signal Boy Review, Buy Real Social Signals

Signal Boy Review

Buying social signals isn’t exactly a new thing, people have been buying and selling social signals for many years, and there is much debate as to how much value they actually bring. I’ve always been a believer that it isn’t just social signals as such that provide the value. It’s the CTR and engagement that this brings that helps you. I see no point in getting social signals from a bot what you want is real social signals from real accounts that will get exposure, click through and engagement.

This is where Signal Boy comes into play, real social accounts and the work is done by real people to ensure that when you do buy a social signal it actually does benefit you in some way. Engagement metrics have been important for a while now and everyone has their own processes and sequences that they follow when they release a video or blog post and SignalBoy is part of my process.

So what I do is create a video or blog post, as soon as it goes live I make sure that I send a notification to everyone who has signed up to my push messages, I then go and do a small paid Facebook ad to a low-cost audience, I then jump into Signal Boy and buy a package of social signals and then I go and email my email marketing list all within minutes of each other to try and get as many real people onto the video or post as quickly as I can after going live.

Making it look viral

The key point here is to make anything you launch look viral, using your organic social media reach, paid social media reach, email list and anything else you can do to enhance that will make sure that you get good user signals, watch time, comments and all of the stuff that is important onto your video or article that we are promoting.

Social Signal Prices

The cost of these social signals are very cheap, with three packages available you can select which package suits you and your campaign, the $29 dollar package is the most popular and value for money, but you can try and test with other packages and see if they work well for you.

If you are looking for real social signals that work, then I can highly recommend SignalBoy.