Setting Up a Campaign on Microworkers

Setting up a campaign on Microworkers is easy when you know how, but when you first look at it you can be a little overwhelmed by all of the options that you have available to you, but its a case of having the right settings and a detailed process for the micro workers to complete the clicks that you want to achieve.

In the video below I show you how I set up a micro worker campaign and the settings that I personally use, but play around with it, dont just use what works for me, you will have different goals, different levels of competition and you might have a better way of doing things, this is my simple and easy way to set a campaign up and it works for my campaigns.

Check other peoples Microworker Campaigns

You do have the ability to look at anyone microworker campaigns and this allows you to be able to see what they are asking their workers to do for CTR. There are so many things you can ask these workers to do, whether that be downloading a podcast or watch a youtube video it’s your choice and the workers are always very good at following a good process.

Microworkers Templates

The whole point in being able to look at other peoples campaigns is you can then use parts of their template to make up your own custom made template, you can copy someone else’s or take elements from it and add it into your mix. Now the important thing is the template because the instruction you give will determine how well the workers will do the job. My template also asks the worker to give me their youtube username, and the URL of the video they commented on when I’m using this for Youtube videos.

When I did initially start on Microworkers it didn’t work that well for me and that was because there weren’t clear instructions for the workers and things didn’t work out too well.

Why use Microworkers for CTR?

Well, this is easy, the workers on here are real people working from home all over the world using their own independent laptops which in turn gives them a unique IP address and we want variety when it comes to CTR we want real people clicking on our pages, videos or whatever in order to show Google that these are getting engagement. I’ve tried many bots out there and some of them have great interfaces but when you dig deeper and test you will understand that using their proxies and systems are not always as effective due to the IP’s they use and the fact that there are thousands of others using the same setup.

Microworkers Speed Setting

The key to this is the speed setting on there which can go from 1 to 1000, 1000 being the fastest so if you have the speed set at 1000 and you put a campaign out there a whole bunch of workers will be able to do this campaign asap and all of your clicks will come at a very fast pace.

So the lower the number the slower your clicks will come, and this will allow you to give a more natural look when getting these clicks, who wants clicks all in the one hour? So I normally use a speed setting of between 25-50 which slows the campaign down and I get my clicks over a longer period of time.

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