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This Powerful piece of software” SERPed ” is an incredibly useful tool for SEO‘s. It is a tool that combines the offerings of many other tools out there and bundles them together so you have the ultimate SEO package.

If you are in charge of an SEO campaign there are so many aspects that only the best tools can help you with. For example, when it comes to down to it you may find yourself using tools such as:

  • Prorank Tracker
  • Ahrefs
  • Domain Hunter Gatherer
  • Website Uptime Monitoring
  • Codeguard ( For Website Backups )
  • & much more

SERPed has over 45 tools that can help you with keyword research, rank tracking, backlinks, expired domain tools, website backups, citation scanner and many more tools. It is a must have for any Digital Marketing expert. This is me just naming a couple which can give you a detailed analysis of a website.

When you take into account the costs of these tools individually you’re looking at spending a small fortune per month. SERPed combines many of these tools together along with some other amazing features that are all included in its membership.

This tool can do everything from competitor analysis, backups, search for expired domains and curating content just to name a few.

Creating a project

First of all you’ll want to create a project. The process is very simple and it will take you through each step of the setup.

serped review

A project can contain more than one website and is essentially a way for you put your websites into different groups. This is especially handy for managing your PBN’s for example.

Once you enter your site info you’ll be directed to the keywords section. Later in the tutorial there will be more details on the keywords, SERPed has tools to help you with keyword research.

The next section will ask you for 3 of your competitors, SERPed even gives you an option to “Suggest Competitors”. This will throw up competitors that have been recommended for you.

Serped Competitors

The last stage is the “add to tools” section. Everything here you are best to just leave as default as it will give you a good amount of data to work with. The only thing you should do is select the country that you are targeting, it will take a couple of minutes before the analytical data will come through.

Serped additional tools

Now you’ve finished here, it will take a couple of minutes for the analytical data to come through. Then you can head to the dashboard to your site.


The Dashboard allows you to explore everything there is to know about your site. Along the top is a list of tabs that give you some more insight into each aspect.

Serped Dashboard

Manage Site

This section essentially gives you an overview of your site. If there are any glaring issues with it then you will definitely know about it here. SERPed tracks your metrics and can tell you if the site is moving up or down on metrics such as trust/citation flow and Moz Rank.

does serped analyze for all search engines

You can also add inner pages to SERPed, I recommend adding some pages that you hope to see a lot of traffic through so you can keep track of its progress.

This is also the area where you can edit the site’s information or delete it from SERPed if it was necessary.

Site Statistics

All of the data that you’ll need is compiled here. There is plenty information pulled from multiple tools to give you the best representation of your site.

Site Statistics

If we take a look at the top, SERPed does a check to see if your website has been blacklisted from any search engines and if there is any malware on the site.

Then you have a little rundown of your social metrics.

Serped Moz and Majestic

If you scroll down further you will see metrics for both Moz and Majestic displayed side by side for you. You would usually be required to access to these tools individually.

Serped Main Keywords

You can also get some data on your target keywords, this lets you know the kind of search volume there is and what the cost per click for each keyword is. This is very handy to help you keep on top of what your audience is searching so you can adjust accordingly.

Backlinks Profile

What SERPed offers is the ability to track your backlinks. This is an amazing feature if you’ve just paid for a link or written a guest blog post in exchange for a link and you want to make sure that it’s linking to your site without any issues.

Serped Backlink Profiles


If you head to the “Backlinks Manager” at the top, it will take you to the area above. From here you can add specific backlinks that you’d like SERPed to monitor for you.

Serped Backlinks

Once you’ve added your backlinks you’ll be able to see whether they have been indexed etc. If any changes occur from this point onwards, you’ll know about it. You can even set up alerts that notify you if the linked site goes down or it gets de-indexed etc.

SEO Auditor

Serped Website Review

SERPed provides you with an auditing tool that lets you really narrow down what section of your site can be taken into consideration while working out the kinks within your site. What this does is take stats from loads of different tools such as SEMrush, Majestic etc and compiles it into the ultimate analysis of your site.

Once you start the audit you’ll be given an SEO score out of 100. This is the score SERPed gives you after taking everything into account from content to social. To the side of this is the total amount you’ve passed and what needs to be improved.

Serped Content Analysis

In my case the robots.txt, sitemap and text/HTML ratio are fine. However, I don’t have enough content on my homepage.

Social Analysis

A really cool feature that SERPed site review has is the “Tasks” section. This breaks down exactly what you need to do to increase your sites score in a simple format so you can go ahead and start working on it straight away.

Uptime Monitor

Websites can go down at any point really. Unfortunately, the nature of this business involves things like servers going down, updates going wrong and hackers. If you have one website then the chances are you can keep track of it no problem and a quick check here and there is enough to make sure your site is always running.

However, if you’re someone in a similar situation to me and have hundreds of sites to keep an eye on, a tool like this can be a real life saver. As we know, a site going down can result in a loss of sales depending on the time of the day not to mention the effect it could have on your Google rankings.

This can tell you when any of your sites go down and for how long.

Uptime Monitor

SERPed provides you with a nice little graph which shows you right up to the minute stats on your site’s uptime. You can even see stats from years back.

Along with the uptime stats is a response time one also. A considerably bad response can affect your Google rankings so this is something else that you should definitely keep track of.

Ultimate Research

Serped Ultimate Research

It will now throw up a list of keywords related to the one you’ve entered with the total number of searches they receive per month(and if they’ve dropped or increased from the previous month), the cost per click based on Google AdWords and the total value of each of the keywords.

Serped Ultimate Research Continued


On top of this, there are a bunch of other tools for you to further analyze each of these keywords. The “keyword analyzer” tool gives you an insanely in depth look at how exactly you can rank for each keyword and then how difficult it can be.

Serped Ultimate Research domains

The breakdown above is for the keyword “SEO Consultant”.  At the top is the stats you would find in the “Ultimate keyword research” tool. Then underneath is the list of sites that currently rank high for this particular keyword. This information allows you to see where your competitors are at their weakest so you can try and outrank them.

What Ranks Where

The keyword research doesn’t stop there, SERPed has another great tool that lets you analyse your competitor’s positions.

Serped What Ranks WhereAll you need to do is enter the website URL and you can start getting results. The above screenshot shows the different criteria you can set.

  • Option for both organic or PPC listings
  • Results shown by position or percentage of traffic gained
  • Check whole site or the exact URL

Serped What Ranks Where Continued

The search results will appear with lots of different stats on the right-hand side. You can then take any of these keywords and place them in the keyword analyzer.

SERPed’s keyword research as you can see is extremely in depth. You won’t find any other tools out there that can pull this kind of information together.

Next on their massive list of tools is domain research.

Domain Research

Serped Domain Research

All you do here is add your URL and up will come results instantly detailing every aspect of your website. From one look at this tool you can see there is so much info to go by.

The main overview gives you some stats from a few different tools along with its very own ranking system. Along the left-hand side divides your domain stats into different sections:

  • Backlinks
  • Anchor Texts
  • Domain History
  • Top Pages
  • URL Ranking
  • Spam Analysis

One really nice feature that SERPed has is the spam score rating. This lets you know if there is anything on your site that prevents it from ranking or cause Google to blacklist it from the search engine. This compares your site against a number of factors that search engines don’t like to see such as no contact information or far too many links etc.

If you have a few websites that you want to analyse then you can also analyse multiple URLs with the bulk analyser.

Bulk URL Analyser

This tool lets you take a look at the stats of up to 40 urls at once.

Serped Bulk URL Analyser

All you do is place all of your URLs in the box and select which data that it pulls up. (You need to make sure that you put in “www.” before each site or the tool won’t work correctly.)

Serped Bulk URL Analyser Continued



Other Tools

Serped Other Tools

SERPed has an incredible amount of tools which you can then take advantage of.

All the previous tools I’ve gone through are all within the “site management” sub section. There are so many other tools for you to use here that I couldn’t possibly go through them all but it’s worth trying out and having a play around with the tool.

If you want quick instant access to SERPed then click here, you won’t be disappointed.

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