SEOprofiler Review

Is SEOprofiler one of the best search engine optimization tools out there? It’s definitely a tool that can assist you in understanding your ranking and what changes you should make in order to get better exposure in the top search engines.

In this SEO Profiler review, we’re looking at the advantages and disadvantages that the SEO Profiler tool comes with, the features it comes with, who it can help, its pricing, and other info you should be aware of before deciding to use it.  

SEOprofiler Review

  1. Features

You can use this tool for a variety of purposes, such as keyword research, link building, social media monitoring, and even project management, since you can check your projects using the same platform.

The website auditing feature enables you to be informed about technical and content errors that might be on your site. It even works on your website’s mobile version, which is definitely a pro.

  • See what the competition is doing

You can use SEOprofiler to check on what your competitors are doing and even look at their pages in-depth and see which ones are getting more action. You can consult several other metrics, too, but the neatest thing is that you can also check on your competitors’ PPC campaigns. 

SEOprofiler will effectively tell you what bids your competitors are placing and see which ads that they have created are getting clicked on the most. 

  • Website rank monitoring

You can detect how your website is ranking across Google and a variety of other search engines, all with the help of this tool. It also shows you what keywords you are ranking for and the regions and countries your website is better ranked in. 

  • Link building and backlink optimization

SEOprofiler tells you what backlinks you have, but it also comes with a feature that’s more or less similar to the disavow tool put in place by the likes of Ahrefs or SEMRush. 

It also gives you the opportunity to find out what backlinks your competitors have gotten in the past and how valuable they are. You can therefore replicate their strategy to get backlinks from the same sites or use better, if you have access to any others. The tool basically eliminates the guesswork out of the backlink optimization process. 

  • Reputation management

The tool can tell you what people are saying about you or your brand across several different social media networks.

This feature can be particularly helpful when it comes to customer service and improving your reputation as it will allow you to respond to potential complaints in a timely fashion and resolve them as conveniently and effectively for the both parts involved. 

  • User-friendly interface

It definitely seems like SEOprofiler is easier to use compared to other tools that do the same thing. You have several categories available, and everything is done online, so you don’t even have to download anything on your computer. Everything is cloud-based. 

  1. Advantages

The fact that it’s easy to use is one of the most significant benefits that you’ll get to enjoy, but there are others, too. For example, SEOprofiler gives you clear and detailed reports and if you do search engine optimization for clients, this can be an undeniable advantage. 

It’s a fully-fledged tool that will assist you in achieving most of your SEO-related tasks without putting in too much effort. 

  1. Disadvantages

There are cons to using this tool, as there are with any other. You can’t do much with the free plan, and we’ve noticed that it tends to be more expensive than other similar options out there. 

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To properly analyze your competition, you’d have to do this manually on a regular basis, especially if your website is in a highly competitive niche. But this is a disadvantage that you’d experience with many other tools, especially since everything changes at a fast rate these days. 

  1. Who is it for?

Given the features it comes with, SEOprofiler is a good tool for most website owners, whether they are bloggers, eCommerce vendors, affiliate marketers, or anyone else who might be looking to improve their rankings. 

We’d say that, if your budget doesn’t allow you to opt for any other plan, you should try and use it for free for a week, just to see whether it measures up to the features of other SEO tools you might have tried. 

  1. Signup and pricing

The signup process is very straightforward, and you aren’t going to run into any technical issues whatsoever. When it comes to the pricing, you have four plans available, with the free 1-week one being available for folks who want to opt for the Smart plan, which costs 99.95 euros a month. 

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The Standard plan costs 69.95 euros a month, and it lets you check 1,500 keywords every day, audit up to 20,000 pages, and have as many as 10 projects. You are, however, allowed to use it with just one user.

The Professional plan costs 249.95 euros and it lets you check 7,500 keywords every day, audit up to 150,000 pages, and have as many as 150 projects and 15 users. The most expensive plan currently available is the Enterprise one, which costs just under 1,000 euros and it has heaps of features, by comparison. 

SEOprofiler SEO software

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