powerup hostingI think most SEO‘s out there will use a VPS ( Virtual Private Server ) which is basically a desktop that can be used to host SEO and Social Media Marketing tools. A VPS is hosted with a hosting company and you log in via your computer, with it running all day every day, 365 days a year!

You can use your own server or computer for this in your own home however, a VPS basically allows me to log onto the desktop regardless of where I am, start up the tools and then leave them to run – this does not throttle my own internet connection and doesn’t use all my computer resources.

When starting out in SEO I used tools on the computer I was working on which slows everything down a great deal. So a VPS is an essential tool for any SEO, over the years, I’ve tried out a few companies and never really been that happy with any of the services being provided.

If you are unsure why I specifically need a VPS, I use a Mac and most of the tools that SEO‘s use are windows based, which is why it is very easy for me to be able to login to the windows computer from my Mac and then use the tools on windows.

A VPS is vital for my day to day activity and recently 123 REG, which was where my VPS was hosted deleted my VPS by mistake, along with many other peoples VPS‘s and other hosted services. I think there were millions of people affected by this mistake, however it made me look into a better VPS for myself.

I found that when I was running multiple tools the 123 Reg VPS was sluggish, this was probably because I try and test way too many tools. I felt that it was time for a change as I’ve been keen on upgrading my VPS for a while now and keep putting it off. I was only paying for a shared VPS so you get what you pay for and 123 Reg only have 3 packages available at the time of writing.

After looking around I decided to have a look at I had a chat with the owner Udit Goenka, who was very helpful and he does a lot of SEO stuff himself so he knows exactly what I’m looking for and why I’m looking for it. They have many options available so there will be a VPS there with a spec that suits you. They do have shared options available, the most appealing option for me was that I could get a dedicated VPS for a good low monthly fee.

The benefit of me having a dedicated one is that the resources are not shared with others, all of the computers resources are for me to use, which will allow me to use more tools and get the performance I need from my VPS. have been quick to set up the VPS and the price is very good, they have a decent support set up, and they own all of the hardware they provide, so it is not some reseller you are getting with the VPS from its the read deal.

I’ve seen a number of good reviews about this company and after jumping over to them myself, I’m now able to confirm that they do offer a first class SEO VPS if any of you are looking to run your tools from a nice VPS that runs at a decent speed.

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