SEO Prices

SEO Prices

seo costsHave you ever went out to get a quote from a couple of SEO companies and had quotes that have a massive variation in price? This seems to be common with many people with a number of agencies out there charging outrageous sums of money for monthly SEO packages. Now it’s not for me to dictate the price of monthly SEO across the board however when agencies say pay out £300 per month to a Freelance SEO like me but charge 4k per month for the service then there is something massively wrong.

All that’s happening there is that the Agency is charging the client for their office, a couple of salaries and then outsourcing the SEO work for peanuts to someone they probably don’t even know and hoping for the best. What happens is the reports you will get will be automatically generated and as a result of spending 4k per month you will get around £300 worth of SEO and a botched together report and some bullshit down the phone telling you to give it more time, SEO takes months to kick in and all of the usual crap that these guys chat.

Not every agency does this, some do have an in-house team and some do charge great prices for SEO and provide exceptional results for that budget.

But when people are looking for SEO prices they often come to me, and somehow look at me as if I’m the one with two heads when I quote them a competitive price, they simply get a much better rate coming directly to me as I do the SEO work, I’ve no need to outsource the work and don’t have the massive overheads that some of the big Digital Marketing agencies have, so as a result my SEO prices are lower but can get the same if not better results.

Believe it or not, I’ve actually lost business in the past because people have said I’m too cheap, and that there must be something wrong, even showing them clients who rank well and some great results they still go away thinking im too cheap and that the big company in the city centre is the best option to go for. You win some you loose some you will never win every SEO deal, however what I do hate is the fact that a lot of SEO companies overcharge and just sit and blind customers with all this technical jargon and don’t produce the desired results that the client is paying good money for.

So what is an SEO’s prices based on ?

When i price SEO, i look at the keywords the client wants me to get them found for, i look at the volume of those keywords, how competitive they are, and how much time i think it will take every month for me to rank that clients website. It is a time based game anyone can do some form of SEO for a low monthly budget, if a client was to come to me with a low monthly budget in a competitive market then it is likely that i can still get him ranking for some keywords. What id tend to do is go for keywords that are maybe not the most competitive ones, ones that are easier to rank for, get traffic to the clients website, show them that SEO works and try and increase their budget.

There are certain costs that SEO’s also have to cater for, they may have some good SEO tools, some websites that have good authority and good domain metrics that need monitored updated hosted etc and that all costs money. SEO isnt something that has no outgoings, even for someone like me i have outgoings ive tools, hosting, domains and then i need to also be paid for my time too.

So what is a fair SEO cost ?

There isnt an exact answer to this question, all i would say is that be sure when asking for SEO services from a provider that they dont simply outsource the work for peanuts and keep the rest for their pockets. I could value myself at £20 per hour, and the next guy might want £40 per hour and if both of us provide results then you probably have a fair SEO cost.

If i was getting SEO services from someone i’d probably want to know

  1. How many keywords are they targeting for my monthly budget
  2. How much time is spent creating content both onsite and content marketing/guest blogging
  3. How much time is spent getting links
  4. How much time is spent on doing your report and analysing analytics and other tools
  5. Are their any other costs ?

My clients like the fact that everything is transparent, they can see their analytics, they can see their keywords moving up through the ranks and they can see that they are making sales as a result of their online marketign campaign, so if you are getting SEO try and ensure that the company/person you use shows you a bit of transparancy. Those who say you just need to wait, check your own ranks or any of that type of nonsence is someone you should steer well clear of.


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I am a Glasgow based SEO expert who has been doing SEO for 17 years.

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