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If you are a business based in Peterborough and you are considering SEO services then you have come to the right place, with years of experience in helping local businesses rank well both in organic search and the GMB listings. Ensuring you rank well in your local area is key to winning that local business, customers out there would in many cases rather use a local person in Peterborough but if you’re not found for your local search terms in your local area then someone else can be picking up the leads.

Finding a cost-effective solution for your business is important using the best practices that will get you ranked, many people talk the talk, but do they walk the walk? Google;’s job is to serve the best websites for any given search term and we find in many cases some websites are built and have a handful of pages which does limit your ability to rank well.

Local SEO Peterborough

GMB listings are fairly easy to see when you do a Google search and this is the first area you want to focus on to get some traffic to the website, Google doesn’t use the usual SEO techniques or backlinks to rank well on the map pack, citations will help you rank well on the GMB listings and ensuring that you have consistent NAP on your citations is important. Getting citations on local and niche relevant directories will go a long way to helping you rank for your services in Peterborough. The GMB rankings on top of the organic search will result in you generating leads for your services and that gets the ball rolling with your SEO campaign.

SEO Training Peterborough

You might not want to pay an agency or freelancer to do your SEO, you can consider training for your in-house team, SEO training in Peterborough is always an option for you either at your office, or we usually hire a suite at Peterborough FC’s London road ground to do training sessions in the area. You can gain a lot from the training, you can train your team up on individual SEO tasks, or get the processes in place so you can work at scale and use your in-house team as middle management. You don’t always have to outsource it to a freelancer or agency, there are more people getting training and implementing these strategies in house and getting the results and being able to manage the SEO processes in house.


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Craig Campbell

I am a Glasgow based SEO expert who has been doing SEO for 20 years.

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