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Middlesborough is an area where I’ve recently picked up a number of SEO clients, working with local businesses helping them rank well on Google for terms that will bring traffic into their business. As a Freelance SEO I can help businesses in Middlesbrough rank well online and many of you will know that there is tonnes of business to be won by ranking well locally, but I can also provide SEO training courses that will show you how to make your own business rank well if that is your preferred option.

In the SEO industry there are many people out there who claim to be able to provide excellent SEO services, however, in many instances these results fail to materialise and as a result businesses are looking to take their SEO in-house. I can come to your place of work and train your marketing team, the length of time depends on how in-depth you want to go with the knowledge and experience I have. Typically an SEO training course should take around 2-3 days but can last a bit longer if you are wanting to go in depth on specific areas of SEO that are more complex.

You are likely to have had your website designed by a Local company and might just need a helping hand in making that website generate income for you.

Having done SEO for over 18 years now I’m as experienced as anyone you are likely to find in Middlesbrough doing SEO and you will be able to learn from the mistakes I’ve made over the years. The great thing about SEO is that it isn’t as hard as many people would lead you to believe and it’s something that anyone can do if they have the right knowledge and tools to hand.

There are many SEO tutorials on this blog too, these tutorials will show you the tools that are regularly used by people so do Search Engine Optimisation. As well as this, there are many other free guides on other things that I think will be useful to anyone who is looking to know more about SEO and Digital Marketing in general.

SEO is a service that still to this day brings in the majority of many businesses web traffic, making it a worthwhile strategy to implement for your business. As well as SEO, I can also assist with Social Media, Paid Search and any other form of Digital Marketing. Just get in touch for a FREE no obligation quote for any of the services I provide.


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Craig Campbell

I am a Glasgow based SEO expert who has been doing SEO for 20 years.

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