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Hiring the right help can make a lot of difference if you’re looking to improve your online business with SEO. We provide SEO services in Manchester and other areas across the United Kingdom, and we’re here to tell you how we can assist you in achieving your online goals. 

Our SEO Manchester services

We specialize in anything from the technical side of SEO (such as making sure that Google’s bots can accurately crawl your website) to link building, mobile SEO, and local search. We can also instruct you with regard to the changes that you should make so that your on-page SEO is in check, too.

We make sure to understand your audience and what they are looking for so that your conversions improve significantly. This means that we’re going to look at your competitors and see what they are doing, but we’ll also do keyword research and have an overview of your content. 


On-page SEO refers to anything from your content to your website’s code, internal link structure, as well as meta-data. Even if you think that your structure is perfect, there’s still a good chance that we’ll find something to fix and that will improve the way you’re seen by the search engines. 

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SEO company Manchester services also include link building. A good Manchester SEO expert will never try to use shady techniques such as those that Google frowns upon. White-hat link building is the most effective way of acquiring backlinks from good websites in a wide range of niches. 

What do our Manchester SEO audits contain?

We’ll go over the content you have published on your site and see how many pages are getting indexed, if you don’t have any duplicate content by mistake, or if there are pages that are at a depth that the crawler can’t reach. 

We’ll also look at the number of keywords your site is indexed for, your website speed, and the number and type of backlinks that you might have already acquired (and see whether we don’t have to manage removing some of them). 

We can also have a look at your Google Analytics data and see how much time your potential customers are spending on your website, and if the bounce rate is too high, we’ll take a look at your content, too, to figure out why your conversion rate is tanking. 

You will receive monthly reports from us with the activity that we have had to improve your SEO.

Here are several things that we can do for you:

  • Improve the way search engines index and crawl your website
  • Give you guidelines as to what you can do to improve your design and content for conversion optimization purposes
  • Analyze your website data regularly to make sure that our techniques are providing the results you are after
  • Build links 

Local SEO

If you do your business in Manchester and you want to make sure that people are able to find your location when they look for services in your city, we can help you achieve this goal. 

As part of our local SEO services, we will look at how healthy your citations are, and we’ll also make sure that the NAP data isn’t affected by any inconsistencies. In some cases, installing a local SEO WordPress plugin might be the solution to your problems, and we’ll customize it so that it tells Google everything that it might need to know about your business. 

Thanks to our local SEO techniques, the search engines will find out what type of business you have, where it is located, its opening hours, and of course, its name. We’ll also focus on the technical side of things, such as using Schema for your opening hours or for your address. 

SEO consultancy in Manchester

Want to learn more about SEO, or you’re looking to become an SEO expert yourself? We have a range of online courses, but we also provide offline and online consultancy. Get in touch now. 


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