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Looking for SEO services in Edinburgh? I can offer you a wide range of SEO & Digital Marketing services to suit your business whether that is the full serviced package you choose or you may want to choose some of the other packages that I have available.

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I regularly provide SEO services for clients in Edinburgh and can tailor the services to suit your team and business, some businesses may not have enough time to action a good link building campaign and this may be the only area of SEO that you don’t have covered in your company. We can work on a package that we can offer you good quality relevant outreach link building packages that will get your site moving up through the rankings. With monthly reporting, so you can see exactly what links are moving the needle.

SEO Consultancy Edinburgh

Some businesses simply require SEO consultancy, that can be on a monthly basis, quarterly or even every 6 months where I can provide you with an overview of what’s going on and what needs to be changed, with a detailed plan of action that will allow your in-house team to then go and carry out those tasks and we can review it whenever suits you. A great option to keep your SEO costs down and utilise your own in-house SEO team, whilst having a consultant to keep you on track as and when required.

I can also offer one-off consultancy days if you simply want to run through things on a one-off basis to make sure your business or campaigns are as they should be, many other SEO consultants sometimes just want a second opinion to ensure they are on the right track and want to use someone for a days consultancy and that’s something we can do for you no problem.

SEO Training Edinburgh

You may run an agency and don’t have the time to train your own staff, or you may want to have someone else come in and offer their perspective on SEO which is what a lot of SEO agencies in Edinburgh do. I can offer you training packages on all aspects of Digital Marketing and can help you work on your team’s weakness and upskill your team with courses to suit your exact requirements.

With the SEO training packages, anyone who does our course will also get access to our own online portal so that can revisit the information as and when required, with access to videos and updated information to keep your knowledge up to scratch.

So if you are looking for SEO services, Consultancy or Training or any of my other services please get in touch and we can discuss prices and potential packages that will suit you.


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Craig Campbell

I am a Glasgow based SEO expert who has been doing SEO for 20 years.

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