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I’m regularly down in Chester with a number of clients in the area, I am down once per month doing my SEO consultancy and training. At the moment I’m only doing a select amount of client-side work and trying to ensure that a lot of my focus is on the training and consultancy side of SEO but I do consider SEO gigs from time to time with the right type of client.

Client Side SEO

Not all clients are easy to deal with for an SEO, a number of reasons come in to play. SEO isn’t a tangible item so clients will never fully see or understand what they are paying for and that alone is enough to pose quite a serious problem, but no amount of arguing or debating is going to change that fact and no SEO is going to sit and tell a client exactly what is being done to rank a website. It would be pretty stupid for any SEO to give out that level of information to a paying client.

SEO Training Chester

An option if you do not want to pay for SEO services is training, you can get one to one or group training sessions offering you and your team the advice, tools and tips to build a successful SEO campaign. Learning how to do SEO in-house is an option that many companies in Chester are looking to do but they do need someone who will provide them with useful tips and advice to provide that training. As I’ve been in the industry for 16 years I have the right level of experience to pass on to anyone looking to learn SEO. I also have no real hunger or desire to win you as an ongoing client so it’s a win-win situation where you get the knowledge you need.

You can see all of the training courses that I provide here.

SEO Meetup Group Chester

If you don’t want a professional SEO training course or SEO services but maybe want to do a bit of networking and pick up useful tips and advice from many others in Chester and maybe build a few friendships at a local event then I’m also involved in a monthly meetup group in Chester when I’m down. We have an hour of some guest speakers along with an hour for general networking with a few beers.

You can join the meetup group here and come to one of the up and coming events that we have in Chester. The location does change from time to time but it will always be in Chester and we have a wide range of SEO and web experts attending the event.

So there are a number of options available for people in Chester looking for SEO, whether that’s training, consultancy or someone to do your SEO you can get in touch with me today and we can see how I can help you.


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Craig Campbell

I am a Glasgow based SEO expert who has been doing SEO for 20 years.

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